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Friday, February 08, 2008

Letter to Editor from Ogden Valley resident and informational page for SB 25

We are including a link to the State Legislature's web site which includes details on SB 25. From there you will find links to audio files of the floor debates on the bill as well as the full text of the bill.

Additionally, in today's Standard we read that Powder Mountain's Brooke Hontz met with Cache County Planners to explain how the petition to incorporate will affect service agreements with Cache County. It seems like more smoke behind the screen to us.

We are having excellent success with our petition regarding Powder Mountain, but we can do better. Please encourage your spouses, friends and neighbors to sign the petition.

Also, we are posting a letter to the editor from local resident Deja Mitchell that was submitted to several publications. Deja is one of the residents whose property is being swept up in Powder Mountain's selfish scheme to force uninterested and unsuspecting residents into their new "town."

Thanks Deja!

Here is her fabulous letter:

It was a shock to learn about Powder Mountain’s move to sweep my neighborhood and me into a town in order to go around the reasonable building stipulations put forth by the Ogden Valley Planning Committee. I learned that this was not a democratic process. I would not be able to vote on whether to be in or form the township, I would not have a vote on the town officials, and there was no study as to the tax needs or feasibility of the town.

As notice of the township move, Powder Mountain invited my neighbors and I to a “friendly meeting” to get our new town off to a great start. The meeting would be just a few days away and the location was changed at the last minute.

I was so proud when my neighbors called an emergency meeting to communicate together about what was happening. They pulled together to set up calling lists and
research groups to let everyone know where and when the meeting would be and to
gain some footing about what was happening.

At the meeting with the PM representatives, they had no answers or information for us. It felt so belittling! Since then, the PM owners have set up small, private meetings with groups of my neighbors. Why would they not provide a public meeting? I can only assume it is to do salesmanship to divide and conquer, pitting neighbor against neighbor.

I have to thank from the bottom of my heart my neighbors for acting quickly and showing each other support in this issue. And to the Ogden Valley Blog team for being proactive and putting all the pertinent information in one place. I would not have had the time or resources to research everything myself so quickly. They had links to background information that helped me to understand how PM could make such a move and what others and I could and were doing to remedy the situation. The blog became my lifeline and a way to not feel completely powerless.

I urge every Valley resident to take a moment to find out what is happening. The potential PM incorporation will forever change and in my mind destroy the Valley and the place I love most. You can each make a huge difference and rally together.

Deja Mitchell


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