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Friday, June 17, 2016

Ragnar Weekend - The favorite weekend of many Valley-ites!

This information was forwarded to us this morning from the Huntsville Town Email Blast:

The  Ragnar relay race will be coming through Huntsville this Friday June 17.
The racers will enter town on 100 S.  head west to 6800 E. and then down 200 S. toward the park
They will exit our town on 500 S and then continue on Hwy 39 to the old Snow Basin road.

The race will impact the surrounding area from Liberty Park along Hwy 162. They will
continue past Snow Crest then along 1900 E around the east end of Pineview
and into Huntsville. Traffic is usually a mess so be prepared !!!!

If you are headed out of Huntsville Town today or your best and shortest wait time will be
to use 100 S. as your exit and entry.

That's all for now!! Have a great weekend!