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Monday, April 27, 2015

Standard-Examiner Editorial: Our View: Make Peace in Ogden Valley Water War

Our good friend Rudi at the Weber County Forum has had our Ogden Valley backs and offered this compilation of the water war that Summit and many residents of Ogden Valley are involved in.

Due to the importance of the issue, we are including his latest Sunday morning extravaganza, complete with links to many recent Standard Examiner articles, editorials and letters to the editor.

Interestingly, while Summit is embattled in an "Uncivil War" in the local media, they seem to be the darling of the National stage as illustrated in this April 10, 2015 New York Times article.
The Ski Resort That Crowdsourcing Built
The New York times certainly paints a different light on our neighbors to the North.

Enjoy Rudi's Sunday morning post in its entirety:

Standard-Examiner Editorial: Our View: Make Peace in Ogden Valley Water War
In the interest of kicking off a bit of possible WCF discussion this morning, we'll highlight this morning's Standard-Examiner editorial, calling for a "truce" in a percipient "water war" which has been  brewing in Ogden Valley over the course of the past year:
For the benefit of those who haven't been following this story, we'll provide these background stories and letters to the editor, just to add some historical perspective into what's fast developing into what we'll label the"Ogden Valley Water War":
This morning's editorial advocates the following proposed solution: 
We think for the sake of the entire valley, a compromise should be reached that involves a direct transfer of water from Pineview to Powder Mountain. Yes, we are talking about a pipeline. But that doesn’t mean Summit should bear all the responsibility of paying for such a pipeline.
If Jones decides to grant the well application, it should be done on a temporary basis so that all the stakeholders could be brought together to discuss a central water distribution system that serves everyone. Forming a compact, similar to the states using Colorado River water may be the best solution, with one system in Ogden Valley to distribute the water all entities are entitled to.
The springs and streams would then be free to flow into the reservoir, or the watershed in Cache County.
We understand water distribution systems can be expensive, but we feel it is time for such a solution. Let the peace talks begin.
We'll leave it up our gentle readers (especially those who reside in Ogden Valley) to explain whether this is a good idea (or not).

Don't let the cat get your tongues, O Gentle Ones.

And yes, we'll be keeping an "Eagle Eye" on this story as it develops.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

First Event After Accreditation of North Fork Park as an International Dark Sky Park: Wildlife Wander, May 2

Spring Wildlife Wander in North Fork Park 

Led by Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) wildlife biologist Clint Brunson under a rising full moon, this family-friendly walking adventure will begin at 7 pm Saturday, May 2, 2015 at the South Gate parking lot of North Fork Park in Liberty.  
North Fork Park, after an arduous 18-month process supported by a broad range of public and private entities, has just gained accreditation as a highly prestigious International Dark Sky Park (only the second county park in America to be so recognized and the first in the world to be located so close to a highly urbanized region). 
The Spring Wildlife Wander will offer a full-moon opportunity to learn about the many kinds of wildlife in the park, particularly those that are nocturnal and depend upon a dark night sky - away from city and suburban lights - for feeding, migration, reproduction and certain predator/prey relationships.  North Fork Park enjoys populations of many such animals including bobcats, flying squirrels, porcupines, owls (Great Horned, Western Screech, Northern Saw-Whet, Flammulated), bats (Big Brown Bat, Hoary Bat), frogs (Chorus Frog) and the Western (Boreal)  Toad.
Please join us with friends and family.
Bring warm layers, footwear that doesn't fear mud, questions, and a spirit of adventure!