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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Powder Mountain Boycott is Urged while Former Planning Commissioner Jamie Lythgoe Is Back On The Hotseat

Powder Mountain continues to be a hot topic over a morning cup of Joe at Drew's place ever since the greedy bas----s chose to trample the civil rights of citizens who will be forced into the grand company town of Powderville. "Forced" because the citizens will never have a vote until a full two years after the incorporation and coronation of the Town's Father's (cronies) takes place.

Some may remember that this forum promoted a boycott of Powder Mountain in February, 2008, but it was late in the ski season and didn't gain much momentum. Now rumblings of a full scale, all out boycott are being proposed and we feel the timing is right with the Season Pass sale just getting underway.

Others share our conviction as illustrated in an upcoming letter to the editor of the Standard from Eden resident Dennis Maher.

We will insert an excellent clip on the issue that recently ran on the front page of the Weber County Forum:

And here's a short letter from the Std-Ex live site, calling upon Powder Mountain skiers to exert some socio-economic muscle; and to boycott Powder Mountain:
Residents oppose Powder Mountain agenda
We believe Std-Ex reader Dennis Maher makes a very good point. For those who are opposed to the Powder Mountain developer's despicable Powderville Town power grab, buying ski passes at Powder Mountain is rather like sleeping with the enemy, isn't it?

On another Powder Mountain note, you may remember the lengthy saga of Jamie Lythgoe, granddaughter of Alvin Cobabe, the Powder Mountain Founder.

To recap, Jamie was appointed to the Weber County Planning Commission mysteriously at about the same time Powder Mountain's new owners began petitioning Weber County for substantial zoning and density changes.

The issue of a conflict of interest came up repeatedly and Jamie refused to admit any conflict claiming that her family had sold nearly all of their Powder Mountain assets and the changes would have no effect on her and her family.

We urge our readers to view this October 2007 Standard Article when the issue of a conflict came to a head. Be sure to review the Bold Text.

Among other things, the article quotes minutes of a meeting with Ms. Lythgoe which states,
“Commissioner Lythgoe for the record said the property was her family business, but they have sold it.”

As luck would have it, we were recently forwarded an email from Ms. Lythgoe to the Executive Director of the Ogden Valley Business Association. The email was in response to a request from the chair for local OVBA member businesses to participate in the upcoming "Powder Rush" Winter Outdoor Sports Show.

Here is Jamie's response to the request:

I will committ time and funds for Columbine Inn at powder mountain to participate. Count us in. I think it is great for this year where travelers are vacationing closer to home. I would be happy to donate a room stay for a giveaway prize if needed also.


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Take note that Jamie uses the pronoun "I" several times synonymous with being one in the same with the Columbine Inn. A simple Realtor or broker managing the property would likely not have the ability to so nonchalantly donate a room and "committ the time and funds." The Columbine web site touts all of Powder Mountain and boasts rentals for Ski In and Ski Out Condos.

You be the judge Ogden Valley. Conflict or no conflict.

UPDATE: July 31, 2009 11:00 am

Be sure to read Rudi's most excellent article on the topic at the Weber County Fourm.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Read it and Weep!

Understand this map and pitch in to help. Not only to help the homeowners that are being forced into the town without a vote, but also to protect the ambience and beauty of Ogden Valley.

The red area clearly delineates the proposed town of Powder Mountain if the incorporation is approved. Powder Mountain has indicated that they wish to put about 10,000 units in the lower red area from left to right. These would be on 1/3 acre lots. Be aware that the proposed town planning commission of Powder Mountain can ignore the existing Weber County ordinances regarding density, ridge lines, and lot size since they can make their own zoning decisions!

Your support for the legal case for the affected homeowners could stop this from happening!

Act now! If you wish to contribute with a donation please send your check to:

Citizens Rights Defense Fund

PO Box 231

Eden, UT 84310

Or contact Darla Van Zeben 801-745-4740

Check out their website:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Valley Citizens Questions

Below are questions that were asked at our Citizen's Rights booths in both in Huntsville and Liberty on July 4th. These questions reflect legitimate concerns of Valley citizens regarding this onerous incorporation.

1. If Powder Mountain really wishes to be a good neighbor in Ogden Valley as they claim, why is the word on the street in the Valley that they are offering $750,000 to the new town after incorporation if the town residents agree to sign off on the development of up to 10,000 home sites on 1/3 of an acre lots along the base of the mountains facing the Valley?

2. As “good neighbors”, why would they continue to advance a plan that will totally overwhelm the density numbers in the Ogden Valley Master Plan?

3. Will there be any financial gain for Alvin Cobabe or anyone in the Cobabe extended family if the town incorporation is successful?

4. Why was a Cobabe family member appointed by the Weber County Commissioners to the Ogden Valley Planning Commission just prior to the Powder Mountain petition appearing on the OVPC agenda? It should have been obvious to the Weber County Commission that the conditions for conflict of interest were inherent with such an appointment.

5. Why was the Cobabe family member on the Ogden Valley Planning Commission never directed to recuse herself on any issue regarding the Powder Mountain rezone petition?

6. The Powder Mountain developer has never satisfactorily addressed the single road issue. What do they propose to do with the road that is not designed to safely handle the projected increased traffic? What about fire or an avalanche that could trap many summer users or skiers at the top with no alternative way to get out?

7. Do the Powder Mountain developers have the financial resources to build what they say they are going to build or are they going to flip the property (sell) if and when the zoning is changed?

Don't be bashful Ogden Valley Citizens, speak out in our comment section!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Banner Day on the 4th of July!

Ogden Valley residents turned out in good numbers in Huntsville, Eden, and Liberty for their pancake breakfasts and other holiday events. The evening was capped off with three terrific firework shows in each locale.

Many generous Ogden Valley citizens donated some of their hard earned cash to support the Citizens Rights Defense Fund. This fund has been established to support the legal battle for homeowners that are fighting the good fight against their forced incorporation into the proposed Powder Mountain town. The Huntsville and Liberty parades each had a float supporting the Powder Mountain homeowners and their cause.

This proposed town incorporation will have serious ramifications well beyond these homeowners being forced into the town. If the zoning is changed at Powder Mountain by the town officials after any incorporation, the ripple effect to Ogden Valley will impact all of us. The announced plans by the developers will overwhelm the density (dwellings) numbers of the existing Ogden Valley General Plan. We will also be looking at a significant traffic increase in our favorite living and recreation area. From that point on, our area could become another Park City!

If you wish to contribute with a donation please send your check to:

Citizens Rights Defense Fund

PO Box 231

Eden, UT 84310

Or contact Darla Van Zeben 801-745-4740

Check out their website: