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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ethics Petition - Sign the Petition, we need everyone to help - UPDATED

On Friday, July 30th, 10 AM to 6 PM, there will be a team of signature gatherers at the Valley Market in Eden to help you sign the UEG petition. We need everyone’s support to get this issue on the ballot.

If you have not already signed up, please make a special effort to come over on Friday and sign. This is our best opportunity to make some needed changes in our State regarding the ethics of our elected State representatives.

If you have signed up via electronic petition earlier, we urge you to come to the Valley Market and sign the hard copy. There is a question as to whether the electronic petition signatures will be valid for this petition.

UPDATE 7-29-10 @ 6:00 am: The following important comment has been promoted here:

We also have petitions at The Oaks in Ogden Canyon for signatures. So if it is more convenient, stop by during our business hours 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Belinda Rounkles

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Green Valley Requests Last Minute Tabling

In a surprise move tonight, the petitioners of the Green Valley Academy requested that the Ogden Valley Planning Commission table their request to change the definition of the FV-3 zone (subsequently several other zones were included) to allow their highly opposed school for troubled boys.  The meeting began at 5:00 PM and at 5:02 PM Chairman Graves announced that the petitioners had made the request to 'table' some ten minutes prior.

There could be many reasons for such a request, but we encourage Ogden Valley residents to keep their eye on the ball and stay focused.

The petitioners have stated that they are familiar with opposition from the locals and have overcome it before.

Could it be they realized the extensive opposition and chose to regroup?  Perhaps they saw one of the hundreds of flyers that was distributed to neighbors.  Perhaps they read blog posts.  Maybe they saw one of the many large signs throughout the valley reminding folks of the OVPC meeting.

To give the petitioners the benefit of the doubt, maybe they realized their plan does not fit in Ogden Valley and maybe they have chosen to relocate to another area that already allows their type of facility.

While we may never fully know their reasoning, asking for something in front of a packed house who oppose you is never easy.   They may be planning on waiting to let the uproar die down and to let the opposition drop out.

In coming weeks and months, it will be paramount that Ogden Valley residents stay focused and keep an eye out for future moves on behalf of the Green Valley folks.

They have a plan and only time will tell how it unfolds.

Watch out!

Ogden Valley Planning Commission Meeting Tonight @ 5 PM

From a flyer that is circulating

ATTENTION: Ogden Valley Planning Commission meeting TUESDAY, JULY 27 at 5:00.

The OVPC agenda for Tuesday's meeting is up on the Weber County site. A LARGE TURNOUT FOR THIS MEETING IS VERY IMPORTANT.

2-1. zo 03-2010 Condideration and action on Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment #2010-03, an amendment to the Weber County Zoning Ordinance FV-3 (Chapter 12B) by adding "RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT ACADEMY" as a Conditional Use. The amendment is also to include adding a definition for a Residential Treatment Academy to Chapter 1 General Provisions Section 6 definitions...... Green Valley Applicant; Jared Balmer, Agent)

For more information click: this web site gives all the details.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ogden Valley Planning Commission Meeting July 27, 2010

The OVPC agenda for next Tuesdays meeting is up on the county site. A large turnout at this meeting will be very important.

The meeting will be held in the Weber County Commission Chambers, Weber Center (2380 Washington Blvd). The meeting will begin at 5:00 p.m. in the order listed below.

Download a full copy of the Ogden Valley July 27, 2010 packet, in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), here. Packets are available only for the current agenda and approximately thirty days after that date. 

It appears that the file is damaged so you may need to try linking from the County site
if they repair the file.

Type-3 Package Agency Funding

Attention Ogden Valley Residents:

As of this morning, I had several conversations with individuals making efforts to insure that the Type-3 Package Agency funding stays dedicated to Ogden Valley.  The latest word from the DABC (Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control) is that they may take from 1-3 months to decide whether the funding stays dedicated to our valley.

The crux of the matter seems centered around the Tribune article 2-3weeks ago regarding the DABC's closure of the Main St. State Liquor Store in Salt Lake City and the questionable logic of that decision in lieu of the store's previous net-profitable status.  The article garnered so much support and such an out-cry to legislators that key member's of the legislature are taking a close look at DABC decisions and operations.  This has caused the DABC to effectively second-guess themselves and delay current funding decisions.

A meeting is being held next week between state legislators and DABC administrators to hopefully clear the log-jam and insure that logic prevails in future DABC funding decisions.  Our local legislator, Gage Froerer, has committed to doing everything he can to insure that the Type-3 Package Agency funding that is currently committed to Ogden Valley...stays here!  We'll keep you posted as info is available.  Until then, any parties interested in applying for the Type-3 package agency contract should download it from the DABC website, take the necessary steps to complete the application and submit it for consideration at next month's meeting of the Utah State Liquor Board.

In the interest of seeing the agency funding and an agency staying in Ogden Valley...

Bill Lyman

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Contact The Planning Commission ASAP

We received the following message two days ago from a humble Ogden Valley reader.
Towards the bottom of the Weber County Planning page, there is an item identified as the Residential Treatment Facility proposed ordinance.  This is what the OVPC came up with at the July 6 work meeting.  I could be mistaken but it appears that in their wisdom they have opened up all zones except commercial for these facilities.  Only requirement is one mile apart. 
We have copied the text from the Weber County Planning Page below:
 The Ogden Valley Township Planning Commission (OVPC) during their July 6, 2010 work session gave direction to the proposed Residential Treatment Academy amendment that would make it a conditional use in the FV-3 Forest Valley Zone. This amendment includes a new term and definition to the Zoning Ordinance definitions Chapter 1 and amending Chapter 23 Supplementary and Qualifying Regulations to include a new section listing regulations and requirements for a Residential Treatment Academy.
The OVPC included language to expand Residential Treatment Academy’s as a conditional use in the F-5, F-10, F-40, FV-3, and AV-3) zones. Specific direction was given by the Ogden Valley Planning Commission regarding architectural/ landscaping site design, and spacing standards. Public comments are welcome. Please submit written comments by July 16, 2010 in order to be included in the Planning Commission’s packets.
We just noticed a deadline of July 16, 2010 even though the meeting is not until July 27, 2010.   We urge you to send in your comments even though the deadline has passed.


Include instructions to distribute your letter to all Ogden Valley Planning Commission members.




If you prefer to deliver in person, then here is the address:

Ogden Valley Township Planning Commission Office
Attention: Sherri Sillito,
Planning department
2380 Washington Blvd.
Ogden, UT 84401

Sherri Sillito 801-399-8791

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ogden Valley Alert:

An Ogden Valley resident reported that a man wearing a Dish Network shirt was contacting residents to gain access to their homes in the Eden area. He was driving an older gold colored Dodge Durango. He had no ID, no photo ID, and no business cards. It is possible he is legitimate, but the opposite could be true as well. If you are approached, you may want to see identification or call the Sheriff. 

Blogmeister Update on a similar note from the Weber County Sheriff's Office:

Be aware of subjects selling asphalt services.  They may use the company name Pro Cote Asphalt.  This is an out of state group traveling through the state.  If they show up call WCSO so we can contact them and do general field checks.  One member of the group may have an out of state warrant and we would like to talk to him.

Guest Post From Frank C

Frank C said.........

OK, I can no longer curb my fingers. So many subjects, so little time and space.

OVPC Members: the vast majority of the time, the commission appoints friends, or political clones, or friends of contributors. Every once in a while they screw up and make a truly sensible appointment, unwittingly. Keith Rounkles and Bill Siegel are two that have distinguished themselves.

Sam Bellarosa and I once applied for the OVPC and we were both rejected without even an acknowledgment of our apps. We were told confidentially that we had "conflicts of interest." What a cruel joke. See Tryge Simpson, Jamie Lythgoe, Greg Graves, Jim Banks, et al, et al, et al. By the way, I attended that GEM meeting, too, and heard commissioner Z hold forth about the many safeguards in place to counter conflicts of interest. Yeah, well, first you have to be able to recognize one, lady.

Zogmaister: speaks platitudes, screws public EVERY TIME. Do not trust her; do not support her; do not vote for her. I have a buck says she'll vote for the Academy when the time comes. She is a shallow political hack, a shill for the development lobby, an intellectual lightweight, and a waste of county money.

Green Valley: what an interesting way to allow commercial development in a residential zone! I was at first sympathetic to the project because of its purpose, but it has huge problems in addition to the admittedly nimby concerns: 1)it is spot zoning; 2)it has the unintended consequence of allowing commercial enterprises in residential zones (not that that has ever stopped our developer-commissioners before); and 3)isn't there a directly competing ordinance specifically prohibiting a business in a residential zone other than an at-home business? There probably are areas here in the Valley where this thing fits, right now. Why screw up the zoning scheme (again) for this one project? We will be signing the petition today.

Me as candidate (for anything): not happening. I can perform as valuable a function from the outside, shedding light on the evil on the inside, without having to fret about being in the minority for my entire term. Don't need the limelight; don't need the fawning supporters; don't need the lobbyists' "favors"; don't even need the salary and perks.

The VCRD: a good thing. Full disclosure--I'm on the board. It will take more that just a few individuals to cure the hot mess that is Weber County politics. The VCRD is a start. Support it. Maybe it will be able to make a difference.

Last: wake up! Stand up! Speak up! The Weber County Commissioners are either delusional enough to believe that people actually approve of what they're doing to this Valley because the people don't call them out, or they know what they're doing to the Valley, know that underneath it all people don't like it, and they just don't give a damn. Either way, it will keep happening until they are stopped, and not of their own accord.

I know, I know: just my opinions, and I could be wrong. But I'm not.

Snowbasin Resort Open House‏

Snowbasin Resort Holds Open House to Display Master Plan in Weber County

Snowbasin Resort is holding an Open House on July 15, 2010 from 3:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. at Earls Lodge to allow the public the opportunity to view the proposed master plan for the 3,800 acres located in Weber County.

Members of the design team and Snowbasin Resort owner and manager representatives will be on hand to answer questions and explain the elements of the master plan.

In May, 2010, Snowbasin Resort, located 35 miles north of Salt Lake City, applied to rezone approximately 3,800 acres located in Weber County, including the ski area base, under the newly adopted Ogden Valley Destination and Recreation Resort Ordinance. The master plan represents a three-year effort to create a new master plan for the 12,000-acre property located in Weber and Morgan Counties.

We are proud of the proposed master plan and look forward to sharing it with the public,states Wallace Huffman, Snowbasin's Director of Resorts and Resort Development. We have taken great care to work cooperatively with the stakeholders in the Valley to ensure that future plans for Snowbasin align with and compliment the vision and plans for the future of Ogden Valley.

Monday, July 12, 2010

More to Ogden Valley rezone than just youth facility

Be sure to add your comments before Greg's commentary hits the news stands.

A Standard Examiner Guest Commentary by Greg Anderson

A recent editorial by the Standard-Examiner reads like a glowing press release about the Green Valley Academy, a proposed residential treatment facility for troubled teenagers to be placed in Ogden valley (July 8, "Teen academy OK for valley"). The editorial suggests that those who oppose the project are in need of "simple education" to dispel their misguided concerns. However, the editorial completely ignores many of the most relevant issues at play. I suggest that further "education" is entirely in order.
The Standard-Examiner assumes here to read more of Mr. Anderson's Guest commentary

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Letter To The Editor From Gage Froerer

One of our humble readers pointed out this most excellent Gage Froerer letter to the editor.

From the letter, Gage states:
I was disappointed to read the editorial, "Teen Academy OK for Valley" printed on July 7th.

The article attempts to place blame on local residents for not supporting a proposed academy treating teenagers in a health care facility because of a "not in my back yard approach."

In my opinion, the lack of support you mention is not a result of the "not in my back yard" mentality, but more a result of the significant land use change proposed for the FV-3 zone and the impact such a change would have on local residents. The proposed zone change would allow group homes in a zone designated for single family homes with a minimum lot size of 3 acres. I recently attended community meetings on this issue and found the residents to be both logical and rational as the pros and cons of the zone change were discussed. The opposition you speak of is not directed at the health provider or the company itself, but at the proposed land use change prior to completion of proper due diligence.
Click here to read the rest of the letter

Well said Gage.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Possible stimulus money to be spent in Ogden Valley for High Speed Internet

Guest post by Broadband Guru

As part of last year's big stimulus bill, $7.2 billion was appropriated to: "expand broadband access and adoption in communities across the U.S".

Qwest Corporation applied for $348,806,468 dollars in the Winter 2010 Broadband Initiatives Program (BIP) round 2 to deploy "last mile" broadband directly to consumers with speeds "up to 40Mbps". The details
are in application id 4823 found in this PDF file:

The application covers rural areas in 14 states, including Ogden Valley!
The Ogden Valley area is designated "UT587" in their application.

You can see a map of the Ogden Valley areas (pretty much the whole valley) that would benefit if the the Qwest application is approved here

Friday, July 09, 2010


Guest Post by Laurel Kirkham

A recent Ogden Standard Examiner article thinks the Green Valley Academy is a great idea for Ogden Valley, and that many of us Valley citizens are just NIMBY"S (not in my backyard). We have had it shoved down our throats several times about the kind of kids that will NOT be taken by the academy. WE GET IT!!! Only the Forrest Gump kids of the rich and famous...

That is not our major concern. This is a business, a big business, set to be plunked down right in the middle of a rural neighborhood.

The real problems with the Green Valley Academy are in the potential for a huge facility and in the major lack of frastructure. The proposed site sits on 20 acres and if the Ogden Valley Planning Commission gets their way, 50 kids could be allowed into this Residential Treatment Facility (which is a family home at this time). Dr. Balmer has expressed interest in purchasing the back 20 acres owned by Tryge Simpson. We could now have the possibility of a 100 bed facility, handed over, courtesy of Ogden Valley Planning. To date, Balmer has only requested 36 beds, but the possibility will be there anyway, and really, who could resist? If the 20 acre field next to you goes up for sale and is at least a mile away from the Simpson place, look out, you may end up with a business next door.

Many of us invested in the FV3 zoning, thinking we would never have to worry about having a business next door. SILLY, SILLY US!!!! This is a huge change in zoning, all for one piece of property, and for the good of a few, but not the many!! Come on people, WAKE UP!!!! Write letters to the paper, the Commissioners and anyone who will listen.

Blogmeister Note:  Be sure to read this comment thread relating to the most recent Ogden Valley Planning commission to read about the direction the Planning commissioners are going with the proposed academy.  Ron Gleason and "Danna" have provided many important details of the meeting.

There are many more recent comment threads that are informative and worthy of reading.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Laura Warburton Appointed To Replace Tryge Simpson on the Ogden Valley Planning Commission

Congratulations to Laura Warburton who today was appointed the the Ogden Valley Planning Commission.

The agenda for today's Weber County Commission meeting stated:
Rescind previous appointment and make appointment to the Ogden Valley Township Planning Commission
A Weber County staffer informed us today that Mr. Simpson resigned.

Rescind means to take away or take back
Resign means to give up one's office or position

One can only wonder if Mr. Simpson resigned or if the County Commission rescinded his position.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Green Valley Acadamy Soliciting Bids For Construction

Apparently Green Valley Academy Directors are fairly confident they will be able to construct on their Huntsville Site
This is one of two important messages today so scroll down to read both.

We received an interesting "Bid notification" today in which someone is soliciting bids for a construction project for an "Educational/ Elderly Care / Assisted Living facility" in Huntsville.
Description:   Site work and new construction of an educational and assisted living facility in Huntsville. Preliminary plans call for the construction of a 36-bed boarding school and treatment center for teens with developmental disorders. This project is curre...

Click here for more details on the bid request

Go to page 2 and look for "Huntsville" or "1293538"

It sure seems as though the GVA folks are on the fast track to Weber County approval to us.

What say our humble readers about this?

Weber County Commission AND Ogden Valley Planning Commission Meetings Tuesday -- UPDATED!

“Rescind previous appointment and make appointment to the Ogden Valley Township Planning Commission” AND "Residential Treatment Facilities Discussion" on the agendas for Tuesday

We have promoted a comment to the front page due to importance.

By Richard

There are actually two meetings tomorrow.

The Weber County Commission Meeting @ 10 AM and the Ogden Valley Planning Commission work session at an undisclosed time.

The 10 am WC commission is not on the county website and it is 14 hours until the meeting begins, but an agenda was published in the Standard Examiner.

Here are two items of interest for the WC Commission meeting:

"Set 10 a.m. July 27 for public hearing on amendment to zoning ordinance"

Note the vagueness as there is no mention of details about the particular zoning ordinance, but it is possible that they are referring to FV-3 zone changes - who knows? The Ogden Valley Planning Commission agenda mentions Zoning ordinance chapter 28 and 45.

“Rescind previous appointment and make appointment to the Ogden Valley Township Planning Commission.”

So does that mean out with Tryge Simpson and in with Laura Warburton? Or possibly Sharon Holmstrom?

The agenda for the Ogden Valley Planning Commission work session is as follows:

This Work Session will be held in Room 108 of the Weber Center, 2380 Washington Blvd., Ogden UT

1. Huntsville/South Fork Sewer Study

2. Residential Treatment Facilities Discussion

3. Amendment to Weber County Zoning Ordinance Chapter 28

4. Amendment to Weber County Zoning Ordinance Chapter 45

5. Legal Counsel – Testifying before County Commission

6. Adjourn

In summary, two meetings Tuesday - County Commission @ 10 am and the OV Planning Commission at an undisclosed time.

Richard Sorensen

UPDATE 7/6/10 @ 10:45 AM

The Ogden Valley Planning meeting will be held at 5:00 PM in the overflow room behind the normal Commission meeting room

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Appointment Redeux

In today’s Standard Examiner the Weber County Commission has an interesting agenda topic for their Tuesday, July 6th meeting.

“Rescind previous appointment and make appointment to the Ogden Valley Township Planning Commission.”

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Guest Post "Wolf Creek doesn't pay it fair share!"

I know that this may not matter with Wolf Creek in bankruptcy already but according to the Weber County Website as of yesterday Wolf Creek has over $171,968.48 in delinquent property tax bills on over 22 parcels of land in Weber County.  Many have not been paid since 2007.  I know that times are tough now but why was nothing paid in 2008.  The county bends over backwards to approve nearly everything Wolf Creek does yet they can not pay their taxes like the rest of us.

Cole Schlack
Eden, UT

Friday, July 02, 2010

North Ogden Divide Update!!!!!!

The North Ogden Divide closure has been postponed.
The Divide will be open this July 4th weekend.
Updates will be provided on Tuesday, July 6th.
Have a wonderful Fourth of July!


This just in from rockymountainhomes

I called Weber County dispatch yesterday (July 1st) and was told the closure for construction on North Ogden Divide was pushed back to the second week of August. North Ogden Divide is currently open. :o)