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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ogden Valley Planning Commission Meeting Tonight @ 5 PM

From a flyer that is circulating

ATTENTION: Ogden Valley Planning Commission meeting TUESDAY, JULY 27 at 5:00.

The OVPC agenda for Tuesday's meeting is up on the Weber County site. A LARGE TURNOUT FOR THIS MEETING IS VERY IMPORTANT.

2-1. zo 03-2010 Condideration and action on Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment #2010-03, an amendment to the Weber County Zoning Ordinance FV-3 (Chapter 12B) by adding "RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT ACADEMY" as a Conditional Use. The amendment is also to include adding a definition for a Residential Treatment Academy to Chapter 1 General Provisions Section 6 definitions...... Green Valley Applicant; Jared Balmer, Agent)

For more information click: this web site gives all the details.

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