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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Green Valley Requests Last Minute Tabling

In a surprise move tonight, the petitioners of the Green Valley Academy requested that the Ogden Valley Planning Commission table their request to change the definition of the FV-3 zone (subsequently several other zones were included) to allow their highly opposed school for troubled boys.  The meeting began at 5:00 PM and at 5:02 PM Chairman Graves announced that the petitioners had made the request to 'table' some ten minutes prior.

There could be many reasons for such a request, but we encourage Ogden Valley residents to keep their eye on the ball and stay focused.

The petitioners have stated that they are familiar with opposition from the locals and have overcome it before.

Could it be they realized the extensive opposition and chose to regroup?  Perhaps they saw one of the hundreds of flyers that was distributed to neighbors.  Perhaps they read blog posts.  Maybe they saw one of the many large signs throughout the valley reminding folks of the OVPC meeting.

To give the petitioners the benefit of the doubt, maybe they realized their plan does not fit in Ogden Valley and maybe they have chosen to relocate to another area that already allows their type of facility.

While we may never fully know their reasoning, asking for something in front of a packed house who oppose you is never easy.   They may be planning on waiting to let the uproar die down and to let the opposition drop out.

In coming weeks and months, it will be paramount that Ogden Valley residents stay focused and keep an eye out for future moves on behalf of the Green Valley folks.

They have a plan and only time will tell how it unfolds.

Watch out!

1 comment:

rider said...

Don't you worry! These is NO way this community will let this happen easily. We will NOT go away. We will NOT fall out easily. We will NOT tire of this cause, EVEN if you keep deciding to "table" at the last minute. And we will NOT let corporate america decide how our community is run. I was very proud of our community and all that we had to say. So here is to Jared Balmer.... you were in the meeting, you are reading this, and you might come up with a much better strategy because this Valley will not run in fear of your ever threatning law suit for "equal housing" and we are NOT afraid of you. Next time you decide to "table" your agenda item, you might want to give some amount of THOUGHT to the 150 people of the Valley who had to take GREAT strides to witness your "proposition". Shame on you.