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Friday, July 23, 2010

Type-3 Package Agency Funding

Attention Ogden Valley Residents:

As of this morning, I had several conversations with individuals making efforts to insure that the Type-3 Package Agency funding stays dedicated to Ogden Valley.  The latest word from the DABC (Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control) is that they may take from 1-3 months to decide whether the funding stays dedicated to our valley.

The crux of the matter seems centered around the Tribune article 2-3weeks ago regarding the DABC's closure of the Main St. State Liquor Store in Salt Lake City and the questionable logic of that decision in lieu of the store's previous net-profitable status.  The article garnered so much support and such an out-cry to legislators that key member's of the legislature are taking a close look at DABC decisions and operations.  This has caused the DABC to effectively second-guess themselves and delay current funding decisions.

A meeting is being held next week between state legislators and DABC administrators to hopefully clear the log-jam and insure that logic prevails in future DABC funding decisions.  Our local legislator, Gage Froerer, has committed to doing everything he can to insure that the Type-3 Package Agency funding that is currently committed to Ogden Valley...stays here!  We'll keep you posted as info is available.  Until then, any parties interested in applying for the Type-3 package agency contract should download it from the DABC website, take the necessary steps to complete the application and submit it for consideration at next month's meeting of the Utah State Liquor Board.

In the interest of seeing the agency funding and an agency staying in Ogden Valley...

Bill Lyman

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