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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Guest Post "Wolf Creek doesn't pay it fair share!"

I know that this may not matter with Wolf Creek in bankruptcy already but according to the Weber County Website as of yesterday Wolf Creek has over $171,968.48 in delinquent property tax bills on over 22 parcels of land in Weber County.  Many have not been paid since 2007.  I know that times are tough now but why was nothing paid in 2008.  The county bends over backwards to approve nearly everything Wolf Creek does yet they can not pay their taxes like the rest of us.

Cole Schlack
Eden, UT


Time for a Change said...

It would be interesting to hear Zogmaister explain why the County does not take effective remedial action to
encourage these large deadbeats to pay their property taxes on time. These large companies ride on the backs of all the other taxpayers every year to the tune of millions of dollars. Ask Zogmaister why that continues.

Steven said...

So the county should take the properties??? Auction them off to someone worse??? Just what would you like the county to do? Wolf Creek can not pay their bills to anyone right now, County, State, Feds and suppliers. This is why they have filed Chapter 11. Wolf Creek is not the only one in this situtation. Better look around and hope your not there next. Time to stop blaming everyone for what Obama and his band of commies have done to our country and figure out how we can change things for the better.

Not a fan of Obama either said...

Steven, you're missing the point. The County Commissioners have always had the authority to deny planning and building services to individuals and corporations when property taxes are delinquent. But over the years (even when the economy was good) the Commissioners have chosen not to take these steps but continue granting services to Wolf Creek and other developers and corporations who owe property taxes. In the meantime the majority of property owners who pay their taxes on time carry the burden of county services for everyone.

Whisler said...

Steven, why should all the other taxpayers carry the burden of large businesses that defray their taxes for almost 4 years to take advantage of the low interest and penalties in Utah? Over 98 per cent of Utah property tax payers pay on time. Statewide every year, there is over 100 million dollars in delinquent taxes due in Utah. This does not mean it is newly owed, it means these delinquent taxes are carried over from previous years and those missing funds are made up by the rest of us so the State and Counties can have operating funds.

Time for a Change said...

It is on the public record that Zogmaister and Bischoff dismissed any ideas to try and collect these delinquent taxes from large businesses. They have made all the excuses that you could imagine to protect these tax scofflaws and will not do anything to protect the rest of the taxpayers that pay on time.


Auslander said...


They quit paying taxes in 2007. Those would be part of the Bush years. If you are going to point fingers at a President, make sure you have the correct one.

I am tired of paying for what these developers feel they don't need to support, things like vital public services.