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Monday, July 05, 2010

Green Valley Acadamy Soliciting Bids For Construction

Apparently Green Valley Academy Directors are fairly confident they will be able to construct on their Huntsville Site
This is one of two important messages today so scroll down to read both.

We received an interesting "Bid notification" today in which someone is soliciting bids for a construction project for an "Educational/ Elderly Care / Assisted Living facility" in Huntsville.
Description:   Site work and new construction of an educational and assisted living facility in Huntsville. Preliminary plans call for the construction of a 36-bed boarding school and treatment center for teens with developmental disorders. This project is curre...

Click here for more details on the bid request

Go to page 2 and look for "Huntsville" or "1293538"

It sure seems as though the GVA folks are on the fast track to Weber County approval to us.

What say our humble readers about this?

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