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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Letter To The Editor From Gage Froerer

One of our humble readers pointed out this most excellent Gage Froerer letter to the editor.

From the letter, Gage states:
I was disappointed to read the editorial, "Teen Academy OK for Valley" printed on July 7th.

The article attempts to place blame on local residents for not supporting a proposed academy treating teenagers in a health care facility because of a "not in my back yard approach."

In my opinion, the lack of support you mention is not a result of the "not in my back yard" mentality, but more a result of the significant land use change proposed for the FV-3 zone and the impact such a change would have on local residents. The proposed zone change would allow group homes in a zone designated for single family homes with a minimum lot size of 3 acres. I recently attended community meetings on this issue and found the residents to be both logical and rational as the pros and cons of the zone change were discussed. The opposition you speak of is not directed at the health provider or the company itself, but at the proposed land use change prior to completion of proper due diligence.
Click here to read the rest of the letter

Well said Gage.

1 comment:

rider said...

Well said Gage Froerer! I am glad to see you are standing up for the rights of the citizens you are representing. And I am glad you standing up for responsible development in the Valley. Thank you!