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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Snowbasin Resort Open House‏

Snowbasin Resort Holds Open House to Display Master Plan in Weber County

Snowbasin Resort is holding an Open House on July 15, 2010 from 3:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. at Earls Lodge to allow the public the opportunity to view the proposed master plan for the 3,800 acres located in Weber County.

Members of the design team and Snowbasin Resort owner and manager representatives will be on hand to answer questions and explain the elements of the master plan.

In May, 2010, Snowbasin Resort, located 35 miles north of Salt Lake City, applied to rezone approximately 3,800 acres located in Weber County, including the ski area base, under the newly adopted Ogden Valley Destination and Recreation Resort Ordinance. The master plan represents a three-year effort to create a new master plan for the 12,000-acre property located in Weber and Morgan Counties.

We are proud of the proposed master plan and look forward to sharing it with the public,states Wallace Huffman, Snowbasin's Director of Resorts and Resort Development. We have taken great care to work cooperatively with the stakeholders in the Valley to ensure that future plans for Snowbasin align with and compliment the vision and plans for the future of Ogden Valley.


Bode Miller said...

Has anyone noticed how open and professional the Snowbasin people have been about their plans for development than were the Powder Mountain ownership?

Snowbasin offers communication to all citizens of the Ogden Valley and how different is that than the amateur performance of Powder Mountain ownership from start to end.

If there ever is a so called mega-resort at Powder Mountain, you can be sure it will be blown away by the Snowbasin quality and professionalism.

Why would any investors throw their money away on a big Powder Mountain resort (other than the dumb bells that already have) when the Valley will have a far superior ski operation at Snowbasin?

Don't Be Fooled said...

Don't be fooled by Snowbasin's "professionalism." They can and have played dirty to try and get their way, including suing neighbors for land that they feel should belong to them. Just another corporation encroaching on our beautiful valley without a care for the common people. Such a shame the LDS Church sold them the property.

Catnip said...

Don't be fooled.......If what you say is true........It was the LDS Church that was fooled by Snowbasin or they were just as greedy as the developers!

Johnny Cash said...

From what I understand it was more of a land swap between Holding and the Church. I'm pretty sure all parties involved knew what they were doing and what the eventual outcome would be for the valley. I doubt the Church execs didn't know he would eventually develop the land big time.