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Monday, July 23, 2012

Increased Bicycle Traffic In Canyon

 Guest Post by Smaatguy
Is it just me or is there considerabley more bicycle traffic in the canyon latley...It was that you may see a single rider or two here and there, but this past month every morning on the way to Ogden there are a quite a few groups of cyclists riding up and down the canyon.  This morning (last Thursday) I counted no less that 30 total and one pack of about 15. 

I'm not against cycling on roadways, but given the width of the canyon road I forsee an ugly accident in the not so far future for someone.  I think it goes hand in hand with the recent article in the Valley News about people passing on the North Ogden Divide...unfortunately the same thing happens in Ogden Canyon. 

As to the cyclists, there are warning signs about it...they are there for a reason.  This morning there was a log jam of about 20 cars coming up the canyon because they were in the road as there isn't much of a shoulder and obviously going quite a bit slower than traffic would.  I understand that they can use the full roadway, but not all drivers understand or accept that. 

My fear is that someone is going to come around one of the many blind corners with traffic also coming from the other direction and cyclists caught in between or the vehicles are going to end up in a head on crash...there is no room for error in most of the canyon.  Add to that the increased amount of construction traffic (larger trucks and trailers and such ) for the UDOT project and the increase in residential construction and not to mention boat trailers the outcome is not going to be good....hope that is not the case, but I fear the odds are something undesirable is on the way.
just a few thoughts

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Huntsville Parade Update

Huntsville letter/petition from Bruce Ahlstrom published today as Guest Commentary

A couple of new developments in the Obama Parody Float saga in Huntsville.

First, our readers will remember the letter/petition we posted last Wednesday (July 11, 2012).  Within 24 hours of going live, the petition had more than 300 signatures and is currently at 372.  Feel free to add your signature.

The letter was submitted to the Standard Examiner on Friday, and interestingly enough, this Andy Howell piece appeared in Saturday's paper.  The Standard's version of an apology?  We don't know, but interesting timing indeed.

Rudi at the Weber County Forum offered the perfect update Saturday morning in his story:

Standard-Examiner "Behind the Headlines" Column: Sometimes Knowing When a Story is Ready to Publish is a Hard Decision

A multitude of letters to the editor have appeared in both the print and online editions of the Standard, and they can be viewed by clicking here.

We will summarize today with an incredible video created by one of our humble readers, Huntsville resident Greg Anderson.  Greg offers his overview of how the whole thing went down, but we especially like Greg's suggestions for the use of the Standard Examiner.  

The video lasts nearly 12 minutes, but is entertaining and direct.  He even includes the video of the Obama float shot from his very own Go Pro.



Friday, July 13, 2012

More Nationwide Fallout on the Huntsville Obama Float

The Obama float saga that has officially gone viral is still a hot topic.

First, we will link to an excellent piece from our friend Rudi over at the Weber County Forum.

The Huntsville 4th of July Parade Kerfuffle Isn't Dead - Not by a Long Shot

Rudi highlights yesterday's Standard Examiner article, by none other than Charles Trentlemen, a trusted and reasonable journalist. Charles' article is a worthy read.

Next, the petition that we posted yesterday had over 300 signatures in the first 24 hours of the petition going live. The silent majority is alive and well in Ogden Valley.

Also, since this fiasco started with some shoddy reporting on behalf of the Standard, we overlooked a more accurate description of the events published by the Salt Lake Tribune. Since the Tribune was "scooped" by the Standard's fabricated story of a threat of the President, the Tribune had time to pen a more accurate account of the story - a story which should have been a non-event.

Alleged anti-Obama parade float causing Huntsville grief

We have a special treat for our humble readers as we have video of the Obama float (or more correct, the limo and secret service agents).

Click here to view the video

The issue hit the big time Tuesday when it was a segment on the O'Reilly Factor. The Factor is keeping close tabs on the video of their show, but here is a summary from their website:

Barack and a Hard Place Segment  Fourth of July parade float mocking Obama causes controversy in Utah Guests: Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes

Fox News analysts Alan Colmes and Monica Crowley scrutinized the Independence Day parade in Utah that included a display mocking President Obama. "These people have done satires of both the left and the right," Colmes said, "and their biggest offense is bad humor. It's not funny, but they have the right to do it. You also can't discount that there's a certain hatred of this President because he's black." Crowley took issue with the display primarily because of its timing. "Obviously the First Amendment protects even bad taste, but I think Independence Day is a sacred holiday. There are 364 other days in the year when you can make fun of President Obama, but the Fourth of July is a time when we should put politics aside and celebrate the sacrifices and courage that built this country." The Factor smacked extremists on both sides, saying, "It's almost a mental disorder that people get so upset when people don't agree with them about politics."

We would love to share the O'Reilly video, so if any of our loyal readers has access to it then please send us a link.

Lastly, Huntsville was not the only site of an Obama float, and wethinks the Huntsville float was less political. The difference being that some parade goers apparently had the inside line to the news room at the beloved Standard Examiner.

Anti-Obama Kingsville Parade Float 'Not Sanctioned by Committee'

We are guessing there was a more diverse audience at this parade near Baltimore, but Huntsville's parade seemed to get the nationwide spotlight.

And that's a wrap. It is your turn to opine.

UPDATE: 7-13-12 @ 9:30pm

Here is the original article that was printed in the Standard. The online version was later amended.

Title company owner arraigned on theft charges

He is charged with theft and obstruction of justice regarding $325,000 his Home Abstract and Title Co. held for the Weber School District after the sale of district property to the city of Huntsville

The missing, measly $325,000 that we mentioned a couple of weeks ago in our story

$325,000 payment from Huntsville City to Weber School District missing

has resulted in theft and obstruction of justice charges against Russell Charles Maughan.

Our readers will remember that many months after the property transfer of the former Valley School site from the Weber School District to the Town of Huntsville, the school district realized they had not received their cash.

Ogden police investigated when the school district never received the proceeds from the sale, Deputy Weber County Attorney Branden Miles said. The allegations are that Maughan misappropriated the money for his business and personal use.

“He moved the money to an operating account and made use of it over a matter of months,” Miles said

Maughan’s Home Abstract and Title is a 104-year-old company housed in the Weber Building at 2380 Washington Blvd., Suite 200.

The business, next door to the Weber County Attorney’s Office, was closed about a month ago by its underwriter, Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, based in Minneapolis, said Tammy Greening, an examiner for the Utah Insurance Department, which is also investigating Maughan.

She said Old Republic officials notified the Utah Insurance Department, sparking the state investigation.

$325,000 is a pittance compared to the $65 million bond the district is seeking. Surely the district will manage the $65 million wisely. No?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Huntsville Parade Attendee Details Accurate Account of July 4th Events

Letter/petition drafted for Standard Examiner

Guest Post by Richard Sorensen

You may have seen the outrage over a float that was in Huntsville's July 4th parade. The media onslaught that ensued was the result of inaccurate reporting on behalf of the Standard Examiner.

Huntsville resident Bruce Ahlstrom has drafted a letter to the Standard and would like to get many signatures. Read it, and if you agree, please sign it.

Regardless of your political belief or if you feel the float was inappropriate, the residents of Huntsville have been unfairly called bigots, racists, toothless basta---s, and worse, and the mayor and council have received threats from a nationwide audience. It all stemmed from irresponsible reporting on behalf of a "credible" publication.

Click here to view and sign the letter.

Monday, July 09, 2012

TMDL Report To Be Presented Tuesday Evening at Huntsville Library

Pineview Reservoir’s water quality is good and supports most of the uses of the reservoir.  An algae bloom in the fall of each year detracts from recreational enjoyment of the reservoir and the decomposition of the dead algae on the sediments uses up oxygen in the deep, cold water of the reservoir.  The lack of oxygen makes it impossible for cold water fishes, such a trout, to find suitable habitat.  Nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) entering the reservoir and being recycled from the sediments need to be controlled to make water quality better.

Dr. Darwin Sorensen of the Utah Water Research Laboratory at Utah State University, who has studied Pineview Reservoir water quality for more than 3 years, will summarize his research group’s findings and answer questions in a public meeting July 10, 2012, from 7:00-8:30 PM in the Huntsville Library.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Standard Examiner Offers Retraction...In their own way

The manufactured outrage created when a few out of town parade goers who chose to be offended, then took their agenda to the Standard Examiner and social media has gone full circle (visit The Town of Huntsville Facebook page and look for posts by Peggy Bon).

After a small handful cried foul and called the Standard Examiner with falsehoods and fabrications, the Standard did a poor job of verifying the sources and the content.

Rather than verifying with pictures and in a rush to break the story, the Standard relied on their tipsters to provide a tainted version of the truth. The Standard has made many online revisions to their original story, which included mistruths portrayed by Dede Fluette.

The latest version of the revised story is here.

Some sickened by anti-Obama float in Huntsville's Fourth of July parade

Among them, the Standard originally stated that a sign on the white limo stated, "if not, we go to Plan B: Assault gun." In reality, the sign read, "Ask about our assault gun plan," with "contact Eric Holder" in smaller type. An obvious satirical reference to the "fast and furious" gun scandal.

Fluette said the mask-wearer had his arm draped over the shoulders of a scantily clad white woman, who appeared to some spectators to be a teenager. In reality, the scantily clad woman was a teen dressed in Levi's and a green t-shirt.

Today, several articles appeared in the Substandard:

Obama float creator: I didn’t try to offend

Our View: Huntsville Parade Brouhaha

And the one that started it all,

Huntsville float exemplifies what's wrong with country. By Dede Fluette

While the Clawson's may not have used the best judgment with their parade entry, we say shame on Ms. Fluette for casting a black cloud with her social and traditional media attack on what was a very nice July 4th celebration. Maybe she should celebrate Independence Day in Chicago or San Francisco next year.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Updated. Huntsville parade entry offensive to some and makes national news

A parade entry for the Huntsville July 4th celebration has made the national news. Read this article from today's Standard and be sure to join in on the discussion.

Some sickened by anti-Obama float in Huntsville's Fourth of July parade Here is a snippet from the article.
HUNTSVILLE — Youngsters dressed as Secret Service agents and an individual wearing a Barack Obama mask signaled to spectators from a limo at Wednesday’s Huntsville Fourth of July parade — an entry with the kind of political speech that our country protects.
Who will be the first to opine?

Updated 7-6-12 @ 9:30 pm
The story has gone viral and Huntsville native Dave Clawson has stepped up to defend his parade entry.
Visit the KSL web site for their latest. On the left column are audio links from this mornings Doug Wright show with Dave Clawson and Huntsville Town Councilperson Laurie Allen.

Also, another popular blog weighs in on the story.