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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Standard Examiner Offers Retraction...In their own way

The manufactured outrage created when a few out of town parade goers who chose to be offended, then took their agenda to the Standard Examiner and social media has gone full circle (visit The Town of Huntsville Facebook page and look for posts by Peggy Bon).

After a small handful cried foul and called the Standard Examiner with falsehoods and fabrications, the Standard did a poor job of verifying the sources and the content.

Rather than verifying with pictures and in a rush to break the story, the Standard relied on their tipsters to provide a tainted version of the truth. The Standard has made many online revisions to their original story, which included mistruths portrayed by Dede Fluette.

The latest version of the revised story is here.

Some sickened by anti-Obama float in Huntsville's Fourth of July parade

Among them, the Standard originally stated that a sign on the white limo stated, "if not, we go to Plan B: Assault gun." In reality, the sign read, "Ask about our assault gun plan," with "contact Eric Holder" in smaller type. An obvious satirical reference to the "fast and furious" gun scandal.

Fluette said the mask-wearer had his arm draped over the shoulders of a scantily clad white woman, who appeared to some spectators to be a teenager. In reality, the scantily clad woman was a teen dressed in Levi's and a green t-shirt.

Today, several articles appeared in the Substandard:

Obama float creator: I didn’t try to offend

Our View: Huntsville Parade Brouhaha

And the one that started it all,

Huntsville float exemplifies what's wrong with country. By Dede Fluette

While the Clawson's may not have used the best judgment with their parade entry, we say shame on Ms. Fluette for casting a black cloud with her social and traditional media attack on what was a very nice July 4th celebration. Maybe she should celebrate Independence Day in Chicago or San Francisco next year.


KathyP said...

What a relief! Now all the bigots going to church today know that they are not racists.
Where is the cross burnning at this week?

Roger375 said...

Interesting how they tried to make it sound like a threat but were not even smart enough to realize the sign was referring to the fast and furious scandal.

If she was so offended by the float you would think she would have taken pictures to share - almost every phone has a camera these days.

But maybe the pictures would not have created the outrage she was hoping for.

rudizink said...

 Nice wrap-up on Wednesday's overblown Huntsville 4th of July Brouhaha, from where else?  Our friends in the know at Ogden Valley Forum!

Greg Anderson said...

There will be no cross burning and anyone who would suggest otherwise is completely out of line. Hate speech appears to be in the eye of the beholder.

Outdoors__girl said...

A more interesting discussion of the Huntsville 4th of July Float is continuing on:

  Obama float creator:I didn’t try to offend

matruski said...

As someone who's been in the parade a few times (every single time being a last minute entry), I'm actually more concerned about the change to the entry process (basically non-existent right now). I think Mayor Truett should continue to rely on the citizen's ability to self-police rather than make the process more difficult for organizers and entrants. If they really feel the need to do something - a quick scan as the floats line up would be sufficient enough.

metro title said...

Your topic was great! Thanks for taking a moment to draft such an interesting piece…

Jaredgolf61 said...

This girl here is a lefty lobbyist and works for tha Standard and is a big part of the lies going around about this float. They still continue to run their false stories. She barfs hate for Mormons and conservatives and yet cries intolerance and disrespect for her lovely president Obama. Liberal tolerance for differing views at its finest. This weasel of a woman needs to be fired from the standard for her obvious inability to read a simple sign.

Outdoors__girl said...


Jaredgolf61 said...

The truth about this float and what the Standard calls scantily clad women and crotch grabbing. Http://

Hunchy said...

I think Jared has it right. We seem to live in a time when anything is okay by the liberals including showing a old woman pushed off of a cliff in a TV ad by a republican, but say or do a cartoon about the liberals or their socialistic president, who is trying to take the entire country off of a cliff, and listen and watch them whine.

Smaatguy said...

Good grief....leave for a few days and this?...and this is national news?  got a call from a friend that said it was just on O'Rielly and asking what the???  The Standard...a joke again

Ogden Valley said...

Welcome back Smaatguy.  Things haven't been the same around here without you.

Smaatguy said...

Thanks Valley ....good to be home!