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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Huntsville Parade Update

Huntsville letter/petition from Bruce Ahlstrom published today as Guest Commentary

A couple of new developments in the Obama Parody Float saga in Huntsville.

First, our readers will remember the letter/petition we posted last Wednesday (July 11, 2012).  Within 24 hours of going live, the petition had more than 300 signatures and is currently at 372.  Feel free to add your signature.

The letter was submitted to the Standard Examiner on Friday, and interestingly enough, this Andy Howell piece appeared in Saturday's paper.  The Standard's version of an apology?  We don't know, but interesting timing indeed.

Rudi at the Weber County Forum offered the perfect update Saturday morning in his story:

Standard-Examiner "Behind the Headlines" Column: Sometimes Knowing When a Story is Ready to Publish is a Hard Decision

A multitude of letters to the editor have appeared in both the print and online editions of the Standard, and they can be viewed by clicking here.

We will summarize today with an incredible video created by one of our humble readers, Huntsville resident Greg Anderson.  Greg offers his overview of how the whole thing went down, but we especially like Greg's suggestions for the use of the Standard Examiner.  

The video lasts nearly 12 minutes, but is entertaining and direct.  He even includes the video of the Obama float shot from his very own Go Pro.




rudizink said...

Mr. Anderson... BRAVO!

Glduke said...

Have American's lost their sense of humor. Seems so.  News outlets need to quit being so lazy and verify the facts before reporting.  Huntsville is a great place with great people.

John Lambert said...

Amazed by the lack of comments when the true story comes out. Maybe because the true story is no story at all. The embellished story that went viral implied threats against the president, racism and scantily clad women. All lies.

Where are the wackos when the truth comes out?

Outdoor girl?

Not surprised by your absence.