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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Powder Mountain Protest leads to BOYCOTT of Powder Mountain Ski and Winter Resort


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

Our hats go off to the dedicated residents of Powderville who once again pounded the pavement on Presidents day with protest signs in hand.

We invite you to listen to KVNU's For the People [2nd hour - fast forward to 32 minutes] as Protest organizer Deja Mitchell did a masterful job of overviewing the Presidents Day event.

Powder Mountain spinmeister and publicity spokeswoman, Lisa Davis, was later interviewed. When asked about the protesters she said, "They may not know their neighbors very well, because the people we have talked to definitely have very strong ideas of what they want done in their back yards..." She went on to say, "They are not 'pawns' of a corporation."

To the contrary, they are nothing but pawns, and the corporation will soon appoint six puppets to govern the people.

Davis seemed to imply that there was a long list of Petitioners for the incorporation, and many not associated with the corporation. That is pure and simple spin - better yet, rubbish, as there were less petitioners for the incorporation than we have fingers and toes.

At last count, over 500 have signed the petition to change HB 466, the tainted law that allowed this takeover from a greedy, fascist corporation.

In fact, the short list of Powder Mountain Incorporation Petitioners included:

Mark E. Arnold - Owner of Powder Mountain

Lee A. Daniels - Owner and Money man behind Powder Mountain

Steve H. Nielsen II

Edward F. Bates

Rickey T. and Theresa A. Stearman - residents - Mr. Stearman is an employee of Powder Mountain

LaVar R. Lowther

Eric Smith

Dr. Alvin and June H. Cobabe - Founder of Powder Mountain

Aleta Cobabe - Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Cobabe

Clair and Shawna Van Meeteren - Shawna is also a daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Cobabe

Doug and Jamie Lythgoe - Daughter of Clair and Shawna / Granddaughter of Alvin Cobabe, founder of Powder Mountain. Also a realtor and member of the Weber County Planning commission, the body that conditionally approved Powder Mountain's rezone request in December.

Robert MacCulloch

Wayne C. and Gayla Folkman

Rulon and Kathy Jones - Large land owner of property adjacent to Powder Mountain

David Barlow

Colby Sanders

Powder Mountain, with their polished PR firm and high priced legal team overlooked one large piece of the puzzle - the resolve of Ogden Valley residents and their ability to "come together" for the common good. Valley residents will not sit back idly and watch the puppet show - the last time we did that was during the 2nd grade puppet shows at Valley Elementary.

With that in mind, we will heed the suggestions of many residents and officially kick off a Boycott Powder Mountain campaign. While the results may be hard to quantify, Powder Mountain can rest assured they will be losing business. To add teeth to our Boycott, we will include details of how to Ski World Class Snowbasin for less than the cost of a Powder Mountain lift ticket.

Costco sells Snowbasin tickets for about $47 each, when purchased in a three-pack for a total price of about $139. As the Boycott continues, we may even have Snowbasin tickets available for sale at the protest locations, with the motto:

Turn around and enjoy some 'World class' skiing for just $47.

From Salt Lake, there is a Costco located on the way to Snowbasin in Bountiful. There is also one located in Downtown Salt Lake and Ogden.

To see how effective our campaigns may be, we invite Powder Mountain officials to conduct a simple test. Go to Google and search for "Powder Mountain Protest" or "Powder Mountain Boycott." The results may surprise even their arrogance.

The protest spurred much interest in the media, as KSL Eyewitness News and Fox 13 reported from the site.

KUTV 2 news has said they will attend a meeting Thursday that Powder Mountain has claimed they will hold with citizens. To date, we have no information on this supposed meeting and can only assume it will include more of their rhetoric filled attempts to divide and conquer.

The Weber County Forum posted another winner with their run down of the Kimball Wheatley "Manifesto." The Voice of Deseret Blog also chimed in.

We have saved the most incredulously stupid comments for the end, and they were published in Marshal Thompson's Standard Examiner coverage of the Protest. Sadly, by a future Powderville resident and realtor in Gage Froerer's office named Erin Stokes. We will give her the benefit of the doubt as she has obviously been drinking the Powder Mountain kool aid and could use a serious dose of reality. Her comments provide for a laughable and astonishing read:

Erin Stokes, a real estate agent in Eden, said she can’t understand why some of her neighbors are against the in- corporation plan. After looking at both sides,she said, she feels a new town is clearly the best choice. “I listened to all the things my neighbors had to say. I talked to the marketing people for the developers, and they were very helpful,” she said.
“I’m just really excited about it. I don’t see any negatives to it at all, and I’ve studied it a lot.”

She must be using a different text book for those studies than the rest of us. And of course marketing people are helpful - they are trying to sale you something that you do not need!

Currently, Stokes said, she has to drive her kids seven miles to a park in Huntsville, so she is looking forward to having more recreational opportunities closer to home.

Let's see, seven miles down a gradual hill to Huntsville or 5-8 miles up a steep grade to Powder Mountain. She lives next to Wolf Creek, so what other recreational opportunities are the 'white knights' of Powder Mountain promising her?

But Stokes said the protesters have been staging their demonstrations on that very road, and it appears to be safe enough to her.

A flat and wide portion of the road at the base of the mountain was the location of the protest. Does she not know that the road, by Powder Mountain's own admission, has a 13% grade, although reliable sources inside Powder Mountain have said the road is actually as steep as 22%.

To simplify for Powder Mountain's followers, that is 22 feet vertical rise (vertical means upright or up, in even simpler terms) for every 100 feet horizontally (run).

Powder Mountain has certainly found some ardent supporters.

The BOYCOTT begins now!


Wolf Creek resort has asked to "Opt Out" of Powder Mountain Town, as reported in today's Standard Examiner.

Also, be sure to attend the State Capital Tomorrow morning:

HB 164 and SB 25 to be heard 2-21-08


Room C450.

These are the 2 bills dealing with Powder Mt and other incorporation petitions.

Anyone is welcome to attend and voice concerns or support for these bills.

UPDATE @ 12:45 pm

We have our own "ardent supporters" at the Weber County Forum. Rudi and Co. has diligently helped to expose the plight of our future "Powderville" residents. Don't miss today's classic missive. Thanks Rudi!


Anonymous said...

Erin must be young she also must be very gullible. These developers sound like the Emperor with the Gold Clothes. I will like being there when they take their walk naked Thanks
PS Eden & LIBERTY have nice Parks

Anonymous said...

yes they (Eden and Liberty) do and does she really think PM will construct parks for her kids? Their $750 K infusion to run the town for the first two or three years will barely maintain the roads in a big snow year.

Lionel said...

I am curious if the 100 reluctant citizens of the proposed new town have consulted a competent Constitutional lawyer. On the face of it this concept does not appear to be constitutional, and I understand that the MachMan has determined that this law never was reviewed for its constitutionality to begin with.

Could the solution to this proposed crime be that simple?

I knew Dr. Cobabe way back when he delivered my son in the sixties. I very much admired him then and over the intervening years. It is a great disappointment to see him and his family involved in such a sleazy and greedy deal as this.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what is wrong with the Park a mile away in Eden by the general store?

Anonymous said...

LaVar R. Lowther-Alvin Cobabe's Grandson

Wayne C. and Gayla Folkman-Alvin Cobabe's son in law and daughter

Anonymous said...

I think your boycott is failing when the future residents of Powder Mountain are still skiing there. If your elected leaders won't stop skiing there and join the rest of you in the boycott then I don't think it seems to be working. I guess you all need to buy passes at Snowbasin next year and leave more powder for everyone that does ski Powder Mountain.

Clair said...

Ms. Anonymous,

As you are surely aware, the boycott is low key at this point, but you can be assured that it will intensify if Powderville continues.

However, one only has to do a google search for "Powder mountain boycott" to see the real potential of a larger scale boycott.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see how all of you would act if someone was telling you what to do with your PRIVATE PROPERTY! Stop mixing legal with moral justification. I don't like my neighbors windows, that does not mean I can legally sue them to change them.

Valley said...

PRIVATE PROPERTY??? Is the property they have chosen to FORCE into incorporation Powder Mountain's PRIVATE PROPERTY?

No - it is the Private Property of the residents who do not want to be forced into a make shift town created via loop holes.


Anonymous said...

Erin is not young, she is in her 40's and is a real estate agent. Her mentioning of her neighbors is laughable since she allows her dogs to chase anyone trying to enjoy a walk along the street, rents her house out and has from what I heard Powder Mtn. meetings in her basement. This is a case of listening closely to who is speaking.