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Friday, February 15, 2008

Powderville Protest Saturday Morning - be there!

A future "Powderville" resident is organizing a protest tomorrow morning along Powder Mountain road and we think it is for a good cause. Please get up early and let your feelings be known.

Here are the details from an email we just received:

I am going to stage a protest tomorrow morning along Powder Mountain road.

8:30-10 am

on the road just past Wolf Creek golf course and
before Juniper Lane where the road is extra wide (so we don't impede

Can you help me get the word out?

We need people to
make signs
and come stand out there.

"NO PWDR MTN TOWN", etc would
be good.

I don't think out of towners will understand "Powderville."

Protests that hit Powderville owners in the pocket may be the only language they know - but we doubt they even speak that language. See you Saturday morning!

UPDATE: Be sure to read the latest post on the Weber County Forum that addresses Powder Mountain's Incorporation proposal.

Click here or on the signature button to sign the Petition.

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Anonymous said...

What's that called when the corporation and the government are the same thing? Oh, yeah, FASCISM! So if the corporate interests that are trying to incorporate Powderville are the ones who are also naming all the officials of Powderville, and will insist that the nominees do their bidding, that would make them FASCISTS, wouldn't it? That would make an interesting sign for the protest, too.

Anonymous said...

The last time we saw a power grab like this with no input from the people was when the Nazis took over Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland.

The con artists at Powder Mountain will tell you this is for the greater good, sound familiar? It's for their greater good. Hang on to your hats!