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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

We finally dug out! Don't forget to sign the Powder Mountain Petition

Some local "old timers" are calling this winter the biggest snow year since 1947 or '48. In light of the many dry years, we at the forum would concur that this has been an 'epic' year - the best we remember.

But we are not ready to cry 'uncle' just yet. We love the snow and have made room for more, so bring it on! While we are at it, we may need to have the "Bangerter Pumps" dusted off, as spring flooding seems inevitable.

Ogden Valley's snow is defininitely garnering the attention of the State rags, aka the Standard and the Salt Lake Tribune, as the Tribune procliams "Four Feet in Four Days."

And while we have been busy digging out from our record storms, our old friend Rudi at the Weber County Forum has been busy covering the Powder Mountain incorporation. Yes, the incorporation proposed by ruthless developers who are so concerned about protecting "THEIR property rights," but don't give a damn about OUR property rights.

Long after our greedy neighbors have cashed in and moved on to ruin another utopia, we will be here to suffer through their selfish impact.

Be sure to sign the petition urging lawmakers to approve SB 25 - the bill that will rectify the items supposedly "overlooked" in HB 466.

Time is of the essence!

Click here or on the signature button to sign the Petition.

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