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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Meeting at the State Capital Thursday Morning - Powder Mountain Residents Meeting Thursday Evening -- PLEASE BE THERE!

IMPORTANT Blogmeister Note: This is one of three important posts today. Be sure to read all three articles to learn about a meeting Thursday at the State Capital and the "BOYCOTT Powder Mountain" campaign.

From Organizer and Activist Deja Mitchell
- click to email Deja:

We are going to the Capital tomorrow to the committee meeting to voice our need to have the law changed. We are speaking in support of SB25. If this amendment to HB466 gets pushed through before Powder Mountain paperwork has finished being processed (could go through any day now), then we can probably get the PM deal thrown out!

Meet at the coffee shop (Valley Market) at 5:45 am. We'll carpool down there together.

We NEED as many people as possible to show up in support of this amendment. They have to have a strong message that this is urgent and needed. The hearing is:

Thursday Feb 21

@ 8am in Room C450

Tell anyone else you know, like people who live in Salt Lake who can also come and make a visual statement. They can meet us in room C450 at the Capital.

Remember to dress nicely. We want to look very polished and respectful.

LATER Thursday evening, residents of the Proposed Incorporation area are holding an informational meeting. Click here for details..


Anonymous said...

Residents of Ogden Valley wonder why the people at Powder Mountain won't sit down in an open forum with all Valley residents to discuss this issue of incorporation and development. They could use the Gym at the Junior High in Eden.

They don't want to answer the obvious questions and take the heat on this ill conceived land grab and the long term effects on Ogden Valley.

edentribe said...

This message about going to the Capital is a little confusing. SB 25 was passed in the Senate and to the best of my knowledge it is going to the House committee tomorrow to be recified with HB164. So this is the time to make your voice heard on how important it is for ALL of us to have a just process. I hope all of you who can will come to the Capital to make the will known.