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Friday, February 01, 2008

Petition to Utah Legislature regarding S.B.25s02 that will rectify the Powder Mountain incorporation

Good Afternoon Ogden Valley,

Be sure to sign the petition requesting Utah legislative support of S.B.25s02. This bill will abolish the detrimental provisions of H.B.466 and provide a sensible path for incorporation of Utah Towns in the future.

In other words, SB 25 will rectify the issues surrounding the Powder Mountain incorporation application.

Click here or on the signature button to sign the Petition.

Also, be sure to contact all state representatives, especially Senators, and request their support of S.B. 25s02

To view their contact information and to read more about the inequities of HB 466 (the bill SB 25 amends), visit:

Phone calls are much more effective than emails. If possible, call AND email ALL legislators.

Be sure to pass this on to everyone you know and encourage them to sign the petition and contact their Senators and Representatives.

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