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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Powder Mountain Update

As expected, our conflicted and weak-kneed legislators did little to retroactively help future "Powderville" residents in what we believe is a constitutional issue. A legal expert tells us "the consitutional issue is that you cannot change a citizen's jurisdiction and then appoint officials who can tax those citizens because you have taken away their right to vote on leadership and taxes."

The Weber County Forum has posted two excellent articles today, complete with a list of the legislators that need to be replaced - it is time to clean the house, and the list will grow. Interestingly, Melvin Brown was the sponsor of the severely flawed HB 466, and is now the sponsor of HB 164.

Links to the audio of today's legislative hearing are included in the first posting as well as an article from the Salt Lake Tribune. The second posting includes a follow up article from the Salt Lake Tribune.

Minor Machman has also offered his interpretation of today's committee meeting.

From today's Salt Lake Tribune, we read that Developer Dean Sellers and his proposed Aspen, Utah town saw a major setback when he took his case to the Utah Supreme Court. This seems to set a huge precedence for Weber County and the Powder Mountain Incorporation. What say our trusted Weber County Commissioners?

We have added two important links to the "OGDEN VALLEY ISSUES THAT NEED YOUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION" area of the Forum (top, right hand side of Forum).

  1. Kimball Wheatley "Manifesto" regarding "Powderville"
  2. Powder Mountain BOYCOTT

We conclude with this morning's Marshall Thompson article from the Standard Examiner. Thompson writes of conversation(s) Powder Mountain CEO Gregg Greer had with employees regarding their comments on the petition to the legislature.

Big Bully Powder Mountain continues to show their true colors time and time again.

We are still in round one of a 15 round bout with the devil, a.k.a. Powder Mountain Developers. Rest assured Valley residents will come out swingin' in round 2.

BOYCOTT Powder Mountain/ Ski Snowbasin For Less!


frank said...

I listened to the tapes of the meeting and was very disappointed in representative Froerer. It seemed to me like he put forth very little in defense of the home turf. This was his time to shine and show what he was made of and show just who he represents. I couldn't see that it was the valley residents. In my opinion he could have, and should have, laid down the gauntlet in defense of the valley and his constituents. It doesn't seem to me that he did any more than put out a little bit of lip service. The valley desperately need a representative with some courage, unfortunately it isn't Gage. Come November we must replace him before he sells out the entire valley to the highest bidder so he can collect his 6% commission. If he cannot stand up to Greg Curtis and his developer clients, then he has no business representing this valley!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps people should ask themselves if they've "HAD ENOUGH YET?" The state voters continually vote one party and then complain that they are not being represented. Our state majority party is corrupt to the core. We are supporting corporate welfare to the max. It will never be enough to replace one republican with another one. Honestly ask yourself if you are better off. Are you really paying fewer taxes? Are you receiving any returns for your money? These people don't care about us, and are not threatened by us, because we keep doing the same thing over and over and over. They are laughing all the way to the bank. The state budget is bloated for special interest. If it's not sales taxes, property taxes, it's the numerous fees and taxes added to every utility bill. Remember this when a republican realtor tells you he feels your pain, while he is stomping on your civil rights, and fleecing your pocketbook right in front of your face.