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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

House Comittee Passes SB-25 Out of Committee Unanimously with Retroactive Provisions AND Powder Mountain residents Get To Vote!!!


Ogden Valley residents received some good news today from Capital Hill as Gage Froerer successfully moved to amend SB 25 with a retroactive provision, thus sending the bill to the House floor. Click here for more details and to hear audio of the debate courtesy of the Weber County Forum.

As we promised earlier, Powder Mountain residents will have a chance to vote after all.

In a February 25, 2008 “newsletter” to those Eden residents being pulled into Powder Mountain Town without being provided a vote in that decision, Powder Mountain has graciously announced the residents will have a vote on one of three “town” logos under consideration. How generous of the Powder Mountain owners to grant this privilege when they are continuing to deny the residents a say in whether or not they want to even be a part of the town, or be able to vote on who will initially run the town via the town council.

The newsletter goes on to say that the residents will be allowed to vote for their town council members in the next municipal election, or to quote the newsletter, “Municipal elections are held on off years, so the next election will be held in November of 2009.” What they haven’t bothered to make clear in their message is that in November, 2009 only two of the town council positions will be up for election or reelection. It will be 2011 before the town residents will have a vote in the next two positions, and possibly gain control of their own town council.

As to the remainder of the “newsletter” it denounces the rumors being spread that the Powder Mountain owners have not met with residents, stresses that they are under no obligation to do so, and sings the praises of their efforts to communicate via town meetings and large community meetings. Must be Cache County community they’re referring to here. It certainly hasn’t been the Ogden Valley community!

UPDATE: 10 am

Once again, the Weber County Forum has been working overtime on our Powder Mountain landgrab in this morning's "Time for the Lumpencitizens to Get Even More Involved."


Anonymous said...

I am sure you have all noticed that the Powder Mountain people always mention they don't have to meet with the residents. Does that sound like a good neighbor? They found a way to meet with the Cache County residents over and over, but have avoided any overall meeting with the Ogden Valley residents who are going to be the people who will suffer the effects of their scheme.

We don't mean just the "forced into the town" residents. Every person who lives in Ogden Valley will feel the negative impact of the so called "World Class Resort". "World Class fiasco" is more like it. The rumor in New York banking circles is they are still underfunded with investors and that speaks volumes about their sales job to investors.

Anonymous said...

It's a little too soon to be jumping up and down. Passing out of committee is a long ways from becoming law.

I believe this committee vote was nothing more than election posturing. These same people got us into this mess.

Don't be fooled. We have heard this crap before. Remember, "I feel your pain"!

I expect the courts will be deciding this one. Wonder where our illustrious DA (Shurtleff) was on this one.