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Friday, February 22, 2008

Brandi Thompson Vertical Challenge, County Commission Agenda and Legislative updates

Updates below:

It has been a busy week at the forum as the attack on Ogden Valley residents took many paths. We hope to get a reprieve over the weekend and will encourage your support of what we feel is one of the most important charity events of the year.

Cory & Kathy Thompson of Huntsville are hosting the second annual Brandi Thompson Vertical Challenge in honor of their daughter who lost her life one year ago to Bacterial Meningitis.

Last year, the event raised several thousand dollars and the Thompson's generously donated the funds to help vaccinate every interested Ogden Valley resident. This years event will surely expand their valiant efforts:

Feb. 23

Second Annual Brandi Thompson Vertical Challenge

Are you up to the challenge? Test your stamina in the Brandi Thompson Vertical Challenge. Brandi Thompson was a lift operator at Needles Express and Strawberry Express Gondolas at Snowbasin Resort, who lost her life to Bacterial Meningitis on February 21, 2007. Snowbasin is hosting a “Vertical Challenge” to promote Bacterial Meningitis Awareness in her memory. Help bring awareness to this disease by contacting a local business or individual sponsor to pledge for your vertical feet. Ski on Needles Express Gondola and chalk up the miles! Bring your Pledge Sheet the morning of the event and turn it in when you pick up your Vertical Challenge pass. For more information, please view the flyer in PDF Format.

9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Race; 4:00 p.m. Awards Ceremony

Needles Express Gondola and The Main Plaza

$30 Race Registration Fee (Includes Lift Ticket);
$10 Raffle Tickets for Prizes.

Not required. Please call (801) 620-1038 for more information.

Donations may also be sent to the Thompson's.

We will also include articles from today's Standard Examiner and Salt Lake Tribune detailing the efforts of Ogden Valley residents who testified Thursday before the Utah House Political Subdivision Committee. Valley Patriots such as Darla VanZeben, Steve Clarke and Jim Halay did a masterful job of representing "Powderville" residents, although their pleas seemed to fall on deaf ears.

The Weber County Commission Agenda for February 26th has been posted, and while there are some important items, the Powderville incorporation request is curiously missing.

Could it be the County is still reviewing Wolf Creek's request to opt out? Precedents have been set in Wasatch County and we feel Weber County has the latitude to allow the opt out. More recently, Aspen Utah developer Dean Seller's was turned away from the Utah Supreme court.

We are hopelessly optimistic that the developer friendly County Commissioners will have the backbone to stand up to our foes up the steep road at Powder Mountain.

The BOYCOTT of Powder Mountain continues. Be sure to attend the Brandi Thompson Vertical challenge tomorrow at Snowbasin where a lift ticket will cost just $30, including the race registration fee.

UPDATE: 10:00 PM

The Weber County Forum is on a roll this evening with another great post.

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dmack74 said...

i think its amazing that her parents have done this to keep Brandi's memory alive and help the cause as well as promote something she loved.She will be forever missed and u B-Dog :) love Dmack