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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Powder Mountain Protest


Valley residents, we had a good turn out this morning for our protest along Hwy 158. Given the weather and short notice, the energy of the people was obvious. There will be a second protest on Monday the 18th at the same time, 8:30AM until 10.00AM just north of Wolf Creek and below Juniper Ln. Bring your signs of protest. There will be a lot of traffic and the more people that know and understand this heavy handed incorporation move, the better.

If you don't know, the protest is about the incorporation of of Powder Mountain into a township and dragging many residents of the Eden area kicking and screaming into the town without any say if they want to be part of the town. This is money, greed, and power at work with zero regard to anyone's personal or civil rights.

Show up on Monday and we will have press coverage and photos from all the newspapers as well as a possible TV spot. We need to get these people from Powder Mountain in the spotlight and have them explain why they are forcing some Eden residents into this incorporation.

Larry and Sharon Zini


Be sure to read the detailed posts regarding HB 466 at the Weber County Forum and the Utah Wingmen for Property Tax RE-Forum sites.

Click here or on the signature button to sign the Petition.


Anonymous said...

The residents have provided over 400 signatures on the Powder Mountain issue. This is a clear indication of what the mood is in the Valley and Weber County.

A tip of the hat to all those that have spoken out to protect the Valley. The residents will be a potent political voice in the Valley in the future and that will not sit well with the old guard.

Anonymous said...

Remember "TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION?" This is "INCORPORATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!" for the Eden residents caught up in this move by Powder Mountain.

Anonymous said...

After reading the comments by the Powder Mountain spokesperson in the Examiner, that they have been in communication with the residents all along, I challenge them to hold a vote with those Eden residents affected, and if they vote against incorporation, drop their petition! What's the matter Powder Mountain, are you afraid to take the challenge?