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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Powder Mountain Petition

Just a word to all of you who signed the Powder Mountain Petition. This petition, with well over 500 signatures will be delivered to our state legislators this week. Your willingness to sign and take a stand to help protect our Valley is a powerful message to our State politicians and all developers. You have let them know in no uncertain terms that the residents of Ogden Valley and Weber County can be a significant political force when basic rights of representation and choice are denied to our neighbors.

I read today that the Powder Mountain spokesperson said that all the affected residents will have a say in their town in two years. Just remember, "Justice delayed is Justice denied!" Powder Mountain will find a way to remain in control of what happens in that town no matter what they say now. They are not going to let 100 free thinking citizens control the direction of their investment on that mountain.

Congratulations to all on the power of this petition,

Larry and Sharon Zini

1 comment:

ozboy said...

In two years they will have enough new residents and employees in Powderville to control the results of any subsequent elections far into the foreseeable future. The 100 conscripted residents will forever lose any input into their own destiny and will end up being a pimple on Powderville's arse. In addition, all the zoning laws will be in place by then, the damage will have been done, there will be no turning back.

If you don't kill this beast now, you will be screwed blued and tattooed!