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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Closing Canyon in the Evening Very Dangerous to Valley Residents

Guest post by Sally Lindsay, Huntsville

We all know that driving The North Ogden Divide or Trappers Loop in the winter presents special challenges.  Closing the Canyon at 8 PM is very dangerous to valley residents, especially our teenage children.  Driving from school activities over the North Ogden Divide at night in the winter is extremely dangerous, especially during storms.  Driving over Trapper’s loop at night in the winter in potential whiteout conditions, presents the same dangerous conditions.   Drivers will face highway isolation, the very real possibility of hitting a large animal, and accidents that might not be discovered until who knows when.  This is absolutely unacceptable and another solution needs to be found.

We have all been co-operative about dealing with the canyon closures.  This does not induce a cooperative spirit.  It smacks of not wanting to pay for the extra people involved to keep the canyon open.  It also smacks of ‘poor homework’ done by all involved.  The company had plenty of time and did plenty of research. Conducting this project in the middle of winter was an interesting choice at best.  If they have discovered problems, this is their problem and should not put residents in danger on top of inconvenience.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Ogden Canyon to be fully closed during the evening hours.

We just received this disappointing news regarding the Ogden Canyon Waterline Project:

Due to some unforeseeable site conditions on the Ogden Canyon Waterline project, it will be necessary to use the open cut method of construction for the remainder of the project.   Open cut construction requires a much larger work area than the pipe bursting method, and much of the canyon is too narrow to construct the pipeline and keep traffic lanes open.  In meeting with the contractor, Ogden City, project engineers, and UDOT, it has been determined that the best course of action will be to maintain the current 10-15 minute delays during the day, and implement a full closure of SR-39 in Ogden Canyon during the night.  The closure hours will be as follows:

January 2, 2013 – March 31, 2013
Sunday night through Friday morning: 8pm – 5am
Friday night through Sunday morning: 9pm – 6am

April 1, 2013 – June 1, 2013
Sunday night through Friday morning: 9pm – 5am
Friday night through Sunday morning: 9pm – 6am

These night time closures will allow the contractor full use of the road to stage equipment and material, thus allowing the project to progress more quickly, increasing the likelihood that the project will be completed ahead of schedule.

As a condition of the closure, emergency vehicles and local traffic (Ogden Canyon Residents) will still be allowed to travel on SR-39 during the night time closures, though there will still be some delays at the construction zones. 

Over the next few days, a representative from Horrocks Engineers will be visiting the Ogden Canyon residents to discuss these closures, answer any questions the residents may have, and distribute identification cards to present to the traffic control flaggers during the night time closures.

We thank you for your continued patience during this project.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause.  We hope that you will help us in spreading the word to any potentially impacted people you may know.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Green Valley Academy changes name to Waypoint Academy

Nationwide job search ongoing

Construction is nearing completion of the infamous Green Valley Academy, which is curiously now called Waypoint Academy.   The facility plans to open in March, 2013.

Residents will remember when Academy owners initially were considering a large home near the Trinity Abby in Huntsville as their campus.  Neighbors objected to having troubled teens housed in their backyards.  Ultimately, Academy owners removed their petition and later purchased property in another residential neighborhood on Highway 39.

A Weber County planning staffer decided the Academy fit the definition of a "school" and issued approval for the mammoth facility, rather than putting the issue on the planning commission's agenda.

Concerns over potential water shortages and other issues surfaced, and the "Protect our water" campaign ensued.

Waypoint Academy has been ramping up lately and has been advertising several job openings nationwide on such sites as  At press time, the ad is no longer posted.  However, multiple positions are still being offered here.

The name change is interesting.  While we may never know the reason behind the change, there is considerable negative Internet clutter related to the Green Valley Academy, so owners may be
looking for a new beginning with Waypoint Academy.

Early on, during meetings held in 2010, Academy owners stated publicly that they would accept low risk "Forest Gump" type kids.  More specifically, kids with Autism, Asperger's syndrome and similar disorders.  However, their new website makes no mention of there disorders and instead touts anxiety.
WayPoint Academy provides specialized treatment for young men between the ages of 13-18 who are afflicted with various types of anxiety.
  • Generalized Anxiety 
  • Social Phobia
  • Panic Attacks
  • Agoraphobia
  • Specific Phobia
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Depression is frequently present in individuals with severe anxiety. Thus, the criteria for admission also includes students with symptoms of depressive disorder.
East Huntsville will be welcoming their new neighbors before we know it.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ogden Canyon Update - Open until New Years

·         The contractor is currently prepping the ground at the bottom of the canyon for the temporary asphalt, which will be installed in the latter part of this week.
·         Both lanes of traffic through the canyon will be opening to the public on Saturday, December 22nd, to allow for safe and convenient holiday travel.  One lane travel will resume on January 2, 2013.
Thank you all for your patience during this project.  Your feedback is very much appreciated.  Feel free to visit the website at, or call the hotline at (801) 675-8198.  You may also stop in to speak with us at the project hub located at the Horrocks Engineers office at 3544 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 11, in Ogden.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Summit Group Hosts Town Hall Meeting

The Summit Group, the new managers and future owners of Powder Mountain, hosted a town hall meeting for the community on December 6, 2012.

We will overview some of the highlights below:
  • Powder town (aka Powderville) is dead.  The petition to incorporate and subsequent lawsuits have been dropped.
  • They have purchased several parcels during the Wolf Creek bankruptcy sale, of which a 1500 acre will remain open space.
  • The previous owners had mentioned 10,000, 5,000 and 3,000 homes with golf courses and 19 lifts.  Summit feels those numbers are excessive.
  • Phase one will consist of 500 smaller (4,000 sq. ft.) single family homes south of the Hidden Lake parking lot.
  • They plan to preserve the existing terrain and the number of lifts will remain roughly status quo.
  • They own the Wolf Barn and 80 surrounding acres.  They plan to use it for resort base parking during the ski season, then reseed and use as a public park in the off season.  Possibly soccer fields.
  • They hope to revive the Balloon Festival.
  • After phase one, they hope to redone much of the 10,000 acres as TR-1 - Resort Zone.
  • Last year, there were 139,000 skier days at Powder Mountain.
What is your impression of our new neighbors?  
Who will be the first to opine?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Skyler Shepherd found guilty on all counts in Pineview Boating Fatality

Skyler Shepherd was found guilty on all counts in the Pineview boating tragedy in which Huntsville resident Ester Fujimoto was killed in August of 2011.

Friend Colton Raines was at the controls of Shepherd's boat when they accidentally ran over Fujimoto, who was swimming.   Shepherd took over the controls, returned to Fujimoto, then fled the scene and left Fujimoto for dead.  Robert Cole Boyer was also in the boat that hit Fujimoto.

Huntsville resident Vaughn Anderson heard Fujimoto's cries for help and rowed out to assist her in his small boat.  Anderson's testimony and a 22 minute recording of his 911 call were key elements of the trial.

The Standard offers more details:

Shepherd guilty on all counts in Pineview boating death

Sentencing is set for Jan. 23 on the charges of reckless endangerment and obstruction of justice, both class A misdemeanors, and failure to render aid, a class B misdemeanor. Maximum sentence for a class A misdemeanor is a year in county jail; maximum sentence for a class B is six months.

County Prosecutor Dean Saunders said more serious charges could have been filed if officers were able to take blood samples at the crime scene from Shepherd and Raines. According to testimony, Shepherd and Raines had been drinking that day and Raines had possibly been smoking marijuana.
The other two boaters will face trial in February.

Click here for more coverage of the trial.

Wethinks he got a slap on the wrist.  How about you?

Friday, December 07, 2012

Ogden Canyon closed Friday - Saturday -- UPDATED

Ogden canyon will be closed Friday, December 7, 2012 from 9:00 am until Saturday, December 8, 2012 at 9:00 am for unexpected construction issues.  Please plan accordingly.

UPDATE @ 4:45 pm 12/7/2012

Ogden Canyon is now open.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Summit Group Community Town Hall Meeting Thursday - New Location

Monday we posted a notice of Thursday's Town Hall Meeting presented by the Summit Group, the new managers and future owners of Powder Mountain.

The response has been so great that they have changed the venue to accommodate more people.

The meeting will still be held:

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Time: 6:00 PM

Pine View Lodge
3900 North Wolf Creek Drive
Eden, UT

The 1st building past Harley & Bucks (parking lots are connected).

Be sure to attend to see the Summit vision for our valley and have your questions answered.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Summit Group, Powder Mountain and Ogden Valley (aka Eden Valley) - What next?

Expanded Coverage of the Story that hit the airwaves yesterday

The story we broke nearly ten months ago came to fruition yesterday when Summit Group announced they had taken over management of Powder Mountain.

The announcement marks the end of the black cloud of oppression that has loomed over the mountain since 2006, when the resort was sold by the Cobabe family, who founded and developed the resort, to Western America Holdings. 

Many remember the Powderville Saga, when Western America attempted to create a company town by forcing unwilling residents into their town so the resort owners could create their own zoning rather than use the existing, more restrictive zoning.  Their apparent goal was to hold the residents hostage in exchange for extensive zone changes.  After years of negotiations, a substantial rezone was allowed and the Powderville Town petition was withdrawn on November 13, 2012.

At last, Powder Mountain resort granted substantial rezone  - Standard Examiner

From the Summit web site,
Located in the town of Eden, Utah, Powder Mountain is home to the largest skiable mountain in the United States with more than 10,000 acres of terrain. The resort will remain open to the public and Summit plans to preserve the character of the mountain.
“Instead of overpowering nature, we’re looking at how we can preserve an environment of open spaces, uncompromising vistas, and year-round adventure. Our goal is to create a place that has a positive impact not just on the residents of Summit Eden and the Ogden Valley, but the state of Utah, and the world,” said Elliot Bisnow.
We like Bisnow's statement and will remain cautiously optimistic.

Our friends at the Weber County Forum weighed in yesterday.

As an added bonus, we will include some links to videos and recent articles from other sources.

Summit promotional video

The Vision video

Summit To Buy Powder Mountain To Create Entrepreneur Community -- Forbes

Tour The $40 Million Mountain 4 Entrepreneurs Just Bought So They Could Have A Permanent Party Location -- Business Insider

New owners’ updates to keep Powder Mountain the same - Salt Lake Tribune

"We think we can do something great here," said Summit’s 27-year-old founder and CEO, Elliott Bisnow, noting the new owners have jettisoned previous plans to transform Powder Mountain with close to 4,000 dwelling units.
"Our footprint will be more modest," he added — 500 homes in a horseshoe around a village on the resort’s east side, not visible from Powder Mountain’s main facilities.
"I fell in love with every single thing you heard about the character of Powder Mountain and what it stood for. It was the last undeveloped resort," Bisnow said of his first trip to the upper Ogden Valley ski area in July 2011. "I thought, ‘What if we could take this resort and preserve what it is?’ "
Bisnow took his idea to the Summit team, who bought into the concept.
"We’re not trying to shake things up but enhance what’s here," said Thayer Walker, a Summit partner. "If we do things in a smart, incremental, sustainable fashion, we can preserve Powder Mountain’s character for years."
That’s because Summit’s mission is different than most companies, said co-founder Jeff Rosenthal. "We’re looking for a return on community rather than a return on investment."
  Incoming Powder Mountain owners to enhance resort - Standard Examiner

What say ye Ogden Valle residents and friends about latest developments in the Powderville saga?

Monday, December 03, 2012

Summit Series Group Takes Over Management of Powder Mountain - Town Hall Meeting December 6, 2012 -- UPDATED

UPDATED 12-5-2013 @ 1200 PM   --  Venue Changed to Pineview Lodge @ Wolf Creek

Guest Post/Announcement from The Summit Team

Since moving to Eden in February we on the Summit team have fallen in love with the Ogden Valley, Utah, and Powder Mountain. Today, we're proud to announce that we have taken over management of Powder Mountain and will complete the purchase in early 2013.

We'd like to take this opportunity to offer an invitation to a fun and informative town hall meeting at Powder Mountain. We're excited to introduce ourselves to those we haven't met already, outline our goals to preserve the heritage and values of Powder Mountain, and answer questions.

When: 6pm, Thursday, Dec 6, 2012.
Pine View Lodge
3900 North Wolf Creek Drive
Eden, UT

The 1st building past Harley & Bucks (parking lots are connected).
Due to capacity issues, space is limited to the first 300 people. We hope to see you there.

The Summit Team

Friday, November 16, 2012

Huntsville Native Dies in Morgan Plane Crash

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Huntsville native Darren Tidwell, who died yesterday in a small plane crash.

Details from the Standard Examiner are available by clicking here.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Tidwell family.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Weber County Commissioners Consider Action on Rezone Request at Powder Mountain November 13

Guest Post by Shanna Francis

The Weber county Commission will consider action on a rezone request at Powder Mountain on Tuesday, November 13 at 10:00 a.m. in the Commission Chambers located in the Weber Center, 2380 Washington Blvd. in Ogden. 

The rezone petition is being requested by Steven H. Nielsen II (Pronaia Capital) representing Western America Holding, LLC, which is requesting a rezone to approximately 4,297 acres located at Powder Mountain Resort from Forest Residential-3 (FR-3), Forest Valley-3 (FV-3), Commercial Valley Resort Recreation-1 (CVR-1), and Forest-40 (F-40) to FV-3, CVR-1, and F-40.  In addition, they will consider a Zoning Development Agreement between Weber County and Western America Holding, LLC as part of Zoning Petition 2006-18

A staff report on the Weber County web site, found at provides a brief background to the petition and states the following:

“On June 1, 2010, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Weber County and Western America Holding, LLC was approved as a precursor to a formal Zoning Development Agreement between the parties regarding development at Powder Mountain Resort.  The MOU promoted the creation of a Development Agreement that would establish the basic development parameters for Powder Mountain and cause the withdrawal of the Powder Mountain Town Incorporation Petition and litigation associated therewith.  Negotiations on the Development Agreement began soon after the MOU was approved and have continued until the parties recently reached an agreement.  The agreement has been patterned after the County’s development agreement with Snowbasin Resort.

“One of the main reasons that the Development Agreement has taken so long to finalize is that Western America Holding, LLC Began negotiating the sale of Powder Mountain Resort during the Development negotiations.  The potential buyers needed additional time to review the agreement and the negotiation process slowed down to accommodate this.  The Planning Division, County legal counsel, and Western America Holding, LLC have now agreed in principle to the October 29 draft of the Development Agreement.

“Each section of the MOU is addressed in the development agreement as are many of the principles that make up the Ogden Valley Planning Commission’s 19 conditions recommended in 2007.  The County worked hard to incorporate these principles into the Development Agreement and the only conditions not addressed in some form are the number of limitations on hotel and commercial development, and the commencement of development with a multi-family/commercial village. . . a public hearing is not required to take action on this Development Agreement.

“If the Agreement is signed by both parties, all pending litigation will be dismissed, and Western America Holding, LLC shall immediately withdraw the Powder Mountain Town Incorporation Petition that had been stalled.  The county will then rezone the property as described in the application request (visit Weber County’s web site to read a copy).  This Agreement will then supersede the MOU.  If any amendments are sought by either party, they must go before the Planning Commission for a public hearing.”

The approval of a request to rezone the resort to a Destination and Recreation Resort Zone (DDR-1) would require the approval of a new Development Agreement where the developer would need to show that the resort can meet the rezone application requirements.

The Weber County Planning Commission is recommending approval of the Zoning Development Agreement.  The Agreement is based on the provisions of the MOU and takes into account most of the Ogden Valley Planning Commission’s earlier mandated 19 conditions.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Choose Your Adventure: Day Trippin' from Ogden Valley

Guest Post By John Egan

Choose Your Adventure: Day Trippin' from Ogden Valley
Whether it's lack of funding, trouble taking time off or difficulty deciding where to go, planning a vacation can be tricky business. Luckily, there are plenty of places to play not far from Ogden Valley, making a day trip the perfect vehicle for getting away -- if only for a small while. Whether you want to explore the great outdoors, unleash your inner chef, exercise your artistic side, or just stop to smell the roses, these unique destinations promise to be worth much more than the tank of gas they take to reach.

For the Adventurer: Antelope Island State Park
The largest of the Great Salt Lake's nine islands provides beautiful backcountry trails for hiking or biking and plenty of opportunities for spotting wildlife. Keep watch for pronghorn and bighorn sheep, deer, bobcats, coyotes, waterfowl, and the island's namesake residents, as well as the 600 some bison that make their home here. Just over an hour's drive southwest from Ogden Valley, Antelope Island State Park is accessed from Layton via a narrow seven-mile causeway (there's an entrance fee of $9 per vehicle). Get little explorers into the fun with a geocaching treasure hunt, take in an historical program at the Fielding Garr Ranch, or attend an outdoor concert at the visitor's center amphitheater. White sand beaches also line the island -- and the salty water gives swimmers extra buoyancy that's sure to make a splash with the younger set. Be sure to grab a bison burger at the island's sole restaurant, the Buffalo Point Café and Bistro. Enjoying your visit too much to leave? Turn a day trip into an overnight stay by reserving one of the park's two-dozen tent sites.

For the Naturalist: Red Butte Gardens
While Salt Lake City may be better known for its sports and arts scenes, the city boasts some serious flower power with Red Butte Gardens. This preeminent 150-acre arboretum on the University of Utah campus has blossomed into a stunning destination since opening to the public in 1985. Discover award-winning display and natural gardens, walking paths and hiking trails, a sweet gift shop, and fabulous outdoor concerts. Wind through the courtyard; peruse fragrance, medicinal, and herb gardens; stroll the Richard K. Hemingway orangerie; and then fall in love with the McCarthy Family Rose Garden. Interested in growing your green thumb? This botanical paradise, the largest of its kind within 400 miles, also offers prize educational programs.

For the Artist: Logan, Utah
Journey an hour up US-91 to the city of Logan, and arrive a world away. With its metropolitan character and Utah State University influence, this funky town offers endless paths for the creative mind to wander. If you're interested in performance art and music, the Cache Valley Center for the Arts; USU's Caine Lyric Theatre, Morgan Theatre, and Kent Concert Hall; and the Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre are just the ticket. Try the ornate Ellen Eccles Theatre for shows from premiere artists, performances by the Cache Valley Civic Ballet and Valley Dance Ensemble, touring Broadway productions, and world-famous operas in the summer. Visual arts enthusiasts can color their visit with Friday night gallery walks around downtown Logan, presented by the Cache Valley Center for the Arts.

For the Foodie: Viking Cooking School
While its eclectic dining culture makes nearby Salt Lake City a delicious day-trip destination in its own right, there's a round of courses for which dedicated Ogden Valley foodies should certainly make the drive. At the high-performance Kimball Distributing showroom, executive chef Jim Light serves up a scrumptious menu of culinary classes perfect for those who want to tackle a special skill or simply taste some treats. From basic techniques and backyard grilling to ethnic cuisine and cocktail party creations, the hands-on and demonstration classes offer a variety of options to suit any palate and skill-level. Best of all, students receive printed recipes to-go -- a tasty sort of souvenir.
Where are your favorite day trip destinations from Ogden Valley?

John Egan is managing editor of Car Insurance Quotes, a popular auto insurance website that provides online services to consumers seeking to save on their car insurance policies.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Former LDS Historian Tabbed For State Board of Regents

Huntsville resident and former LDS Church historian, Marlin K. Jensen, has been tabbed by Governor Hebert to serve on the Board of Regemts, according to the Deseret News.

SALT LAKE CITY — A former LDS Church historian and a former general Relief Society president have been nominated to serve on state higher education boards.Gov. Gary Herbert proposed Thursday that the Utah Senate appoint Elder Marlin K. Jensen to the State Board of Regents and Julie B. Beck to the Dixie State College Board of Trustees.
Elder Jensen will be released from the First Quorum of the Seventy and given emeritus status in October. He served as church historian from April 2005 to January of this year.
Beck was released as president of the Relief Society in April after five years of service.
Wethinks the Gov has made a good recommendation.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Increased Bicycle Traffic In Canyon

 Guest Post by Smaatguy
Is it just me or is there considerabley more bicycle traffic in the canyon latley...It was that you may see a single rider or two here and there, but this past month every morning on the way to Ogden there are a quite a few groups of cyclists riding up and down the canyon.  This morning (last Thursday) I counted no less that 30 total and one pack of about 15. 

I'm not against cycling on roadways, but given the width of the canyon road I forsee an ugly accident in the not so far future for someone.  I think it goes hand in hand with the recent article in the Valley News about people passing on the North Ogden Divide...unfortunately the same thing happens in Ogden Canyon. 

As to the cyclists, there are warning signs about it...they are there for a reason.  This morning there was a log jam of about 20 cars coming up the canyon because they were in the road as there isn't much of a shoulder and obviously going quite a bit slower than traffic would.  I understand that they can use the full roadway, but not all drivers understand or accept that. 

My fear is that someone is going to come around one of the many blind corners with traffic also coming from the other direction and cyclists caught in between or the vehicles are going to end up in a head on crash...there is no room for error in most of the canyon.  Add to that the increased amount of construction traffic (larger trucks and trailers and such ) for the UDOT project and the increase in residential construction and not to mention boat trailers the outcome is not going to be good....hope that is not the case, but I fear the odds are something undesirable is on the way.
just a few thoughts

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Huntsville Parade Update

Huntsville letter/petition from Bruce Ahlstrom published today as Guest Commentary

A couple of new developments in the Obama Parody Float saga in Huntsville.

First, our readers will remember the letter/petition we posted last Wednesday (July 11, 2012).  Within 24 hours of going live, the petition had more than 300 signatures and is currently at 372.  Feel free to add your signature.

The letter was submitted to the Standard Examiner on Friday, and interestingly enough, this Andy Howell piece appeared in Saturday's paper.  The Standard's version of an apology?  We don't know, but interesting timing indeed.

Rudi at the Weber County Forum offered the perfect update Saturday morning in his story:

Standard-Examiner "Behind the Headlines" Column: Sometimes Knowing When a Story is Ready to Publish is a Hard Decision

A multitude of letters to the editor have appeared in both the print and online editions of the Standard, and they can be viewed by clicking here.

We will summarize today with an incredible video created by one of our humble readers, Huntsville resident Greg Anderson.  Greg offers his overview of how the whole thing went down, but we especially like Greg's suggestions for the use of the Standard Examiner.  

The video lasts nearly 12 minutes, but is entertaining and direct.  He even includes the video of the Obama float shot from his very own Go Pro.



Friday, July 13, 2012

More Nationwide Fallout on the Huntsville Obama Float

The Obama float saga that has officially gone viral is still a hot topic.

First, we will link to an excellent piece from our friend Rudi over at the Weber County Forum.

The Huntsville 4th of July Parade Kerfuffle Isn't Dead - Not by a Long Shot

Rudi highlights yesterday's Standard Examiner article, by none other than Charles Trentlemen, a trusted and reasonable journalist. Charles' article is a worthy read.

Next, the petition that we posted yesterday had over 300 signatures in the first 24 hours of the petition going live. The silent majority is alive and well in Ogden Valley.

Also, since this fiasco started with some shoddy reporting on behalf of the Standard, we overlooked a more accurate description of the events published by the Salt Lake Tribune. Since the Tribune was "scooped" by the Standard's fabricated story of a threat of the President, the Tribune had time to pen a more accurate account of the story - a story which should have been a non-event.

Alleged anti-Obama parade float causing Huntsville grief

We have a special treat for our humble readers as we have video of the Obama float (or more correct, the limo and secret service agents).

Click here to view the video

The issue hit the big time Tuesday when it was a segment on the O'Reilly Factor. The Factor is keeping close tabs on the video of their show, but here is a summary from their website:

Barack and a Hard Place Segment  Fourth of July parade float mocking Obama causes controversy in Utah Guests: Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes

Fox News analysts Alan Colmes and Monica Crowley scrutinized the Independence Day parade in Utah that included a display mocking President Obama. "These people have done satires of both the left and the right," Colmes said, "and their biggest offense is bad humor. It's not funny, but they have the right to do it. You also can't discount that there's a certain hatred of this President because he's black." Crowley took issue with the display primarily because of its timing. "Obviously the First Amendment protects even bad taste, but I think Independence Day is a sacred holiday. There are 364 other days in the year when you can make fun of President Obama, but the Fourth of July is a time when we should put politics aside and celebrate the sacrifices and courage that built this country." The Factor smacked extremists on both sides, saying, "It's almost a mental disorder that people get so upset when people don't agree with them about politics."

We would love to share the O'Reilly video, so if any of our loyal readers has access to it then please send us a link.

Lastly, Huntsville was not the only site of an Obama float, and wethinks the Huntsville float was less political. The difference being that some parade goers apparently had the inside line to the news room at the beloved Standard Examiner.

Anti-Obama Kingsville Parade Float 'Not Sanctioned by Committee'

We are guessing there was a more diverse audience at this parade near Baltimore, but Huntsville's parade seemed to get the nationwide spotlight.

And that's a wrap. It is your turn to opine.

UPDATE: 7-13-12 @ 9:30pm

Here is the original article that was printed in the Standard. The online version was later amended.

Title company owner arraigned on theft charges

He is charged with theft and obstruction of justice regarding $325,000 his Home Abstract and Title Co. held for the Weber School District after the sale of district property to the city of Huntsville

The missing, measly $325,000 that we mentioned a couple of weeks ago in our story

$325,000 payment from Huntsville City to Weber School District missing

has resulted in theft and obstruction of justice charges against Russell Charles Maughan.

Our readers will remember that many months after the property transfer of the former Valley School site from the Weber School District to the Town of Huntsville, the school district realized they had not received their cash.

Ogden police investigated when the school district never received the proceeds from the sale, Deputy Weber County Attorney Branden Miles said. The allegations are that Maughan misappropriated the money for his business and personal use.

“He moved the money to an operating account and made use of it over a matter of months,” Miles said

Maughan’s Home Abstract and Title is a 104-year-old company housed in the Weber Building at 2380 Washington Blvd., Suite 200.

The business, next door to the Weber County Attorney’s Office, was closed about a month ago by its underwriter, Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, based in Minneapolis, said Tammy Greening, an examiner for the Utah Insurance Department, which is also investigating Maughan.

She said Old Republic officials notified the Utah Insurance Department, sparking the state investigation.

$325,000 is a pittance compared to the $65 million bond the district is seeking. Surely the district will manage the $65 million wisely. No?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Huntsville Parade Attendee Details Accurate Account of July 4th Events

Letter/petition drafted for Standard Examiner

Guest Post by Richard Sorensen

You may have seen the outrage over a float that was in Huntsville's July 4th parade. The media onslaught that ensued was the result of inaccurate reporting on behalf of the Standard Examiner.

Huntsville resident Bruce Ahlstrom has drafted a letter to the Standard and would like to get many signatures. Read it, and if you agree, please sign it.

Regardless of your political belief or if you feel the float was inappropriate, the residents of Huntsville have been unfairly called bigots, racists, toothless basta---s, and worse, and the mayor and council have received threats from a nationwide audience. It all stemmed from irresponsible reporting on behalf of a "credible" publication.

Click here to view and sign the letter.

Monday, July 09, 2012

TMDL Report To Be Presented Tuesday Evening at Huntsville Library

Pineview Reservoir’s water quality is good and supports most of the uses of the reservoir.  An algae bloom in the fall of each year detracts from recreational enjoyment of the reservoir and the decomposition of the dead algae on the sediments uses up oxygen in the deep, cold water of the reservoir.  The lack of oxygen makes it impossible for cold water fishes, such a trout, to find suitable habitat.  Nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) entering the reservoir and being recycled from the sediments need to be controlled to make water quality better.

Dr. Darwin Sorensen of the Utah Water Research Laboratory at Utah State University, who has studied Pineview Reservoir water quality for more than 3 years, will summarize his research group’s findings and answer questions in a public meeting July 10, 2012, from 7:00-8:30 PM in the Huntsville Library.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Standard Examiner Offers Retraction...In their own way

The manufactured outrage created when a few out of town parade goers who chose to be offended, then took their agenda to the Standard Examiner and social media has gone full circle (visit The Town of Huntsville Facebook page and look for posts by Peggy Bon).

After a small handful cried foul and called the Standard Examiner with falsehoods and fabrications, the Standard did a poor job of verifying the sources and the content.

Rather than verifying with pictures and in a rush to break the story, the Standard relied on their tipsters to provide a tainted version of the truth. The Standard has made many online revisions to their original story, which included mistruths portrayed by Dede Fluette.

The latest version of the revised story is here.

Some sickened by anti-Obama float in Huntsville's Fourth of July parade

Among them, the Standard originally stated that a sign on the white limo stated, "if not, we go to Plan B: Assault gun." In reality, the sign read, "Ask about our assault gun plan," with "contact Eric Holder" in smaller type. An obvious satirical reference to the "fast and furious" gun scandal.

Fluette said the mask-wearer had his arm draped over the shoulders of a scantily clad white woman, who appeared to some spectators to be a teenager. In reality, the scantily clad woman was a teen dressed in Levi's and a green t-shirt.

Today, several articles appeared in the Substandard:

Obama float creator: I didn’t try to offend

Our View: Huntsville Parade Brouhaha

And the one that started it all,

Huntsville float exemplifies what's wrong with country. By Dede Fluette

While the Clawson's may not have used the best judgment with their parade entry, we say shame on Ms. Fluette for casting a black cloud with her social and traditional media attack on what was a very nice July 4th celebration. Maybe she should celebrate Independence Day in Chicago or San Francisco next year.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Updated. Huntsville parade entry offensive to some and makes national news

A parade entry for the Huntsville July 4th celebration has made the national news. Read this article from today's Standard and be sure to join in on the discussion.

Some sickened by anti-Obama float in Huntsville's Fourth of July parade Here is a snippet from the article.
HUNTSVILLE — Youngsters dressed as Secret Service agents and an individual wearing a Barack Obama mask signaled to spectators from a limo at Wednesday’s Huntsville Fourth of July parade — an entry with the kind of political speech that our country protects.
Who will be the first to opine?

Updated 7-6-12 @ 9:30 pm
The story has gone viral and Huntsville native Dave Clawson has stepped up to defend his parade entry.
Visit the KSL web site for their latest. On the left column are audio links from this mornings Doug Wright show with Dave Clawson and Huntsville Town Councilperson Laurie Allen.

Also, another popular blog weighs in on the story.

Friday, June 22, 2012

$325,000 payment from Huntsville City to Weber School District missing

Home Abstract and Title Company president faces theft, obstructing justice charges

In today's Standard Examiner we read that $325,000 that was paid to Home Abstract Title Company for the purchase of the old Valley School Property last October never made it into the hands of Weber School District.

Here is the Scott Scwebke story in its entirety:

Home Abstract and Title Company president faces theft, obstructing justice charges

From the story, we read,

The president of Home Abstract and Title Company Inc. has been charged amid allegations that he kept about $325,000 that should have been given to Weber School District for its sale of property last year to the city of Huntsville.

Russell Charles Maughan, 58, is scheduled to make an initial appearance in 2nd District Court on July 11 for theft and obstructing justice, both felonies. The charges against Maughan follow an Ogden police investigation.

 The business, next door to the Weber County Attorney’s Office, was closed about a month ago by its underwriter, Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, based in Minneapolis, Tammy Greening, an examiner for the Utah Insurance Department, said Thursday. 
And further,
The state and police investigations stem from the Weber School District’s sale last year to Huntsville of about 6 acres of vacant land where a Huntsville school once stood. The property is between First and Second streets across from Huntsville Park.
Huntsville paid $325,000 to Home Abstract for the property in October 2011, which in turn was to provide the funds to Weber School District, said Jenna Holt, who is Huntsville’s attorney. The check cleared and Huntsville received the deed to the property, but Home Abstract reportedly didn’t provide the sale proceeds to the school district.
Jeff Stephens, superintendent of Weber School District, said the district’s business department unsuccessfully attempted to obtain the funds from Home Abstract.
“There were a series of misleading statements (about the status of the funds) from the president of Home Abstract that delayed our reporting it to police,” Stephens said, adding the district has had a lengthy relationship with Home Abstract.
The funds from the Huntsville school property sale were to be used by Weber School District to fund a capital project.
Stephens said: “We will do everything we can to protect taxpayer dollars.”
 It looks like White Collar crime so prevalent in other areas has hit Ogden Valley.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Ogden Valley Residents - Public Hearing Scheduled for July 3, 2012

A public hearing is scheduled on July 3, 2012 at 10AM in the Weber County Commission chambers regarding Zoning Text Amendment ZTA 2012-05, amending Chapter 5B (Agricultural Valley AV-3) Zone Section 5B-3.  Permitted Uses Requiring five (5) acres minimum Lot Area to allow Custom Exempt Meat Cutting including wild game, and amend Chapter 1 (General Provision by adding a new definition of Custom Exempt Meat Cutting).

These issues should be a concern for every one in the Ogden Valley.

Garret Jones is asking to allow custom meat cutting in the AV3 Zone and wishes to add a new definition for custom exempt meat cutting. The whole of Ogden Valley and Weber County should be concerned and question the impact of such a change. Citizens at the July 3rd meeting should express all of their questions to the County Commissioners.

One question we should all ask, is how does custom meat cutting, wrapping and preparation of meat (wild and domestic) help maintain Ogden Valley’s rural atmosphere and life style?

Sandi Tuck

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Amazing Raise - Join us

The Community Foundation of Ogden Valley Amazing Raise Race
The AMAZING RAISE is a Fund Raising Campaign and Community Event
To promote & benefit Non-Profit Organizations in the beautiful Ogden Valley.

The EVENT HUB in EDEN, UT features
* Scenic rural race courses
* A run-shoot Biathlon,
* Children’s activities,
* Music by The Kap Brothers,
* Awards, medals & “Mountain Maggie Checks
* The Taste of Ogden Valley ~ local restaurants’ signature dishes!


 September 8, 2012 @ 9 AM
Come run with Mountain Maggie

Limited Entries ~ REGISTER EARLY


Sunday, June 03, 2012

Ogden Valley Sign Ordinance

Guest Post by the Protectorate

I called and spoke with the Weber County planning department about the new signage ordinance that was pasted for Ogden Valley only.  They said basically all signs are illegal without an approved land use permit.  And anyone with a home business can not advertise their business with a sign out front, even if they apply for a land use permit.  And no business can have off-site signage advertising their business.  

So for instance, Huntsville BBQ. They can have their signs on their building, but the couple of signs they have out around town directing people to where their location is, well they are illegal.  And the signs we see around for the 1st Annual Huntsville Marathon....guess what - illegal.  The planning department said that they had an inspector up here today (last week) because they got numerous phone calls about the marathon signs and people wanting to know if they had land use permits. 

I just think this a little ridiculous.  And I asked what the problem really was?  Because when I drove around the valley today, I saw a lot of signs advertising chainsaw sharpening. tax services, sod, greenhouses, dirt and garbage removal and signs for the marathon, but none of it was tacky or looked bad.  

But planning said "they"didn't like stuff like that in Ogden Valley.  And all the red signs for "STOP Green Valley Academy"...illegal.  It just seems crazy that  as a home owner I cannot put what ever sign I want on my property as my 1st amendment right. However, this signage thing doesn't apply to political signs? They can plaster them all over the Valley.  So people can advertise their political views, but myself and neighbors can't advertise their home businesses or any fundraising or special events, including 4th of July etc....

This seems so wrong. I think we should start a petition..

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Lakeview Water Corporation Overcharging Customers

Hot news on the street in Ogden Valley.  The word is that Lakeview Water Corporation serving the Ski Lake area has been overcharging their customers for water connection fees for years. 

The information we have been able to gather is that the previous owner of Lakeview Water overcharged most, if not all of the customers of Lakeview Water $500 each above the approved tariff (rate) for water connection fees than was approved by the Public Service Commission (PSC).

The overcharges may go back to the early years of the Lakeside Village development. 

The information we have obtained is that the PSC approved water connection fee for each customer was $1,000 until January 2008, when the fee was increased in a rate case to $3,500 for each customer.  Some customers told us their bills for the connection fees reflected $1,500 up to the rate increase in 2008 and others said it was $4,000 after January 2008.  Each customer noted the $500 overcharge on his or her connection fee.

The actual amount of customers affected is not known at this time, but Lakeview Water Corporation serves over 200 customers.  That indicates that the overcharges could amount to more than $100,000 dollars. 

Some Lakeview Water customers we spoke to say they noted their own overcharges recently and requested a refund from the new owner of Lakeview Water. They said they were either ignored or told that the statute of limitations had expired and Lakeview Water did not have to refund the money. The new owner is squealing like a mashed cat about the refund requests from his customers.  

What is known is the new owner of Lakeview Water and Mountain Sewer purchased the two corporations, at a bargain basement price and that that purchase included 66 lots in the Ski Lake area. Those 66 lots alone are worth about $8,250,000 at $125,000 per lot. This is also the same guy that is asking for a $1,300 special assessment from each customer in order to recoup the money to pay for employees salaries at Mountain Sewer that the previous owner did not pay before the sale. This special assessment is in addition to the 159% increase in the sewer fees

To summarize, the new owner of Mountain Sewer and Lakeview Water does not want to return the money from overcharged customers from the previous owner, but he wants those same customers to pay for the unpaid bills that were left behind by the same previous owner. Does that sound greedy or what?