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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Ogden Valley Sign Ordinance

Guest Post by the Protectorate

I called and spoke with the Weber County planning department about the new signage ordinance that was pasted for Ogden Valley only.  They said basically all signs are illegal without an approved land use permit.  And anyone with a home business can not advertise their business with a sign out front, even if they apply for a land use permit.  And no business can have off-site signage advertising their business.  

So for instance, Huntsville BBQ. They can have their signs on their building, but the couple of signs they have out around town directing people to where their location is, well they are illegal.  And the signs we see around for the 1st Annual Huntsville Marathon....guess what - illegal.  The planning department said that they had an inspector up here today (last week) because they got numerous phone calls about the marathon signs and people wanting to know if they had land use permits. 

I just think this a little ridiculous.  And I asked what the problem really was?  Because when I drove around the valley today, I saw a lot of signs advertising chainsaw sharpening. tax services, sod, greenhouses, dirt and garbage removal and signs for the marathon, but none of it was tacky or looked bad.  

But planning said "they"didn't like stuff like that in Ogden Valley.  And all the red signs for "STOP Green Valley Academy"...illegal.  It just seems crazy that  as a home owner I cannot put what ever sign I want on my property as my 1st amendment right. However, this signage thing doesn't apply to political signs? They can plaster them all over the Valley.  So people can advertise their political views, but myself and neighbors can't advertise their home businesses or any fundraising or special events, including 4th of July etc....

This seems so wrong. I think we should start a petition..


Wilson said...

What is typical of Weber County is they have all these rules and no one from the county enforces them. Dyer's Woad for example, where are all the hot shot county people to enforce that?  Also, silt fencing around new construction sites in unincorporated parts of Weber County, the County Engineer is supposed to oversee that, they are nowhere to be found except sitting on their butts at their desk. All these rules are meaningless unless the government agencies do their job. 

Smaatguy said...

Like the ridiculous night sky ordinance ....that just applies to commercial and most of the valley is residential ???

Tuck4family said...

Yes the Valley is residential now but all of the people who come in
have some outlandish idea & want to change an ordinance The night sky & the
sign ordinances were to keep neon out of the Valley Look Around at all
of the so called Home businesses  & what could be A tall neon on the car wash
all of the construction  businesses tree farms. Call the Business group & ask
just how many  (non) com. businesses are in the Valley  Sandi

Smaatguy said...

Yeah...moose hollow with its glaring lights certainly is appealing. My point is that the lighting ordinance should apply to residential as well sin a majority of lughting doea and will come from that source about the home east of the market on the main road to PM with the new huge barn with lights you could land a jumbo jet by? Cozy.

Smaatguy said...

Sorry for the keyboard.

Smaatguy said...

Fyi...when i say the night sky ordinance is ridiculous i mean that it applies to just commercial ...should be all construction.