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Friday, January 29, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

Powder Mountain town issue on two dockets

As the 2010 Legislative session kicks off today, the Standard reminds us it has been 2 years since the Powderville fiasco started with a petition for incorporation in January 2008.

For the expert rundown, be sure to visit the Weber County Forum to review Rudi's post.

Then, read the Standard article here: 

Powder Mountain town issue on two dockets

Regarding the bill, Representative Gage Froerer and Senator Alan Christensen said they plan to introduce the bill early to assure its passage.

Although both are hopeful it will pass, Froerer said he knows those pushing for incorporation will be lobbying against the bill.

"Obviously, the developers are going to take a hard stance and will lobby hard," he said.
"They said they spent about $250,000 to $300,000 to fight my legislation and they're prepared to do that again. So I'm not taking this as a slam-dunk because they're going to come out hard against it."

Froerer said the bill would not guarantee resolution of the lawsuits, but thinks much of the developers' incentive to continue litigation would be gone if they did not have two years before citizens could vote to disincorporate.

Deadly avalanche in Hell's Canyon / South Weber man dies and five others rescued in out-of-bounds terrain near Snowbasin

HUNTSVILLE -- A South Weber man died in a Sunday afternoon avalanche outside Snowbasin ski resort boundaries, officials say.

Later, a group needed helicopter assistance to get off the mountain because they had gone out of bounds and realized the snow was unstable.

Weber County Sheriff's Sgt. Brandon Toll, director of operations for search and rescue, said Todd Bell, 42, of South Weber, had planned to go down a different out-of-bounds run, No Name Canyon, with a friend.

But the two became separated and Bell went down Hell's Canyon alone.

Click here to read the rest of the story

Avalanche danger remains high according to the Utah Avalanche Center.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Guest Rant By "Born To Be Free"

This rant was tucked away today as a comment under our August 6, 2009 post entitled:

Stop Powder Mountain Town Sign Thefts

With the 2010 Legislative session opening this Monday, we thought this would be a perfect preamble:

By Born To Be Free

I'm shocked at some of these comments.

First, there was no 'loophole' that granted the developers the right to form Powder Mountain Town. It was a very well devised scheme between the developers and willing Utah politicians who in the shadow of the night wrote a law that allowed for the development. Once the 'good' people of the legislator figured out what they had voted in, they voted it out just as fast. It was a scam, pure and simple.

Second, there is nothing selfish about people standing up for their constitutional rights that were tromped on by scheming individuals. Get your facts straight before you start calling people names.

Third, spare me your "I've lived here longer than the hills" speech. I'm sick of it. Guess what? I live here too. I have land just like you.

Fourth, those people who were swallowed up by Powder Mountain Town are mostly in a demographic that generally does not need to steal tickets, or jump on the lifts for free, or any other silly things you accused them of doing.

I was at the meeting where the representatives of PM requested permission after the fact to close down the public trail so they could open it for private tours. Over and over again, PM employees testified that people used the mountain without paying. It sounds to me like their employees aren't doing a very good job. Maybe they just need more employees? If someone can get on a lift without a pass and the employees are selling discounted tickets in the parking lot, who's fault is that? Come on!

And finally, leave Jim Halay out of your childish rant. Mr. Halay is a good man. He lives here, works here, and loves the land. He has integrity.

Soon this will be finished…..and the people of Powder Mountain Town will be free.

Any comments Ogden Valley???

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jenkins for Senate majority leader

Today's Standard has an excellent editorial endorsing Senate Majority Whip Scott Jenkins, R-Plain City, as the new Senate majority leader, replacing former Sen. Sheldon Killpack, who resigned Saturday after being arrested for driving under the influence.
We couldn't agree more.  From the editorial,
There are three solid reasons for elevating Jenkins to Senate majority leader:
* First, it would be a deserved promotion for a legislator who has done an admirable job as majority whip.
* Second, it would preserve a top legislative leadership slot for the Top of Utah. With an effective, qualified choice such as Jenkins, there's no reason to move that slot to a southern legislator.
* Finally, Bramble was replaced as majority leader because he represented a distasteful style of legislative leadership that we hope can be phased out of Utah politics. Whether it's unapologetically soaking up lobbyist perks or intimidating pizza delivery workers, we need leaders who are cognizant that they are public servants.
Jenkins is the right choice, period.
Over the years we at the forum have weighed in on Bramble and agree with the Standard's reasoning for supporting Jenkins over Bramble.  Bramble would take the predominant Republican party back to the same old stuff.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


It was two years ago that a feisty group of Ogden Valley citizens made television and other media news when they picketed the road up to Powder Mountain.

They carried signs that gave a clear message about the unconstitutional effort by Powder Mountain to force many homeowners into the proposed town boundaries without their vote, and deny them the vote to choose the town leadership.

This morning, those pickets were BAAAAACCCCCCK.

We ask all residents of Utah that read this to contact your State Representative and State Senator. Encourage them to support Gage Froerer's (HB 218) and Alan Christensen's (SB 34) bills in the upcoming legislative session that will allow the homeowners to vote to disincorporate immediately if the town incorporation is finalized. This would prevent the owners of Powder Mountain from forming their own town council and planning commission, and from changing the zoning for the area without the input from the Weber County Commission.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Representative Froerer Seeking Input

Representative Gage Froerer is sponsoring legislation again this year that will allow the citizens impacted by the Powder Mountain incorporation the right to vote for or against the incorporation without waiting two years.   

Representative Froerer is also seeking input from his constituents on a variety of issues including the Powderville debacle and he wants to know, "Would you support or oppose this legislation?"

As the Fair and Balanced media source of Ogden Valley, we want our humble readers to be sure to let Gage know your feelings.  Click the link below to answer his brief survey.

Utah Republican Party

Dear Neighbor,
In order to best represent you, as your elected representative, I need your input. Please visit and complete a survey to help me learn how you feel on current issues facing the state. Your comments and ideas will be extremely helpful to me in the coming months as I serve you in the 2010 legislative session.
Please pay particular attention to the "Your Comments" section so I may be better informed on the specific issues that are important to you.
Please also join me at a town meeting on Thursday, January 21 at 7:30 p.m. at the Huntsville City Library.
Thanks for your participation!


Gage Froerer
District 8 Representative

Please visit to complete this important survey

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Guest Post For You To Savor Over A Morning Cup Of Joe - More Bullying Powder Mountain Style

By Java Girl

Here we are at the 2nd anniversary of the "Dear Neighbor" letter and the start of the whole Powder Mountain fiasco....

We heard recently that a Powder Mountain employee showed up to work with a white coffee cup in their hand and was immediately chastised by their superior for buying coffee from the local shop. The supervisor made it clear that they don't want to see that specific type of coffee cup on the mountain ever. To protect the employee from further trouble, we won't mention names.

When will Powder Mountain's bullying end?
This is corporate fascism at it's worst.

Seems to us that Powder Mountain's bullying is so intolerable, that even the snow is boycotting them!