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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jenkins for Senate majority leader

Today's Standard has an excellent editorial endorsing Senate Majority Whip Scott Jenkins, R-Plain City, as the new Senate majority leader, replacing former Sen. Sheldon Killpack, who resigned Saturday after being arrested for driving under the influence.
We couldn't agree more.  From the editorial,
There are three solid reasons for elevating Jenkins to Senate majority leader:
* First, it would be a deserved promotion for a legislator who has done an admirable job as majority whip.
* Second, it would preserve a top legislative leadership slot for the Top of Utah. With an effective, qualified choice such as Jenkins, there's no reason to move that slot to a southern legislator.
* Finally, Bramble was replaced as majority leader because he represented a distasteful style of legislative leadership that we hope can be phased out of Utah politics. Whether it's unapologetically soaking up lobbyist perks or intimidating pizza delivery workers, we need leaders who are cognizant that they are public servants.
Jenkins is the right choice, period.
Over the years we at the forum have weighed in on Bramble and agree with the Standard's reasoning for supporting Jenkins over Bramble.  Bramble would take the predominant Republican party back to the same old stuff.


Whistler said...

We don't need anyone like Bramble back in the leadership in the legislature. We need some forward
thinking leadership and effective ethics reform.

RudiZink said...

LOL, Valley! Do you actually believe that Senator Jenkins (Ogden mayor Boss Godfrey's cousin) is in favor of "Ethics reform?"

I'm ROFLMAO right now.

Brambles's Pizza delivery guy said...

Just shows how far removed from reality Ogden Valley is. We need to ask our favorite son, Gage Froerer who he supports.

Now that will show some true colors. We do not want whoever Froerer supports.

Pizza Girl said...

They are both losers. Jenkins is less of a loser, however.

Grizelda said...

Well, Bramble is out now so we shall see if Jenkins is
up to the task. I think this kind of discourse is good and gets more people involved.