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Friday, January 22, 2010

Guest Rant By "Born To Be Free"

This rant was tucked away today as a comment under our August 6, 2009 post entitled:

Stop Powder Mountain Town Sign Thefts

With the 2010 Legislative session opening this Monday, we thought this would be a perfect preamble:

By Born To Be Free

I'm shocked at some of these comments.

First, there was no 'loophole' that granted the developers the right to form Powder Mountain Town. It was a very well devised scheme between the developers and willing Utah politicians who in the shadow of the night wrote a law that allowed for the development. Once the 'good' people of the legislator figured out what they had voted in, they voted it out just as fast. It was a scam, pure and simple.

Second, there is nothing selfish about people standing up for their constitutional rights that were tromped on by scheming individuals. Get your facts straight before you start calling people names.

Third, spare me your "I've lived here longer than the hills" speech. I'm sick of it. Guess what? I live here too. I have land just like you.

Fourth, those people who were swallowed up by Powder Mountain Town are mostly in a demographic that generally does not need to steal tickets, or jump on the lifts for free, or any other silly things you accused them of doing.

I was at the meeting where the representatives of PM requested permission after the fact to close down the public trail so they could open it for private tours. Over and over again, PM employees testified that people used the mountain without paying. It sounds to me like their employees aren't doing a very good job. Maybe they just need more employees? If someone can get on a lift without a pass and the employees are selling discounted tickets in the parking lot, who's fault is that? Come on!

And finally, leave Jim Halay out of your childish rant. Mr. Halay is a good man. He lives here, works here, and loves the land. He has integrity.

Soon this will be finished…..and the people of Powder Mountain Town will be free.

Any comments Ogden Valley???

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