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Saturday, January 16, 2010


It was two years ago that a feisty group of Ogden Valley citizens made television and other media news when they picketed the road up to Powder Mountain.

They carried signs that gave a clear message about the unconstitutional effort by Powder Mountain to force many homeowners into the proposed town boundaries without their vote, and deny them the vote to choose the town leadership.

This morning, those pickets were BAAAAACCCCCCK.

We ask all residents of Utah that read this to contact your State Representative and State Senator. Encourage them to support Gage Froerer's (HB 218) and Alan Christensen's (SB 34) bills in the upcoming legislative session that will allow the homeowners to vote to disincorporate immediately if the town incorporation is finalized. This would prevent the owners of Powder Mountain from forming their own town council and planning commission, and from changing the zoning for the area without the input from the Weber County Commission.


Susan B said...

Thanks for the refresher post. As this issue drags on, we must never lose sight about what these jerks at Powder Mountain are trying to do to our valley. All because they are money grubbers without any scruples or sense of responsibility.

Space said...

I wonder if a single car turned around as a result of the demonstration? I suspect not.

Have you visited Froerer's Survey. This is one of the ways to let our representative know your opinion. Agree with him or not, he needs to know how you feel. DO THE SURVEY (especially the last question) and with enough input, he might get the message.

Sabu said...

I can tell you about many that won't go up to Powder Mountain at all any more, just ask the employees up there. The word is out about the nefarious tactics of Powder Mountain, they are hanging on by a thread.