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Monday, January 11, 2010

A Guest Post For You To Savor Over A Morning Cup Of Joe - More Bullying Powder Mountain Style

By Java Girl

Here we are at the 2nd anniversary of the "Dear Neighbor" letter and the start of the whole Powder Mountain fiasco....

We heard recently that a Powder Mountain employee showed up to work with a white coffee cup in their hand and was immediately chastised by their superior for buying coffee from the local shop. The supervisor made it clear that they don't want to see that specific type of coffee cup on the mountain ever. To protect the employee from further trouble, we won't mention names.

When will Powder Mountain's bullying end?
This is corporate fascism at it's worst.

Seems to us that Powder Mountain's bullying is so intolerable, that even the snow is boycotting them!


Squirt said...

One cannot be surprised by the reaction by the Powder Mountain people. I watched two years ago when their bus driver swerved and tried to hit the anti Powder Mountain Town demonstrators on the road to Powder Mountain.

These people are desperate and have angry feelings about their entire public relations fiasco.

Space said...

Really? I find this hard to believe. Do you really think PM cares about a business that grosses less in one year than PM does in a day (albeit a good day).

Stopping the incorporation will not stop the development, just one of the avenues they are pursuing.

I don't support the incorporation but this smells like gossip. (but hey, it's in print so it must be true!!!)

Have a nice day, if you can.

cub said...

The bullying won’t end until the current Powder Mountain management is gone Java Girl.
Management has treated their patrollers so bad this past season that an unbelievable amount of Volunteer patrollers have chosen to leave a Mountain and a Patrol Family they love.
How many you ask, to date 36 of a roster of 80.
So if you know anyone that is going to ski there just tell them not to get hurt!