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Thursday, April 30, 2009

American Legion May Events

Huntsville American Legion Post # 129

            SATURDAY - May 16th “ Armed Forces Day          

** Music & Dancing  ÇÇÇÇ 6:00 pm to closing **

    Dance to the Music of “ADAM LEE “

˙˙LLNO Cover Charge with current 2009 card

$5.00 p/person cover charge without card 

“Support our Veterans& kick up your heels & have a brew or two!!

*****MEMORIAL DAY EVENTS: Monday MAY 25th*****

Liberty Cemetery - 9:00 am

Lower Eden Cemetery - 9:30 am

Upper Eden Cemetery (Mnt View) - 10:00 am

Mountain Green Cemetery - 11 :00 am

Huntsville Cemetery Point - 12:00 noon 

Elections for NEW officers will be held on Memorial Day @ the Legion from 

1:00 pm - 4:00 am

Please contact any officer if you would like to be nominated for a position or would like to nominate a member for an “OFFICER” position. 

If you have not renewed your membership by May 1, 2009; your continuous membership will be canceled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

General Meeting - Every third Tuesday @ 6:30 p.m. followed by the Auxiliary Meeting- please try to attend.

Wednesday nights - Taco nights!

Come and try our “Fresh Salsa Bar” and “Bottomless Chips $5.00 !!


CALL IN -  Food to go -  ORDERS @ 801-745-3802

Sunday morning - Breakfast - - - - 8:30 am - NOON!

 *****PLEASE make sure you have a CURRENT “2009" membership - you can renew at the bar.  You must show a current card at the bar in order to come in!  

2009 Temporary & Social cards are available at the bar $25.00


******Sign up for email news @ 

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Package Liquor store in Ogden Valley

Bill Lyman writes:

When I spoke with Gage Froerer last week, he agreed to follow-up with the UDABC regarding their request for special funding from the governor's office.  He also agreed to contact the governor's office to urge them to include this issue in a proposed "special session" of the legislature soon.  I am calling Mr. Froerer today to follow-up with him on those two conversations and will also check with the governor's office regarding a "special legislative session" possibly scheduled for May 22nd.

The Weber County Commission approved of a Conditional Use Permit for The Eden Liquor Agency at their meeting last night. (April 28th)


Assuming that the UDABC has made their request and the special funding issue is included in the special session, and the legislature approves the funding...then the UDABC should accept my application by June 10th and the UDABC Board of Governors could approve and grant The Eden Liquor Agency's contract by late June.  If so, I plan an opening date between July 1 and July 15.


At this point, calls and emails to the governor's office to support inclusion of this issue in a special session would be helpful!  It looks like we've got the ball rolling...we just need to keep it rolling.  Governor Huntsman phone: 800-705-2464 and e-mail : 

Thanks for your support!


Bill Lyman, Managing Member, Ogden Valley Liquor Group, L.L.C., dba: The Eden Liquor Agency

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Update on Ogden Valley Liquor Package Agency

Update on Efforts to Support and Open an Ogden Valley Type-3 Liquor Package Agency!

First of all, a big thank you to those who have contacted 8th District, State Representative, Mr. Gage Froerer and Mr. John Freeman, Deputy Director, Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (UDABC). To-date, the two gentlemen have received over fifty emails and phone calls regarding opening a Type-3 Package Agency for Ogden Valley. Of the emails and calls, roughly 6% have been against the effort and an overwhelming 94% have been in-favor of opening the agency.

Due to your support and Wolf Creek Resort’s recent, drastic cut-back in available funds for their Type-2 Agency, the UDABC plans to file a special request with Governor Huntsman’s office for special funding from the State Legislature to accept, consider, approve and fund The Eden Liquor Agency.

This is, though, by no means a slam-dunk! In order for the legislature to hear the special request, it will have to be submitted for approval during a special session of the legislature. Currently, there is no special session of the legislature planned, but, the governor’s office is considering calling a special session possibly soon. Please continue your support by placing a follow-up contact to State Representative Gage Froerer or 801-391-4233 voicing encouragement for the UDABC’s special funding request and support for a special session of the legislature to approve the special funding.

Thank you for your continued support!

Bill Lyman, Managing Member, Ogden Valley Liquor Group, L.L.C. dba: The Eden Liquor Agency

Powder Mountain Hosts Ski Benefit For Earl Family of Eden

Blogmeister's note: We admit that over the last couple of years we have offered some gentle criticism of the Powderville Perps (greedy developers), but we also admit that there are some good and well intentioned people employed at Powder Mountain. That said, we are passing on an important message regarding a benefit for the family of Brett Earl. This is a worthy cause to help a great family, and we urge you to dig deep to help out the Earl's.

A ski benefit will be held at Powder Mountain on Friday, April 24 for the family of Brett S. Earl. Earl, a resident of Eden, died unexpectedly of a heart attack on April 11, 2009 at the age of 39. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the Earl family – Darnelle, Riley, Raj, Taj and India.

Powder Mountain will open Sundown Lift and Lodge from 12 noon – 8pm on Friday, April 24. The fun of skiing and sledding in springtime conditions will be enhanced by live music, a silent auction and a barbeque. Plus, a snowcat will escort non-skiers on scenic tours of Lightning Ridge. A minimum donation of $15 per person will provide participants with either a Sundown lift pass or one ride on the Lightning Ridge snowcat. You can purchase passes or make a donation on line at Passes will also be sold at Sundown Lodge on the day of the event.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meeting on Pineview Water Quality

On Wednesday May 6th at 5PM a GEM meeting at the Huntsville Library will focus on the latest water qualtiy report for Pineview Reservoir which was commissioned by Weber Basin. Professor Darwin Sorensen, USU Water Research Lab, is the principle investigator and will present the study. 

We encourage all residents to attend this meeting regarding theValley’s most important resource. 

Your VCRD Staff 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The Ogden Valley Liquor Group, L.L.C. (dba: The Eden Liquor Agency) is endeavoring to bring a Type-3 Liquor Package Agency to the Ogden Valley. Currently, valley residents and tourists can purchase a limited assortment of alcohol from Wolf Creek Resort’s Type-2 Package Agency at Wolf Creek Adventures.

Due to the limited selection and variety of alcohol available at Wolf Creek Resort’s Type-2 Agency, the majority of Ogden Valley residents that purchase alcohol currently must travel to one of the three Ogden area State Liqur Stores.

A state-contracted Type-3 Package Agency is similar to a State Liquor Store in variety of liquor, bottle sizes and selection of high-point beers and wines.  The Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (UDABC) contracts Type-3 Package Agencies in areas where the demand has been demonstrated and the population is too small to justify building a state-owned (10 -12,000 sq. ft.) liquor store.  By comparison, The Eden Liquor Agency will occupy a 750 sq. ft. space and be centrally located in the commerce area of Eden near the intersection of Hwy 162 and Hwy 158.

The Ogden Valley Liquor Group, L.L.C. (dba: The Eden Liquor Agency) (Managing Member: Mr. William Lyman) has applied for necessary permits from the county, but has been asked to postpone applying to the UDABC due to a UDABC budget constraint.  Although the UDABC agrees that Ogden Valley needs a Type-3 Package Agency and has the sales demand for it, they do not have the money left in the 2008 budget or in the first, three-quarters of 2009.  So, we’re asking for your help and support!  With ample community support and demand, the UDABC and Representative Gage Froerer can seek, and possibly receive sufficient budgetary funds from the state general fund to accept an application and approve a Type-3 Package Agency in Ogden Valley sooner than the 4th-quarter, 2009.

Please understand the following facts regarding this effort:

• Wolf Creek Resort has endorsed the Ogden Valley Liquor Group, L.L.C. (dba: The Eden Liquor Agency and Managing Member: Mr. William Lyman) in its endeavor to obtain county permits and a UDABC contract.  Wolf Creek Resort did $245,000 in liquor sales to valley residents and tourists from April 2008 to April 2009.  Wolf Creek Resort intends to resign their state-contract and discontinue the sale of packaged alcohol once The Eden Liquor Agency is approved and open.

• Due to the recession and reduced revenue brought-on by the change of seasons, Wolf Creek Resort has been forced to severely cut-back their alcohol purchases from the UDABC for resale here in the valley.

• District 8 Representative, Mr. Gage Froerer and the UDABC both endorse the effort to bring a Type-3 Agency to Ogden Valley.

• A Type-3 Package Agency makes no profit on liquor sales, but is compensated with a set monthly check from the UDABC based on an annual evaluation of monthly unit (bottle) sales. 

• Bringing a Type-3 Package Agency/The Eden Liquor Agency to Ogden Valley would help lessen the traffic pressure on Ogden Canyon by making desired alcohol purchases available to valley residents, tourists, guests and liquor resale outlets (Restaurants, Private Clubs, Ski Resorts, etc.) without leaving the valley and adding to traffic congestion in Ogden Canyon.

• Revenue generated to the UDABC by The Eden Liquor Agency opening in June’09, or as soon as possible, would more than pay for its increased budget burden by or before 4th-quarter 2009.

• Plans are to centrally locate The Eden Liquor Agency near the intersection of Hwy 162 & Hwy 158, in the commercial center housing Eats of Eden, Valley Hair Co. and Metro National Title…next door to the Eden Post Office.

• The Eden Liquor Agency plans to be open Tuesday through Saturday from 10AM to 10PM.  Minors will not be allowed to enter The Eden Liquor Agency unless escorted by an adult.  All UDABC identification and purchase policies will be strictly enforced.

• The Ogden Valley Liquor Group, L.L.C. intends to operate The Eden Liquor Agency with strict respect to the community and in a completely responsible and lawful fashion.  We realize that this endeavor will not be welcomed by the entire community and we are sensitive and respectful of the community’s religious and personal beliefs.  With all due respect, there is sufficient demand in the Ogden Valley for a Type-3 Package Agency.  We hope that by moving the valley package agency operation from Wolf Creek Resort’s residential-area location (3900 N. Wolf Creek Drive) to the commerce-area of Eden, near the intersection of Hwy 162 & Hwy 158, community impact will be lessened and additional tourism traffic will be drawn to Eden’s businesses and commerce area.

We hope that supporting this endeavor and opening The Eden Liquor Agency will offer additional convenience to those members of the community that would otherwise seek to make these purchases at the risk of traveling greater distances to do so.

Please contact Mr. William Lyman, Managing Member, The Ogden Valley Liquor Group, L.L.C., dba: The Eden Liquor Agency with any questions regarding this endeavor at:

Home/Office: (801) 648-7372 or Email:

The UDABC and State Representative Gage Froerer have asked The Ogden Valley Liquor Group, L.L.C. (dba, The Eden Liquor Agency) to seek public support and to have supporters contact them by phone or email:

State Representative, District-8, Mr. Gage Froerer

Office: (801) 621-0505 Email:


Mr. John Freeman, Deputy Director,

Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Office: (801) 977-6800 Email:



Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mark your calendar!

Just a reminder to everyone. Mark your calendar. The Annual Meeting of the VCRD will be held at 6:30 PM on Thursday, May 14 at the Huntsville Library auditorium. Two Board of Director positions will be voted on at the meeting. Anyone interested in serving on the board please submit your name to Larry Zini before the meeting. Only those with annual dues paid for 2009 and lifetime members may serve on the board and vote in the election. Membership dues are $10 per person and can be mailed to the VCRD, PO Box 115, Huntsville, UT 84317.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Huntsville Boy In The Race For Weber County Attorney

Huntsville Native Chad McKay is one of three Democrats in the race to fill the vacancy of Mark DeCaria, who was recently sworn in as a Judge of the second district court.

Chad is the son of former US Congressman Gunn McKay and has been an Ogden Attorney for years. He faces some tough competition from two others vying for the spot, especially Brian Florence, whose resume includes stints as state bar president and legislator.

Read the Standard story by clicking here.

We at the Forum wish Mr. McKay luck in the selection process as it would be nice to have some Ogden Valley representation at some level of the Weber County food chain.

We also wish Mark DeCaria well and feel he has provided County residents with invaluable service, although we certainly wish he would have taken a harsher (and earlier) stance against the Powdervillians from Powder Mountain (aka Powderville).

Perhaps DeCaria's greatest compliment came from his deputy attorney, Bill Daines, during DeCaria's swearing in ceremony.

DeCaria has served as the elected chief law enforcement official for the county since 1993, Deputy Weber County Attorney Bill Daines pointed out to the crowd. He has never had any one run against him for the job, he said, a testament to how well- respected he is.

"He's had no races since 1993," Daines stressed. "That's a record that will not be broken. Ever.

"And he's a Democrat in a heavily Republican state. That is not an accident.

"We are now giving him to you, reluctantly I might add," he said, gesturing to the group of nine of DeCaria's black-robbed colleagues on hand for the event, fellow judges and court commissioners.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Deepening Recession and Ogden Valley

The recession is hitting everyone, even the independently wealthy readership of the highly affluent Ogden Valley Forum. We know of three entire subdivisions that are in various stages of foreclosure or at least in the stage of a last ditch note transfer to avoid foreclosure. There are surely more.

The latest is the infamous Rivers Cluster subdivision, aka the Rivers Ghetto Wetland project. Word has it that an investor group from Sun Valley (not related to SnowBasin) is proposing fewer residences and more high end commercial, including an upscale chain hotel. They have been speaking with the Huntsville Town Planning Commission in hopes of annexing into the town.

We at the forum will be offering our own stimulus package over the coming weeks and months. For several weeks we have been shaving our personal Grocery budget with the help of three powerful web sites. In fact, recently we stocked up on enough meat to satiate a family of carnivores for months and purchased $382 worth of groceries for $180.

Ultimately, we will post permanent links on our sidebars, but for now we will link these powerful sites below:

Pinching Your Pennies

Grocery Smarts

Deals To Meals

Happy shopping (and saving).

Huntsville's Own Larry Zini Graces The Standard's Opinion Page

Our own Larry Zini went to press with a short but sweet letter to the editor of the Standard Examiner today. It is short, so here it is:
It is reflective of our society today that we have to pass a law to discourage people from texting while driving a vehicle.

It is now public knowledge that even talking on a cell phone is the same as being over the legal impairment limit for driving.

Whatever happened to common sense?

Larry Zini

Well Said Larry. The narrows of the canyon are approaching and it is dark out with slick roads, so I must hurry and submit this post via I-Phone.

Drive safe out there!