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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Huntsville's Own Larry Zini Graces The Standard's Opinion Page

Our own Larry Zini went to press with a short but sweet letter to the editor of the Standard Examiner today. It is short, so here it is:
It is reflective of our society today that we have to pass a law to discourage people from texting while driving a vehicle.

It is now public knowledge that even talking on a cell phone is the same as being over the legal impairment limit for driving.

Whatever happened to common sense?

Larry Zini

Well Said Larry. The narrows of the canyon are approaching and it is dark out with slick roads, so I must hurry and submit this post via I-Phone.

Drive safe out there!

1 comment:

Cesare said...

I am certain there will soon be laws in Utah warning that it is not a good idea to poke yourself in the eye
with a sharp stick or fill a gas can with a lit cigarette dangling from your mouth.