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Friday, April 10, 2009

Huntsville Boy In The Race For Weber County Attorney

Huntsville Native Chad McKay is one of three Democrats in the race to fill the vacancy of Mark DeCaria, who was recently sworn in as a Judge of the second district court.

Chad is the son of former US Congressman Gunn McKay and has been an Ogden Attorney for years. He faces some tough competition from two others vying for the spot, especially Brian Florence, whose resume includes stints as state bar president and legislator.

Read the Standard story by clicking here.

We at the Forum wish Mr. McKay luck in the selection process as it would be nice to have some Ogden Valley representation at some level of the Weber County food chain.

We also wish Mark DeCaria well and feel he has provided County residents with invaluable service, although we certainly wish he would have taken a harsher (and earlier) stance against the Powdervillians from Powder Mountain (aka Powderville).

Perhaps DeCaria's greatest compliment came from his deputy attorney, Bill Daines, during DeCaria's swearing in ceremony.

DeCaria has served as the elected chief law enforcement official for the county since 1993, Deputy Weber County Attorney Bill Daines pointed out to the crowd. He has never had any one run against him for the job, he said, a testament to how well- respected he is.

"He's had no races since 1993," Daines stressed. "That's a record that will not be broken. Ever.

"And he's a Democrat in a heavily Republican state. That is not an accident.

"We are now giving him to you, reluctantly I might add," he said, gesturing to the group of nine of DeCaria's black-robbed colleagues on hand for the event, fellow judges and court commissioners.


Careful what you wish for said...

Bought property in middle fork. Then threatened to sue Huntsville if they didn’t annex his new purchase.

Built large pillars on public property to enhance his large home in Huntsville.

Disregarded entire Planning Commission and Town Council as well as the Town ordinances against it.

Obtained a business license for a portable snow cone shack to be used only during public events at the Town park. Illegally used it for a permanent yearly (summer) business adjacent his residence on first street.

Falsified intent claiming the permanent snow shack was merely a “storage out building”.

Inappropriately threw his weight around as “Bishop” making personal demands of others for his own enrichment.

Built swimming pool and refuses to follow Town Ordinance regarding child safety fencing around it.

Is this candidate apparently arrogant and filled with such hubris or just plain stupid enough to believe that simply being a distant relative to a cousin somehow qualifies someone for public office?

Unless you really want that type representation. Seems we have had too much of that type “public servicing” already.

Be careful what/who you wish for

olderockhouse said...

Only COWARDS post anonymous comments...especially when 8 out of 8 points are false and misleading. Have a nice day! ~ Wendy McKay