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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mark your calendar!

Just a reminder to everyone. Mark your calendar. The Annual Meeting of the VCRD will be held at 6:30 PM on Thursday, May 14 at the Huntsville Library auditorium. Two Board of Director positions will be voted on at the meeting. Anyone interested in serving on the board please submit your name to Larry Zini before the meeting. Only those with annual dues paid for 2009 and lifetime members may serve on the board and vote in the election. Membership dues are $10 per person and can be mailed to the VCRD, PO Box 115, Huntsville, UT 84317.


D-Bell said...


What is the Valley Citizens for Responsible Development (VCRD) and how does it differ from the GEM Committee?

Does the GEM and VCRD work together coordinating and approving eachother's reports and recommendations?

Does the VCRD also support a valley wide sewer system as the GEM seems too...or did I get that wrong?

It seems two citizen groups are working toward the same goals? Yet the GEM Committee seems to be more of a mechanism to work toward the recreation and resort business interests of the County Commission here in Ogden Valley. I could be confused about that too...

Please help us understand what is going on... It seems a little confusing.

Larry Zini said...

Don, they are two separate groups. The GEM committee works with the sanction and support of the County Commissioners and targets overall Valley issues such as parks & recreation and a central sewer project. The GEM committee as a whole, has supported the idea of ordinances to try to keep the Valley growth within the master plan.

The GEM committee makes recommendations to the County Commissioners. Some GEM members represent business and developer interests that at times appear to be contrary to what many feel are in the best interests of Ogden Valley residents.

The VCRD has both supported and opposed some GEM recommendations regarding specific Valley issues, but is not involved with the GEM committee planning process or recommendations.