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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Update on Ogden Valley Liquor Package Agency

Update on Efforts to Support and Open an Ogden Valley Type-3 Liquor Package Agency!

First of all, a big thank you to those who have contacted 8th District, State Representative, Mr. Gage Froerer and Mr. John Freeman, Deputy Director, Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (UDABC). To-date, the two gentlemen have received over fifty emails and phone calls regarding opening a Type-3 Package Agency for Ogden Valley. Of the emails and calls, roughly 6% have been against the effort and an overwhelming 94% have been in-favor of opening the agency.

Due to your support and Wolf Creek Resort’s recent, drastic cut-back in available funds for their Type-2 Agency, the UDABC plans to file a special request with Governor Huntsman’s office for special funding from the State Legislature to accept, consider, approve and fund The Eden Liquor Agency.

This is, though, by no means a slam-dunk! In order for the legislature to hear the special request, it will have to be submitted for approval during a special session of the legislature. Currently, there is no special session of the legislature planned, but, the governor’s office is considering calling a special session possibly soon. Please continue your support by placing a follow-up contact to State Representative Gage Froerer or 801-391-4233 voicing encouragement for the UDABC’s special funding request and support for a special session of the legislature to approve the special funding.

Thank you for your continued support!

Bill Lyman, Managing Member, Ogden Valley Liquor Group, L.L.C. dba: The Eden Liquor Agency


Brother Brigham said...

What will Brother Thomas think of our quiet and unassuming little valley now that we will have a bunch of drunks all around us?

Bill Lyman, The Eden Liquor Agency said...

Through-out all aspects of operations, The Eden Liquor Agency plans to operate with sensitivity and respect to all members of the communitiy, specially those who disagree with the consumption of alcoholic beverages for religious or personal reasons. We thank you for your comment as it has motivated us to research the statistical data on drunk-driving arrests and alcohol-related incidents in Ogden Valley. We hope that opening a Type-3 Package Agency in Ogden Valley will, indeed, lower these incidents by enabling those who choose to purchase packaged alcohol a closer source to their home or valley destinantion. It will be interesting to see if The Eden Liqour Agency contributes to these statistics, increasing or decreasing them at all! When we receive the data, we will try to make it available on this blog-site. Until then, figuratively speaking, we will "offer you the other cheek".

Whistler said...

All you have to do is go to the various watering holes in the Valley and you can find every level of drinker you are talking about. Some people drink responsibly, and some don't. This will continue even if the store never is opened.

Maybe we shouldn't put any banks up here either, it just encourages bank robbers!

Anonymous said...

Rah-Ree, Whistler!

Take one down pass it around said...

How much for a fifth of Johnny Walker Blue?

Bill Lyman, The Eden Liquor Agency said...

Take one down:
Same price as the state stores! It'll just be waiting for you at a closer location!

CBSA said...

Kudos to Bill Lyman!

I don't drink much anymore but love the idea of freedom from overzealous oppression no matter what the source.

Now if only the State run stores can become privately owned I would not be offended by the onerous State Taxes collected on each purchase. At least entrepreneers would get any profit instead...

Drink Up said...

I cut way down on my drinking a few years ago after one too many harrowing drives up the canyon following a beer run. I never could wait to pop the top of that Tennessee Sour Mash until I got home.

I have missed it and cannot wait to have a nip. I think I can show enough restraint if Bill's shop is closer to home.

Does anyone know of a local Friends of Bill group in the Valley?