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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Summit Solicits Votes To Select Board Members For The Wolf Creek Barn - VOTE NOW

Summit Powder Mountain

It's voting season and we need you!

Polls are open November 1st - 6th to vote for your representative(s) to serve on the Wolf Barn Committee. Vote now via this link

In 2012, we purchased what is known as the Wolf Barn area. "We made the decision to purchase the land so that we could focus on preserving it," Elliott Bisnow in December, 2012. 
As promised, we are committed to preserving the area and have asked the Ogden Valley Community to provide input on the best means to do this. We've received many suggestions and are currently forming a board that will determine the plan of action based on received input. 
Below are individuals who have submitted their name to be considered for the Wolf Barn Committee. Of the five-member board, three will be from the Ogden Valley Community. Please vote for three individuals to best represent you.
Amanda Ballenger
I would like to be considered for one of the community board positions. I have lived in Eden for 8.5 years as a year around community member. I worked in Ogden for a number of years and for the past few years I have worked in the valley. My entire professional life has revolved around working in the community for the community. You will see from my resume that last year I developed a youth ski program at Powder Mtn. that brought 55 new season passes to Powder Mtn. Since Summit arrived in the valley I have also made a point of getting to know team members and would like to see this relationship between Weber county community and Summit community nurtured into a relationship that is defined by communication and action that benefit ALL that call this home. I hope I hear from you soon and thank you for your consideration.
Charles Debinstic
During my professional career as an educator, I first served as a public school history teacher in New Jersey for 5 years before completing advanced degrees in the field of library science and educational technology. After teaching at James Madison University in Virginia for 28 years, I retired in 2000. In 2006 my wife and I decided to move to Eden where we could enjoy a very active outdoor lifestyle that included skiing, hiking, water sports, etc. Among the many volunteer activities we enjoy doing, has been our service for eight years as Utah AARP district coordinators responsible for developing and presenting activities for area members in Ogden, Weber and Morgan counties. In addition to serving in various ways with the Ogden Methodist Church's outreach to those in need, I also have a great interest in protecting the wildlife of our area, and enhancing the variety of cultural activities we offer to our local citizens.  Without question, I consider my greatest moments and achievements in life to be my 49 years of marriage to my wife and the raising of our 4 adult children to become successful and contributing members of our great and cherished country.  But none of this could have been done without the help and grace of my lord and savior, Jesus Christ and his Father.
 Ellen A. Fowers
Retired executive assistant for Safeway Stores, Inc. and Visa, Intl. My duties included setting up and handling all aspects of meetings, both employees and bankers. In addition, I am now a full-time artist, (web-site will be back up shortly) contributing lots of art-work including murals to many organizations, college, and businesses. I grew up in the Ogden area, transferred to the Bay Area of California for the above noted career. I would enjoy helping in any way to beautify this Valley further with serious consideration to keeping our values and image intact.Upon retirement, I returned to the Ogden Valley as all my family is here - LUV this Valley
Gary Fullmer
Both Jan and Gary are active members of the Ogden Valley GEM committee which tries to influence development in Ogden Valley with an emphasis on retaining open space and conserving Ogden Valley's natural resources. Both Jan and Gary were able to organize approximately 14 communities within and surrounding Wolf Creek Resort to obtain input on the future development of Wolf Creek Resort.  We willingly volunteered for this task (via the GEM committee's request) to try to ensure there was a complete resort development plan in place, with input from the communities and the developers who now owned Wolf Creek parcels as a result of the bankruptcy auction.  We also plan to publish a 1 year update on the progress made to date and to follow-up to ensure a complete, updated plan for Wolf Creek Resort gets filed with Weber County.  Hopefully, this will include final plans for the Wolf Creek Barn parcel. Gary is active in the Ogden Valley CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), and has been very instrumental in getting a more effective CERT organizational infrastructure in place for Ogden Valley to be better prepared for disaster/emergency events.
Jan Fullmer 
Both Jan and Gary are active members of the Ogden Valley GEM committee which tries to influence development in Ogden Valley with an emphasis on retaining open space and conserving Ogden Valley's natural resources. Jan was appointed by Weber County to serve on the citizens' Advisory Committee to work with the Logan-Simpson consultants contracted by Weber County to review and update the development plan and recreation element plan for all of Ogden Valley.  (Logan-Simpson consultant engagement is currently in progress).  The Advisory Committee has sorted through a volume of community input on the future development of Ogden Valley, and all of this input is being considered for incorporation into the updated plan which will be reviewed at upcoming sessions with Ogden Valley residents. Both Jan and Gary were able to organize approximately 14 communities within and surrounding Wolf Creek Resort to obtain input on the future development of Wolf Creek Resort.  We willingly volunteered for this task (via the GEM committee's request) to try to ensure there was a complete resort development plan in place, with input from the communities and the developers who now owned Wolf Creek parcels as a result of the bankruptcy auction.  We also plan to publish a 1 year update on the progress made to date and to follow-up to ensure a complete, updated plan for Wolf Creek Resort gets filed with Weber County.  Hopefully, this will include final plans for the Wolf Creek Barn parcel.
Ron Gleason
I have been living in the Valley for 10 years, understand the intent of the current General Plan and Recreational element, have followed the proposed new General Plan and been involved with the process and while I have my own personal views on needs for the valley and what role the Wolf Barn land could play ultimately it is the voice of the community that should be heard and followed.  
Ruthann Halay 
I have lived in the Ogden Valley since August 2001, and am very dedicated in making our Neighborhood a great place to live.  I recently retired, and work part-time at McKay Dee Hospital as a  Dietitian.  I have worked since 1974 after graduation from College, with a B.S. in Food and Nutrition Science, and a M.ED. in Education and Business Management. My career was based in the food service industry, mostly in corporate product development, sales, and training positions.  I have organized the Neighborhood Watch Campaign in the Upper Wolf Creek area, and helped others, Highlands, Patio Springs, and Liberty areas with theirs.  Active with projects for the Weber County Sheriff, CERT volunteer, and GOAL Foundation, keeps me aware of our great surroundings efforts of the County. I also am on the Board of Directors for the OUTreach projects in Northern Utah. Last year, I organized a funding campaign to help establish Youth Futures, the first Homeless Shelter and refuge for Teens.
Sharon Holmstrom
I am in Virginia until Nov. 1st  but here is just an outline:  I taught junior high English in the valley for 20 years, was the 1998 Utah Teacher of the Year, was a founding member of the Nature Center in Ogden, and of the Community Foundation of Ogden Valley.  I served on the Ogden Valley Planning Commission for 8 years. I am active in all things community because I am passionate about Ogden Valley.  We have been privileged to live here for over 40 years and while we have travelled extensively, there is no place more beautiful to come home to.
Robert Lawrence Jacobs 
Raised in Southern Cal. Moved to Colorado ski area when 27. Have a degree in English. The 60's was a time where people where taking all kinds of useless degrees. That was mine. Served an apprenticeship as a jeweler and silversmith in Beverly Hills right after college as I did not want to go on to get a doctorate and teach. Was in jewelry for 25 years along with some side work in construction and logging. Opened a jewelry business in Steamboat Springs, with one of my brothers in 1975, and closed it down in 1990. Worked as a computer network admin for a few corporations in California for a few years.  Made some money in investing and wandered about for awhile looking for a place to be a ski bum. My younger brother talked me into joining his marketing company in 2002, so I gave up ski bumming for awhile. Moved to Montana for a few years doing this marketing stuff and in 2004 moved to Eden and bought a house, still doing marketing from home.  And here I am. I have worked with people a lot in retail and wholesale businesses. I have managed people and I have been in sales and I have been a high end craftsman. Now I am retired and am 70 years old if you can believe that
Shauna Jensen
Gail Meakins
PhD (ABD), University of Utah- City and Metropolitan Planning ; Certificate Historic Preservation, University of Utah 2008; MUP, University of Utah- Masters in Urban Planning 2008; M.A., University of California Berkeley- Physical Education 1976  My background is in public education and athletics, community recreation, and city planning.  I am extremely interested in rural/small town planning and the preservation of historical agricultural landscapes, buildings, and structures.  The focus of my studies leading to a Historic Preservation Certificate was vernacular architecture and traditional building techniques.  I also have a strong interest in handcrafts, community gardens, and historical agricultural methods and practices.  I am a board member of the Ogden Valley Land Trust.   Over a year ago my family moved to the Ogden Valley, drawn by the rural character, agricultural lifestyle, and the beauty of the historical and majestic landscapes of the area.  I served on the Park City Parks and Recreation Board in the 1990’s during the acquisition of the iconic white “McPolin Farm” property.  We were tasked with developing the initial plan and long term vision focusing on protecting and preserving the historic buildings while maintaining the integrity of the surrounding open space. Community input was critical to the success of this project. I thoroughly understand the responsibility and importance of preserving and sharing the iconic identity and soul of this majestic building and open spaces. I would be honored to serve on this committee as it synthesizes community desires and ideas to develop the long term vision and day to day use for this treasured community jewel.
Ross Mertilch
Chair for Liberty Park and Liberty Days for the past 7 years. One of the founding members of CFOV and one who was instrumental with in putting together the effort for the Tennis Courts. 
Jeff Sanich
Jeffrey Sanich is the Director of Food and Beverage at Summit Powder Mountain. Born in Wyoming and raised in Sandy, UT, Jeffrey has been involved in skiing, hospitality, and cooking for most of his life. Chef Jeffrey has worked at such properties as The White Elephant Hotel in Nantucket, Promontory Ranch Club, Sundance Resort, and The White Apron in Dover, New Hampshire. After 15 plus years in resorts and hospitality, Jeffrey arrived at Powder Mountain in March 2015. He currently is responsible for all aspects of food and beverage at the resort and North Fork Table and Tavern. 
 Lee Schussman 
I am Lee Schussman. My wife, Brenda, and I have lived in Weber County for 43 years--30 in Ogden, and 13 in Eden. We have been property owners in the Ogden Valley for the past 35 years and have participated in the processes creating the 1998 Valley Master Plan, the subsequent Recreation Plan, the current re-do of the Master Plan, and multiple other issues related to land-use and planning in the Ogden Valley. I have recently retired after 40 years of practicing Family Medicine in the Ogden area and teaching Family Medicine and Wilderness Medicine at the University of Utah. For 20 years I was one of the physician advisors for the Snow Basin Ski Patrol. My wife and I live adjacent to the Wolf Barn Area, and our HOA owns the property along Wolf Creek contiguous to the area. We have a high level of interest in the future developments in the Ogden Valley and of that land in particular. I appreciate that Summit, as the owner of the Wolf Barn Area, is setting up a group to help plan how that land will be used.  Being recently retired, I have the time, and will make the commitment, to work hard on that planning. I believe the land can be used in ways that would maintain past commitments made by Wolf Creek to keep it "open," further Summit's goals of being a good neighbor, and preserve much of the environmentally sensitive and wildlife-rich areas of the Wolf Barn property.
Sara Wayman
I'm interested in sorting through the community suggestions for the barn area. I grew up at Powder Mountain, I lived in the valley when I was young and then my family moved back to Eden in 2002, just from Ogden - never too far from Powder. I lived in Seattle from 2005 - 2014 but returned to be close to family and the best skiing on earth. My parents have a home just down the street from the barn. I love this valley and think I would have some good insight to share.
Beverly Zimmerman
 I have been coming to the valley for the last ten years, and bought a home here two and a half years ago.  Like everyone else that has been drawn to this community, I love it.  I've had the good fortune in my life to travel extensively as well as live in a wide variety of places - some were urban hubs such as Boston, Manhattan, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Moscow, and Quito, other places were more rural such as Eagle River, Alaska and New Braunfels, Texas.   Urban Planning is a course of study that I have identified as my next challenge and I am currently taking steps to enter the Master's program at the University of Utah.  I continue to look for ways to learn about and be involved in the on going discussion concerning the well being of this valley. While I have only recently started to put down my roots here in the valley, I can happily provide some local references if you decide to consider me for one of the board positions.
The Summit Powder Mountain Team m

Monday, October 26, 2015

Ogden Valley General Plan Open House

Weber County invites you to attend an upcoming open house to review a draft of the proposed Ogden Valley General Plan. Drop in any time during these casual meetings to learn how the County used the public’s feedback to craft the draft. Discuss your questions with the planning team and offer your opinions about planning the Valley’s future. Both open houses will have the same information – pick the one that works best for your schedule! After the open houses the public will have time to thoroughly review, consider, and provide comments for the draft plan.

Draft P
peDraft Plan Open Housesou

Important Ogden Valley Planning Commission Meeting Tuesday

We were tipped off that there were some important items on the agenda for the upcoming planning commission meeting. Be sure to attend. Here are the details:

Tuesday, October 27
5:00 pm
Weber County Commission Chambers
2380 Washington Blvd.

Click here To view the agenda.

Due to importance, we will post much of the agenda below:

2. Consent Agenda: 

2.1. UVS100515: Consideration and action on final approval of the Summit at Ski Lake No. 13, (5 Lots) in the Forest Valley 3 (FV-3) Zone located at 6740 Via Cortina Street. (Valley Enterprise Investment Company, LLC, Applicant) 
2.2. CUP 2014-22: Consideration and action on a request for a 6-month time extension for an approved accessory apartment conditional use permit located at 3778 North Willowbrook Lane Eden, UT (Rachel Nielsen, Applicant)

3. Petitions, Applications and Public Hearings: 

3.1. Legislative Items
a. Old Business: None
b. New Business: 
1. ZTA 2015-05 Consideration and action on a request to amend the Weber County Land Use Code Title 104 (Zones) Chapter 11 (Commercial Valley Resort Recreation Zone - CVR-1) Section 4 (Conditional Uses) by adding brewpub and reception/banquet facilities as conditional uses. Weber County Land Use Code Title 101 (General Provisions) Section 101-7-7 (Definitions) is also being amended by adding a definition for brewpub - John Lewis, Applicant

2. ZTA 2015-08 Consideration and recommendation on a proposal to amend the following sections of the Weber County Land Use Code: General Provisions (Title 101) Definitions (Section 1-7) Subdivisions (Title 106), General Provisions (Chapter 1), Standards (Title 108), Hillside Development Review Procedures and Standards (Chapter 14); and other sections of the Weber County Code to provide for administrative edits related to the subdivision code and related to the names of the Planning Commissions and the planning areas.
3. ZTA 2015-03 Public hearing to consider a request (ZTA 2015-03) to amend Section 101-1-7 (Definitions); the Ogden Valley Destination and Recreation Resort Zone Chapter (Title 104, Chapter 29); the Design Review Chapter (Title 108, Chapter 1); the Ogden Valley Architectural, Landscape, and Screening Design Standards Chapter (Title 108, Chapter 2); the Parking and Loading Space, Vehicle Traffic, and Access Regulations Chapter (Title 108, Chapter 8); the Accessory Apartments Chapter (Title 108, Chapter 19); and the Ogden Valley Signs Chapter (Title 110, Chapter 2) within the Weber County Land Use Code - Paul Strange, Summit Mountain Holding Group, Applicant

  • Wednesday, October 21, 2015

    Summit seeking input on Wolf Barn area

    Guest post from Summit

    To whom it may concern: 
    I am hoping you can post the below announcement from Summit Powder Mountain. 

    Please let us know what you would like done with the "Wolf Barn area" by submitting your suggestion via this link
    We would like to establish a board of five individuals to sort through our communities suggestions and determine the best plan of action. Three of the five individuals we would love to be from the Ogden Valley Community. If you would like to be considered for this board please submit your name and qualifications to or call 801-389-5077 by Saturday, October 31. We will then have the Ogden Valley Community vote for the best individual(s) to represent them for this matter the week of November 2. 



    Tuesday, October 20, 2015

    North Fork Park Accreditation Celebration Wednesday, 21 October 2015

    The Ogden Valley community is invited to join the celebration [this Wednesday, October 21, noon] at Weber State University of North Fork Park's accreditation as the world's 21st International Dark Sky Park (preceding the recent designations of Capitol Reef and Canyonlands National Parks, numbers 22 and 23, respectively; celebration and preservation of dark skies now approach a tipping point in the parks of the America West).  

    The event will feature stunning night sky photography and presentations by Weber State University President Charles Wight, Prof. Stacy Palen (Physics), Prof. Jeremy Bryson (Geography), and John Barentine from the International Dark Sky Association in Tucson.  Commissioner Matt Bell, Representative Gage Froerer, and Mayor Brent Taylor of North Ogden City will also speak. Representatives from the many education partners will be on hand, including those from the Ogden Astronomical Society, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Wasatch Audubon Society, HawkWatch, Tracy Aviary, Swanson's North Fork Environmental Center, Ogden Nordic, and Ott Planetarium, among others.  

    Please join us. 

    Wednesday, October 21
    Noon - 1pm
    Wildcat Theatre (Shepherd Union, 2nd floor)
    Weber State University
    [park in Visitor Parking and enter Shepherd Union]

    Friday, September 25, 2015

    Reminder: Huntsville Marathon Saturday - plan accordingly.

    Ogden Canyon Transportation Use Study

    Good Afternoon,
    The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) has completed Phase I of a Transportation Study in Ogden Canyon. The purpose of Phase I was to gather physical information and opinions concerning transportation through Ogden Canyon so a plan can be formed for future canyon uses and needs.
    In Phase II, the study team will meet more extensively with people and groups who care about Ogden Canyon. The study team will use information collected in Phase I to develop concepts that solve and mitigate controversy and that are feasible. Stakeholder groups made up of people who live, work, travel, and recreate in Ogden Canyon will be formed to evaluate these concepts and give input. Representatives of local government and other agencies will also participate in evaluating the concepts and giving feedback.
    Please visit our website to read about our findings from Phase I. We will keep you updated in the coming months as work progresses in Phase II. 

    Project Overview

    The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is conducting a Transportation Study in Ogden Canyon. The Transportation Commission asked UDOT to conduct the study and look at all modes of transportation in the canyon. The purpose of the study is to gather and share information in an interactive and transparent process to develop an understanding of the safety and mobility needs in the canyon.
    The study analysis includes existing and future safety concerns, traffic volumes, resident needs, economic needs, multi-modal uses (biking, truck traffic, pedestrian, transit, etc.), recreational uses, and environmental and geotechnical/geologic concerns.
    Project Area Map
    Study Area

    Contact Us

    Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. 
    Ogden Canyon Transportation Use Study Team 

    Thursday, September 24, 2015

    Fall Full Moon Wildlife Wander (Migration) with DWR

    Saturday, September 26 at 7:00 pm in North Fork Park

    Follow signs at South entrance to corral area

    Free and Family Friendly

    This Fall’s Full Moon Wildlife Wander will be led by DWR specialist Clint Brunson with a focus on migration and will feature live birds from HawkWatch International. Migration is nearly universal within the animal kingdom; mobility is a defining animal trait in animals across the globe. Come take a gentle stroll under the full moon in the world's 21st International Dark Sky Park and learn more!  At last Spring’s Wildlife Wander, a moose appeared as if on cue.  What will we see and hear September 26?

    Sponsored by: Ogden Valley Starry Nights.  Call 917-385-6555 for more information.

    Ogden Valley Community Harvest Dinner

    Invitation From Summit

    Dear Neighbors & Friends,

    Please join us next Tuesday, September 29, 2015

    at 7:00 PM

    for the First Annual Ogden Valley Community Harvest Dinner 

    at The Hearthside in Eden, Utah.

    Free dinner will be provided by Jeff Sanich and we will be entertained by local musician, Christian Scheller! 

    Complementary shuttle service is also available. 

    Your help forwarding this invitation is much appreciated!

    Please RSVP to or 801-389-5077

    See you there!

    Wednesday, September 16, 2015

    Ogden Canyon Siphon Update

    Pineview Water Systems is preparing to replace the irrigation water siphon at the mouth of Ogden Canyon.  Project details are noted below.  You have been included in the project update list from a previous database of Ogden Canyon projects.  Periodic status updates will be sent via this project email.  If you wish to be removed from this list, please indicate by replying to this email.

    ·         The Ogden Canyon siphon is the pipeline that is suspended between the canyon walls at the mouth of Ogden Canyon.  The pipe is owned by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and operated by Pineview Water Systems.  It has been in use since the summer of 1937, providing irrigation water for almost 80 years.  It currently serves 10,000 customers in the Ogden area. 
    ·         The siphon is at the end of its operational life and needs to be replaced.  A new pipe and support system with seismic upgrades will be installed.  The new siphon will look very similar to the existing pipe. 

    Construction schedules are dependent on weather conditions, emergency situations or equipment/supply issues and are subject to change.
    ·         Preparations are being made to remove the existing pipe.  A protective highway cover has been built over SR-39 beneath the siphon and crews have begun construction of a set of towers that will facilitate the safe removal of the existing pipeline.  
    ·         The siphon will be drained and irrigation water will be shut off beginning October 1, 2015.  Removal of parts of the existing pipe could begin as soon as October 2, 2015.
    ·         The existing pipeline is scheduled to be removed by the end of November 2015 and construction of the new siphon will begin immediately thereafter.
    ·         The new siphon is scheduled to be operational by early April 2016.

    ·         Crews generally plan to work Monday through Friday, however, weekend work is likely as much of the work is weather-dependent.
    ·         Traffic impacts could begin as early as Oct. 2, 2015 and are expected to continue through early April 2016.
    ·         Lane closures and flagging operations should be expected on SR-39 at the mouth of the canyon throughout the project.  Traffic will be stopped intermittently in both directions for up to 15-minute intervals to accommodate construction equipment access.  Emergency access will be maintained.
    ·         Full road closures will be periodically scheduled with advance notice to motorists.
    ·         Drivers are encouraged to follow all signs and flaggers through the work zone to promote public safety.

    Pineview Water has employed a project-dedicated public involvement team to keep the public informed and help address concerns throughout project construction.  Residents with questions or concerns may contact Marcus Murdock:
    ·         Phone: 801-888-3159
    ·         Email:

    Monday, September 07, 2015

    Annual Star Party and Dedication of North Fork Park as the World's 21st International Dark Sky Park

    Saturday, September 12 
    North Fork Park (Mustang Flats Bowery, enter Middle Gate)

    Commissioner Matt Bell and student Zach Thomas will dedicate the park at 8pm with star party to follow. In attendance will be the Weber State University sky-quality monitoring teams.  The Ogden Astronomical Society will provide high power telescopes and, weather permitting, participants will see the Milky Way and be able to understand the many reasons the International Dark Sky Association accredited North Fork Park as the world's 21st International Dark Sky Park - ahead of Capitol Reef (number 22) and Canyonlands (number 23) National Parks.  Accreditations of Grand Canyon and Glacier National Parks are expected soon. North Fork Park is in undeniably exceptional company.

    Please bring your friends and children to recognize this signal achievement of North Fork Park and enjoy the stars and night sky.

    Call 917.385.6555 for more information.

    Sunday, August 30, 2015

    Summit Sucks...Water

    Our apologies to our faithful readers as we have had a busy summer of travel and have neglected some important Ogden Valley events and issues.  We will strive in the coming weeks and months to catch up.

    There has been much on the Summit Water front.  In mid-August, Mark Saal penned this article in the Standard:

    'Summit Sucks Water' signs spring up again for balloon festival

    In response, Eden resident and advocate Lee Schussman offered this well thought out rebuttal:

    Dear Mr Saal, 
    Thank you for reporting on the growing divisiveness in the Ogden Valley over Summit’s water exchange application and the processes surrounding that application. (Ogden Standard, August 16, 2015).
    Please dig deeper into this issue. Doing so, I think you will find why valley residents are still concerned, confused, and frustrated by both Summit’s actions and the entire process.
    As you well know, Summit owns water in Pineview and wants to move the point of diversion to Powder Mountain—a diversion point that will actually use Cache County water and may decrease flows in Wolf Creek by about 25%.
    1) Regarding Summit’s using water that would normally flow to Cache Valley (in which drainage Summit holds NO water rights):
    Page 2 of the Order of the State Engineer states that, at Summit’s “anticipated flow rate 30% is a reasonable estimate of the water diverted that would naturally be tributary to the Cache Valley drainage.”
    Page 3 states, “It is unlikely that there are and will be any significant periods of time where a diversion of water form the applicant’s proposed source(s) will not interfere with an existing right on the Bear River.”
    “Any diversion of water from the applicant’s proposed underground points of diversion must include some compensating mechanism to the Cache Valley tributary drainage. … compensation could include releasing 30% of the water pumped from the Hidden Lake Well to the Cache Valley drainage or pumping at times when all rights on the Bear River and its tributaries downstream of the points of diversion are fully satisfied.” 
    These rulings by the State Engineer do not seem to give Summit the green light to use the water as they claim.
     2) Regarding the concerns on the Ogden Valley side of the drainage:
    Page 4 of the Order of the State Engineer states, “if interference will occur with any of the Weber County protestants, it will manifest itself first in the flows of Wolf Creek,” and
    “no diversion of water should be made under the subject exchange during times of the year when WCIC [Wolf Creek Irrigation Company] water rights are not being fully satisfied. WCIC owns Water Right Number 35-7188 which has a priority date of 1861.”
    The Order goes on to describe an incredibly complex process under which Summit could use Wolf Creek water:
    “The Ogden River Decree provides [to WCIC] a high flow rate of 20.0 cfs and a low flow rate of 9.85 cfs for this right.”  “No water shall be diverted under this exchange if the above identified flows are not available at that intake.”  However, if WCIC can not show that it puts every gallon of that water to “beneficial use,” Summit can pump an amount equal to that unused water out of its wells at Powder Mountain without being “required to mitigate or compensate senior water right holders for water they divert but allow to pass through their system without use to Pineview.” “The Ogden River Commissioner is responsible to determine the amount of water that may be diverted.”
    Many of us do not even know in which branch of our government the Ogden River Commissioner is located, let alone who that individual is. And it appears to us that he/she is the person who will decide how much water Summit may pump! 
    And how will the Commissioner decide how much water Summit may pump? We are very unsure, but we do know that all those pumping processes will be monitored by whom?
    Page 5 of the application: “The applicant(s) [Summit] shall install and maintain measuring and totalizing recording devices to meter all water diverted from all sources pertaining to this application and shall annually report this data to the Division of Water Rights Water Use Program.”
    Summit is actively selling properties to individuals who are being told there are no water problems. (Hence the signs in the valley.) It is our understanding that the State Department of Environmental Quality Division of Drinking Water (which previously requested that Weber County NOT issue Powder Mountain building permits until Summit could supply proof that it actually had the water) can only approve the granting of building permits when YEAR-ROUND water is available. Can Summit then proceed to get building permits now when the State Engineer has put restrictions on the amounts and timing of the pumping at Powder Mountain?
    Mr. Paul Strange has oft stated, “We have a right to the water we purchased with our land.”  No one can dispute that statement. However, the water that Summit owns is located in Pineview; and they are trying to leverage their investment in that water to gain immensely more valuable water resources -- pristine water located at Powder Mountain. That water already belongs to other citizens.
    With Brad Peterson (Director of Outdoor Recreation for the State of Utah) working hard with Summit and putting pressure on the State Water Engineer; with Commissioner Bell (as the Chair of the Powder Mountain Water District) on record as being able to supply Summit with water; with Summit itself in charge of monitoring water use and reporting once a year; with a separate agency (the Ogden River Commissioner) responsible to tell us how much water Summit can have; with Summit sales reps telling prospective buyers that there are no water problems; with another state agency (Department of Environmental Quality Division of Drinking Water) demanding Summit not be issued building permits for those same Summit buyers; and with all of the water users dependent on the Wolf Creek drainage; is it any wonder that valley residents are concerned, frustrated, divided.
    Thank you for your interest in this critical issue. Water is a limited resource. It is our opinion that it should also be A LIMITING resource. Our situation is a microcosm of water rights and water shortages all over the western US where developers continue to speculate that there may be enough water in the face of obvious limitations of that resource. As those processes continue, we will continue to run a “debt economy” –trading a long term water debt borne by all the community for a short term economic gain accruing to the developer--just as other areas and other states in the west have done for so long.  We can do better than that by responsibly developing and using water that IS available—in Pineview--and not giving away underground water, the amount of which is certainly limited and in much debate.
    The battle of signs many of us are waging may seem  entertaining and humorous, but it an attempt to call attention to an extremely important issue that should be a core determinant in the growth of this entire area.
    Please investigate and write more.
    Thank you,
    Lee Schussman
    Eden, Utah
    CC: Cathy McKitrick, Ogden Valley News, Ogden Valley Forum, GEM group. Ron Tymcio, Ogden Standard Editorials

    What say ye our Ogden Valley faithful??