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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

North Fork Park Accreditation Celebration Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Ogden Valley community is invited to join the celebration [this Wednesday, October 21, noon] at Weber State University of North Fork Park's accreditation as the world's 21st International Dark Sky Park (preceding the recent designations of Capitol Reef and Canyonlands National Parks, numbers 22 and 23, respectively; celebration and preservation of dark skies now approach a tipping point in the parks of the America West).  

The event will feature stunning night sky photography and presentations by Weber State University President Charles Wight, Prof. Stacy Palen (Physics), Prof. Jeremy Bryson (Geography), and John Barentine from the International Dark Sky Association in Tucson.  Commissioner Matt Bell, Representative Gage Froerer, and Mayor Brent Taylor of North Ogden City will also speak. Representatives from the many education partners will be on hand, including those from the Ogden Astronomical Society, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Wasatch Audubon Society, HawkWatch, Tracy Aviary, Swanson's North Fork Environmental Center, Ogden Nordic, and Ott Planetarium, among others.  

Please join us. 

Wednesday, October 21
Noon - 1pm
Wildcat Theatre (Shepherd Union, 2nd floor)
Weber State University
[park in Visitor Parking and enter Shepherd Union]

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