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Monday, October 26, 2015

Important Ogden Valley Planning Commission Meeting Tuesday

We were tipped off that there were some important items on the agenda for the upcoming planning commission meeting. Be sure to attend. Here are the details:

Tuesday, October 27
5:00 pm
Weber County Commission Chambers
2380 Washington Blvd.

Click here To view the agenda.

Due to importance, we will post much of the agenda below:

2. Consent Agenda: 

2.1. UVS100515: Consideration and action on final approval of the Summit at Ski Lake No. 13, (5 Lots) in the Forest Valley 3 (FV-3) Zone located at 6740 Via Cortina Street. (Valley Enterprise Investment Company, LLC, Applicant) 
2.2. CUP 2014-22: Consideration and action on a request for a 6-month time extension for an approved accessory apartment conditional use permit located at 3778 North Willowbrook Lane Eden, UT (Rachel Nielsen, Applicant)

3. Petitions, Applications and Public Hearings: 

3.1. Legislative Items
a. Old Business: None
b. New Business: 
1. ZTA 2015-05 Consideration and action on a request to amend the Weber County Land Use Code Title 104 (Zones) Chapter 11 (Commercial Valley Resort Recreation Zone - CVR-1) Section 4 (Conditional Uses) by adding brewpub and reception/banquet facilities as conditional uses. Weber County Land Use Code Title 101 (General Provisions) Section 101-7-7 (Definitions) is also being amended by adding a definition for brewpub - John Lewis, Applicant

2. ZTA 2015-08 Consideration and recommendation on a proposal to amend the following sections of the Weber County Land Use Code: General Provisions (Title 101) Definitions (Section 1-7) Subdivisions (Title 106), General Provisions (Chapter 1), Standards (Title 108), Hillside Development Review Procedures and Standards (Chapter 14); and other sections of the Weber County Code to provide for administrative edits related to the subdivision code and related to the names of the Planning Commissions and the planning areas.
3. ZTA 2015-03 Public hearing to consider a request (ZTA 2015-03) to amend Section 101-1-7 (Definitions); the Ogden Valley Destination and Recreation Resort Zone Chapter (Title 104, Chapter 29); the Design Review Chapter (Title 108, Chapter 1); the Ogden Valley Architectural, Landscape, and Screening Design Standards Chapter (Title 108, Chapter 2); the Parking and Loading Space, Vehicle Traffic, and Access Regulations Chapter (Title 108, Chapter 8); the Accessory Apartments Chapter (Title 108, Chapter 19); and the Ogden Valley Signs Chapter (Title 110, Chapter 2) within the Weber County Land Use Code - Paul Strange, Summit Mountain Holding Group, Applicant

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