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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Summit seeking input on Wolf Barn area

Guest post from Summit

To whom it may concern: 
I am hoping you can post the below announcement from Summit Powder Mountain. 

Please let us know what you would like done with the "Wolf Barn area" by submitting your suggestion via this link
We would like to establish a board of five individuals to sort through our communities suggestions and determine the best plan of action. Three of the five individuals we would love to be from the Ogden Valley Community. If you would like to be considered for this board please submit your name and qualifications to or call 801-389-5077 by Saturday, October 31. We will then have the Ogden Valley Community vote for the best individual(s) to represent them for this matter the week of November 2. 



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Anonymous said...

It's voting season and we need you!

Polls are open November 1st - 6th to vote for your representative(s) to serve on the Wolf Barn Committee.

Vote now here:

In 2012, we purchased what is known as the Wolf Barn area. "We made the decision to purchase the land so that we could focus on preserving it," Elliott Bisnow in December, 2012.

As promised, we are committed to preserving the area and have asked the Ogden Valley Community to provide input on the best means to do this. We've received many suggestions and are currently forming a board that will determine the plan of action based on received input.

Above are individuals who have submitted their name to be considered for the Wolf Barn Committee. Of the five-member board, three will be from the Ogden Valley Community. Please vote for three individuals to best represent you.

For more information on the individuals please reach out to Kimber at

The Summit Powder Mountain Team