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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

VCRD update

The VCRD Board of Trustees met yesterday for the scheduled 3rd quarter meeting. The latest financial report is available at the VCRD Web site under “About VCRD and financial reports.“

The financial report also indicated that some VCRD members have not paid their 2008 dues. We request that all members make an effort to send in their yearly $10 ($20 for couples) for 2008 as soon as possible. This money is used for incidentals and operations, and as stated in our bylaws, if you are not current on your dues, you cannot vote for the VCRD Board Of Trustees.

If you wish to see a list of who is on the VCRD Board of Trustees, go to under “About VCRD and Board”.

The VCRD Board of Trustee also voted to extend lifetime memberships to those members who have donated $300 or more since the VCRD was formed in early 2007. The VCRD has welcomed these generous donations and we wish to waive all yearly dues from those members.

Your VCRD Staff

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bargaining For Eden

We took our own advice and made the trek to Portland's Powell's Books to purchase Stephen Trimble's new book, "Bargaining For Eden." We even stopped by Jake's for the famous $1.95 burger, Salmon cakes and Tempura Tuna Sushi Roll - all $1.95 each.

We did, however, have to pay top dollar ($29.95) for the book, but you can buy it online with shipping for about $25. You will miss out on an ecclectic city, which has a huge homeless population, complete with hippie children and in your face drug abuse. We do like the city, even though it makes us appreciate Salt Lake's Liberty Park.

Trimble was the guest blogger last week, so be sure to read all of his entries. While we have only previewed the book, our early impressions give it an A+.

Local readers will recognize many of the players, including Haynes Fuller, Shanna Francis, John Posnein, Kent Matthews, Thomas Monson, Dave and Sue Holmstrom, and many, many more.

Buy It - Read It - Share It!

And tell us what you think of it!

We also found it at Amazon for just $19.77

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Kerry Fuller Manifesto

Nearly two weeks ago, we received an email request from long time, several generation, Eden-ite, Kerry Fuller. He included a lengthy article, aka manifesto, and asked that we post to our forum.

Knee deep in Powderville issues, we set the document, which must have taken tens, if not hundreds of hours to compose, aside. We recently received an update from our humble neighbor, Kerry, who had made some edits to the manifesto and we felt the time was right to go to press. Kerry pointed out in the email, "Check out a new beginning at the end."

The manifesto is huge and covers a wide range of topics - from the predominant religion and its history, to our infamous President, to Ogden Valley issues, to drugs and alcohol and much, much more.

To keep things manageable, we have broken it up into three bite sized pieces for your reading pleasure and enjoyment. While we don't necessarily agree with all of the content, we did find it an interesting read.

Here it is in its entirety:

Part I
Part II
Part III


Monday, July 21, 2008

West Haven Neo Con supports Powder Mountain

Be sure to read Rudi's explanation of the West Haven Neo Con supporter of Powderville, and an urge for an old fashioned thump of the skull.

Local Author Stephen Trimble is Guest Blogger At Our Favorite Bookstore This Week

Your humble blogmeister does not have time to be a regular at the neighborhood bookstore, but does spend time in the local Barnes and Noble on occasion. However, the most incredible bookstore in the Western U.S. is certainly Powell Books, of Portland, Ore. In fact, it is almost worth a trip to Portland just to visit this incredible city block filled store. You could spend a day inside this massive store and still return for more the next day, but be sure to hit happy hour at the original McCormick and Schmick's restaurant, Jakes Famous Crawfish. Jakes was established in 1892, and a fabulous Cheeseburger (not a Starburger, but great for the price) will set you back a cool $1.95. The Sashimi is not much more.

Sorry for the mouth watering diversion, but when an author is given the opportunity to be a Powell Books Guest Blogger, then all should take note. We are honored to publish a link this week to the Powell Books Guest Blogger with local ties - Salt Lake City's own Writer, Photographer and Naturalist, Stephen Trimble.

Trimble's latest book, Bargaining For Eden is based on Snowbasin's own Earl Holding, and details Earl's political clout that resulted in an extremely controversial land swap.

Trimble's timing of this release could not be better as our friends at Powderville are trying to force local politicians to roll over and succumb to their ridiculous demands. While Earl is well connected, Powderville's Mark Arnold is certainly no Earl.

Be sure to purchase a copy of Trimble's book and check the Powell Books blog site each day this week for Trimble's Powell Books Blog. While you are there, buy an extra copy and forward to your humble blogmeister.

A Powderville double header with Analysis by Steve Clarke and Kimball Wheatley

This morning we are posting what may very well be TWO of the best pieces of Ogden Valley literature to appear on our pages during our entire 2+ year history.

You may recall the Kimball Wheatley Manifesto, which graced our forum in February. We thought it so important, that we gave it a semi - permanent home on our right column. Well, Mr. Wheatley has one upped himself and we present to you "Act II." In addition to Mr. Wheatley being a "Citizen of Ogden Valley and the United States of America," he is an Ogden Valley advocate and former Planning Commission member.

In part two of this mornings double header, Eden resident Steve Clarke weighs in on the Powderville proposal with his expert analysis. In addition to Mr. Clarke’s role as Ogden Valley Advocate, Steve is the Chairman of the GEM Committee, a recommending body to Weber County. Steve offers some negotiation points that he feels Weber County cannot cave on in his very strategic and tactful style.

Our gentle readers know we try not to offer our biases (tongue in cheek), but we at the forum say, "To hell with the Powdervillians!" Let them incorporate and install their fascist government, then let the market and public sentiment dictate their immediate future.

We would hate to be promoting a massive project with the economy and real estate market in the toilet. Add to that some negative press and it sounds like a sure recipe for disaster to us.

Do our humble commissioners have it in them?

What say ye Valley boys and girls?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Be sure to see our new web poll regarding the Powderville rezone

A new web poll is located near the bottom of the right column of our site. Scroll down to vote on how you feel the County Commissioners should react to the latest arrogant proposal by Powderville.

Powder Mountain's Folly

We have just begun analyzing the development plan for the latest Powder Mountain rezone request. We have chosen one section for your attention at this point. This development proposal is awash with the arrogance and disingenuous demands that are clearly evident in the paragraph below:

"2.4.5 Secondary Access - A secondary year-around access route shall be
required for the Project if Powder Mountain requests, and the County
agrees, to amend the Agreement to allow for more units than what is
allowed by this Agreement. Powder Mountain will support Weber County
in pursuing the development of this secondary (ingress/egress) route that
provides alternative access other than SR 158 to/from Powder Mountain in
a manner that is appropriate for year-round access to the Property.
Selection of the route, approvals, funding, and improvements of the
secondary year-around access route will require collaboration between
Powder Mountain and the County."

Powder Mountain will agree to a permanent second road only if Weber County allows them additional units beyond the 3950 units in Weber County that would have to use Hwy. 158 under this proposal, and only if they, Powder Mountain requests it. We should remember, the plan presented already includes an increase of over 41% (3950) from the original rezone of 2800 units for the Weber County side of the development in the original rezone request. As a reminder there are going to be at least 938 units in Cache County that will have to use the same Hwy.158 for access so the total units will be at least 4888 and could grow well beyond that if they can leverage the second road for more units from the Weber County Commission. They want an open ended density plan with no controls at all!

They also want the taxpayers to help pay for a second road when they knew the existing road's limitations when they invested in the property. These are not smart investors and obviously did not do their due diligence prior to their investment and they want the County and its taxpayers to bail them out on any other second road.

We will be posting more analysis of this work of art from Powder Mountain. Feel free to contact your Weber County Commissioners on any of these points, they need to hear from all of you. If you need their e-mail or phone go to under Resources and contact decision makers.

Larry and Sharon Zini

Monday, July 14, 2008

Powder Mountain Proposal

The Weber County Planning Staff has published the written proposal from the Powder Mountain owners briefly reviewed at the Commissioner's Public Hearing on July 8. The document can be found as a link from the Weber County Forum by clicking here.

The proposal is quite lengthy, but we suggest you read the entire document as there are numerous additions beyond the original rezone request from Powder Mountain. Then contact the Weber County Commissioners with your opinions and recommendations on this new proposal.

Your VCRD Staff

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Don't Miss The Powderville Road Discussion..

There is an interesting discussion taking place at the Weber County Forum regarding the 14% grade of the Powder Mountain road. Be sure to check it out and opine by clicking here

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

No Decision on Powder Mountain

No decision was made by the Weber County Commissioners at last night's meeting in Ogden. Powder Mountain presented their new proposals which included an increase of 1800 acres to add to the original rezone request. In addition, they demanded an increase in units (dwellings) from 2800 to 3950 (not including the 900+ units slated for the Cache County side of the resort). It should be noted that Powder Mountain has never resolved the issue of the second permanent access road and said last night they would "address that issue when they felt it was necessary." It appears that Powder Mountain will be calling the shots on public safety and traffic regarding Hwy, 158.

The purpose of this is clear, Powder Mountain is playing a shell game with the density numbers by adding more acreage and at the same time demanding an increase to 3950 units (a 41% increase in dwellings)! The additional acreage dilutes the technical density calculation, but does NOTHING to address the serious road safety issues or real time density (dwelling) numbers that will increase for Ogden Valley.

You have to admire the chutzpah of the Powder Mountain people. They are trying to hold a gun to the head of the Weber County Commission and Weber County citizens by threatening to go forward with the incorporation petition if they don't get everything they want, including the additional units beyond what they asked for originally.

We in the Valley have news for Powder Mountain and Weber County. Bring on the Incorporation! It is very likely that a Federal Court will see things differently on the incorporation and the denial of the civil rights of Weber County citizens due to the ill advised HB466. A Federal Court case could tie up the process for years and during that time, Powder Mountain can sit on its assets.

It will also be pertinent to bring into any lawsuit the conflict of interest issue involving a still sitting member of the Ogden Valley Planning Commission. Such action will expose the failure of both the Ogden Valley Planning Commission leadership and the Weber County Commission to take definitive punitive action regarding the conflict of interest facts after an obvious betrayal of public trust by an appointed commission member.

Larry and Sharon Zini

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Letter From a Concerned Citizen

I am a concerned Ogden resident. I feel I have as much stake in the development and progress of things happening in the Valley as the people who live there. See, I live downstream. As they say - "Stuff rolls downhill."

Our water quality and quantity will certainly be affected by what is going on in the Valley - expecially if Powder Mountain incorporates. Where will the water go that I now currently use on my property? And if there is any left for me, will it be clean enough for my gardens and taps?

My name is Jennifer Neil, and I would like also to be kept apprised of any new developments in the development frenzy and zoning fracas. We in Ogden are also members of Weber County, and what happens in the Valley would most certainly affect us all.

Thank you for listening.

J. Neil