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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bargaining For Eden

We took our own advice and made the trek to Portland's Powell's Books to purchase Stephen Trimble's new book, "Bargaining For Eden." We even stopped by Jake's for the famous $1.95 burger, Salmon cakes and Tempura Tuna Sushi Roll - all $1.95 each.

We did, however, have to pay top dollar ($29.95) for the book, but you can buy it online with shipping for about $25. You will miss out on an ecclectic city, which has a huge homeless population, complete with hippie children and in your face drug abuse. We do like the city, even though it makes us appreciate Salt Lake's Liberty Park.

Trimble was the guest blogger last week, so be sure to read all of his entries. While we have only previewed the book, our early impressions give it an A+.

Local readers will recognize many of the players, including Haynes Fuller, Shanna Francis, John Posnein, Kent Matthews, Thomas Monson, Dave and Sue Holmstrom, and many, many more.

Buy It - Read It - Share It!

And tell us what you think of it!

We also found it at Amazon for just $19.77

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Ray said...

A great interview with Mr. Trimble on KUER's Radio West with host Doug Fabrizio yesterday. You can listen on-line at Trimble mentioned at the end that his friends in Ogden Valley say Powder Mountain development dwarfs what Earl Holding did with Snowbasin.