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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Be sure to see our new web poll regarding the Powderville rezone

A new web poll is located near the bottom of the right column of our site. Scroll down to vote on how you feel the County Commissioners should react to the latest arrogant proposal by Powderville.


Pistole said...

Everyone should remember that Powder Mountain never sat down with the bulk of the residents of Ogden Valley to discuss this project. They talked to a few residents that they needed to support whatever plan they were pushing at the time. They talked plenty to Cache County, even though the Ogden Valley roads will carry all of the traffic for their resort. Sound like a good neighbor to have?

Anonymous said...

Who was here first? You or Powder Mountain? Maybe it was you that moved into their neighborhood.

Valley said...

Good try anonymous, but Powder Mountain is a corporation called Western America Holdings, along with a few other conglomerates in their little shell game. Most Valley residents were here before Western America, and many of us long before the original Powder Mountain was born in 1971.

Thanks for playing, however.