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Monday, July 21, 2008

A Powderville double header with Analysis by Steve Clarke and Kimball Wheatley

This morning we are posting what may very well be TWO of the best pieces of Ogden Valley literature to appear on our pages during our entire 2+ year history.

You may recall the Kimball Wheatley Manifesto, which graced our forum in February. We thought it so important, that we gave it a semi - permanent home on our right column. Well, Mr. Wheatley has one upped himself and we present to you "Act II." In addition to Mr. Wheatley being a "Citizen of Ogden Valley and the United States of America," he is an Ogden Valley advocate and former Planning Commission member.

In part two of this mornings double header, Eden resident Steve Clarke weighs in on the Powderville proposal with his expert analysis. In addition to Mr. Clarke’s role as Ogden Valley Advocate, Steve is the Chairman of the GEM Committee, a recommending body to Weber County. Steve offers some negotiation points that he feels Weber County cannot cave on in his very strategic and tactful style.

Our gentle readers know we try not to offer our biases (tongue in cheek), but we at the forum say, "To hell with the Powdervillians!" Let them incorporate and install their fascist government, then let the market and public sentiment dictate their immediate future.

We would hate to be promoting a massive project with the economy and real estate market in the toilet. Add to that some negative press and it sounds like a sure recipe for disaster to us.

Do our humble commissioners have it in them?

What say ye Valley boys and girls?


frankc said...

These two gentlemen are credits to our Valley and our County. Our County Fathers (and Mother) would be well to read, absorb, and follow. If refusal to cave in to the bad faith and extortionate tactics of these fly-by-night flippers masquerading as real developers means that the County winds up in court, so be it. Let's just see how well Arnold Arrogance plays before a judge and jury.

alis said...
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