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Monday, July 14, 2008

Powder Mountain Proposal

The Weber County Planning Staff has published the written proposal from the Powder Mountain owners briefly reviewed at the Commissioner's Public Hearing on July 8. The document can be found as a link from the Weber County Forum by clicking here.

The proposal is quite lengthy, but we suggest you read the entire document as there are numerous additions beyond the original rezone request from Powder Mountain. Then contact the Weber County Commissioners with your opinions and recommendations on this new proposal.

Your VCRD Staff

1 comment:

Caesare said...

This proposal is another example of what a poor neighbor Powder Mountain will make for Ogden Valley. They keep moving the bar and the only thing they offer is no incorporation. Let them incorporate, the Valley Citizens can deal with them in Federal Court by suing Weber County for failing to protect the civil rights of their citizens. A poorly conceived state law does not cancel the rights of Utah citizens just because Powder Mountain says so.