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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Powder Mountain's Folly

We have just begun analyzing the development plan for the latest Powder Mountain rezone request. We have chosen one section for your attention at this point. This development proposal is awash with the arrogance and disingenuous demands that are clearly evident in the paragraph below:

"2.4.5 Secondary Access - A secondary year-around access route shall be
required for the Project if Powder Mountain requests, and the County
agrees, to amend the Agreement to allow for more units than what is
allowed by this Agreement. Powder Mountain will support Weber County
in pursuing the development of this secondary (ingress/egress) route that
provides alternative access other than SR 158 to/from Powder Mountain in
a manner that is appropriate for year-round access to the Property.
Selection of the route, approvals, funding, and improvements of the
secondary year-around access route will require collaboration between
Powder Mountain and the County."

Powder Mountain will agree to a permanent second road only if Weber County allows them additional units beyond the 3950 units in Weber County that would have to use Hwy. 158 under this proposal, and only if they, Powder Mountain requests it. We should remember, the plan presented already includes an increase of over 41% (3950) from the original rezone of 2800 units for the Weber County side of the development in the original rezone request. As a reminder there are going to be at least 938 units in Cache County that will have to use the same Hwy.158 for access so the total units will be at least 4888 and could grow well beyond that if they can leverage the second road for more units from the Weber County Commission. They want an open ended density plan with no controls at all!

They also want the taxpayers to help pay for a second road when they knew the existing road's limitations when they invested in the property. These are not smart investors and obviously did not do their due diligence prior to their investment and they want the County and its taxpayers to bail them out on any other second road.

We will be posting more analysis of this work of art from Powder Mountain. Feel free to contact your Weber County Commissioners on any of these points, they need to hear from all of you. If you need their e-mail or phone go to under Resources and contact decision makers.

Larry and Sharon Zini


nomo powmow said...

To HELL with the Powdervillians and all of their arrogance! How could the commissioners even consider any variation of this rubbish, which leaves the emergency access road in the hands of Weber County. A year round access road would only be required if their density exceeds the 3,950 units they are now proposing. Do we remember paying for Earl Holding's road?

Bring on the incorporation and tie it up in the courts. Let the "flippers" sit on their ass-ets.

Knight Rider said...

It appears here that the game for Powder Mountain is to ask for everything under the sun and give the impression they are willing to compromise for less
on minor issues.

This is all contrived by Powder Mountain and may
blow up in their face. All the facts of this sordid affair including the nefarious activities of a OVPC member will be in the courtroom.