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Monday, July 21, 2008

Local Author Stephen Trimble is Guest Blogger At Our Favorite Bookstore This Week

Your humble blogmeister does not have time to be a regular at the neighborhood bookstore, but does spend time in the local Barnes and Noble on occasion. However, the most incredible bookstore in the Western U.S. is certainly Powell Books, of Portland, Ore. In fact, it is almost worth a trip to Portland just to visit this incredible city block filled store. You could spend a day inside this massive store and still return for more the next day, but be sure to hit happy hour at the original McCormick and Schmick's restaurant, Jakes Famous Crawfish. Jakes was established in 1892, and a fabulous Cheeseburger (not a Starburger, but great for the price) will set you back a cool $1.95. The Sashimi is not much more.

Sorry for the mouth watering diversion, but when an author is given the opportunity to be a Powell Books Guest Blogger, then all should take note. We are honored to publish a link this week to the Powell Books Guest Blogger with local ties - Salt Lake City's own Writer, Photographer and Naturalist, Stephen Trimble.

Trimble's latest book, Bargaining For Eden is based on Snowbasin's own Earl Holding, and details Earl's political clout that resulted in an extremely controversial land swap.

Trimble's timing of this release could not be better as our friends at Powderville are trying to force local politicians to roll over and succumb to their ridiculous demands. While Earl is well connected, Powderville's Mark Arnold is certainly no Earl.

Be sure to purchase a copy of Trimble's book and check the Powell Books blog site each day this week for Trimble's Powell Books Blog. While you are there, buy an extra copy and forward to your humble blogmeister.


Steve Trimble said...

Thanks so much for posting this. My friends in Ogden Valley tell me that Earl Holding is "an angel" compared to the developers at Powder Mountain. It's the same old story: we all stand around yelling at each other while corporate powers sweep in and have their way with the lands we all love. We so desperately need to find common ground first--and unite for the good fight.

best, Steve Trimble (not Trimple!)

Valley said...

Well said Steve, and our apologies for the misspell. The ole' eyesight is starting to fade.

ReneMar said...
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Caesare said...

No question that we must watch and evaluate all developers. They are out to make money and while Snowbasin has been a responsible developer to this point, we must remain vigilant.