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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

VCRD update

The VCRD Board of Trustees met yesterday for the scheduled 3rd quarter meeting. The latest financial report is available at the VCRD Web site under “About VCRD and financial reports.“

The financial report also indicated that some VCRD members have not paid their 2008 dues. We request that all members make an effort to send in their yearly $10 ($20 for couples) for 2008 as soon as possible. This money is used for incidentals and operations, and as stated in our bylaws, if you are not current on your dues, you cannot vote for the VCRD Board Of Trustees.

If you wish to see a list of who is on the VCRD Board of Trustees, go to under “About VCRD and Board”.

The VCRD Board of Trustee also voted to extend lifetime memberships to those members who have donated $300 or more since the VCRD was formed in early 2007. The VCRD has welcomed these generous donations and we wish to waive all yearly dues from those members.

Your VCRD Staff

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