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Friday, August 01, 2008

Powder Mountain Incorporation on Agenda

The Weber County Commission Web site has the Weber County Commission agenda for August 5th at 10:00AM. Item #6 is a request to approve a resolution to grant the petition for incorporation for the Town of Powder Mountain, and #7 is regarding Powder Mountain's request to appoint the Mayor and Town Council for the town to be incorporated at Powder Mountain.

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It is important that the incorporation impacted homeowners find out how much input the Weber County Commission is willing to provide to Powder Mountain on these appointments. According to the Lt. Governor and our State Representative, the law provides the WC Commission considerable discretion and input on the people that are to be appointed.

Larry and Sharon Zini


Skip The Dog said...

It is funny how these Powder Mountain agendas suddenly appear on the Weber County program. It leads me to believe that there is not much sunshine on the dealings of Powder Mountain and the County Commission. As you can see item seven is to appoint a Mayor and a Town Council for the proposed Powderville, however to my knowledge no names for these positions have been provided, so there will be little opportunity for debate as to who can best serve the citizens of Powderville, which I believe is the duty of a Mayor and Council. I don’t see a lot of public process happening here.

Valley said...

We agree, Skip the Dog. Not only is the sun not shining upon the commission chambers, but there seems to be a dark cloud hanging overhead.